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TARBORO — Dr. Wayne Talley served Edgecombe County Public Schools (ECPS) as superintendent for 13 months. Monday finalized Talley’s resignation, while Tuesday marked the beginning of Dr. Dell Burns new career.

Even though Talley is excited to spend more quality time with his wife and children, he still stores wondrous memories as superintendent that he will never forget. (Read more)

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Video/Pictures – Breaking News: Dr. Adelphos (Del) Burns Was Sworn In As Interim Superintendent For Edgecombe County Public Schools Beginning Tomorrow Instead Of October 1, 2011

Edgecombe County Public Schools


Video/Pictures – Breaking News: Dr. Adelphos (Del) Burns Was Sworn In As Interim Superintendent For Edgecombe County Public Schools Beginning Tomorrow Instead Of October 1, 2011

Dr. Adelphos (Del) Burns was sworn in as interim Superintendent Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education this evening. Dr. Burns will begin on tomorrow Tuesday, September 13, 2011. Dr. Burns was welcomed onboard and Dr. Wayne Talley was thanked by the board for his services.

I am looking forward to Dr. Burns doing some wonderful things during his stay here. Dr. Burns didn’t like the things that the Wake County Public Schools Board of Education chair and other board members were implementing while he was the Superintendent there so he decided to resign.

I have been following Wake County Public Schools for several years now and I believe that Dr. Burns did a wonderful job. My good friends in Wake County one being J. Ronald White President South Central Wake County NAACP and 4th vice president NC NAACP State Conference of Branches all have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Burns.

Although I spoke to Dr. Burns on tonight I want to welcome Dr. Burns to Edgecombe County.

Keith Pittman Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Member was presented a plaque in honor of South Edgecombe Middle School Gymnasium being named in his honor during the past board meeting.

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Dr. Aldelphos (Del) Burns Interim Superintendent (Click on picture to view pictures.)


Dr. Wayne Talley Former Superintendent (Click on picture to view pictures.)


Keith Pittman Board Member (Click on picture to view pictures.)


The following is from ECPS Lauren Edmondson Communications Specialist.


Picture courtesy of Lauren Edmondson ECPS Communications Specialist.


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Tarboro NC – Breaking News: Adelphos John (Del) Burns former Wake County Superintendent Was Appointed Consultant and Interim Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools Beginning October 1, 2011

Edgecombe County Public Schools

Tarboro NC – Edgecombe County Public Schools, Closed Session Meetings, Dr. Wayne Talley Superintendent, John Westberg Former Principal, Sandra Jones Former Associate Superintendent, Juanita Westry Former Superintendent/Board Secretary

I must address the Edgecombe County Public Schools because I believe they are not following procedures for coming out of Closed Session meetings. Although many times I am the only citizen that stays until they come out of closed session I have begin to wonder about the board actions. Problem number one is before I get in the room they be gone back into open session. Problem number 2 they don’t discuss anything about what happened in closed session.

Today I just happen to run into Sandra Jones former Associate Superintendent in Walmart. She did not see me so I hollered out to speak to her. After I caught up with her I questioned what was she doing these days. I also asked her did she live in Tarboro in which I thought she did but was not for sure. The conversation with her  was the longest I have ever held with her since she came to Edgecombe County Public Schools.

Ms. Jones told me she was working in Pitt County as an Associate Superintendent of K-8 something. I was just totally shocked because I thought I had heard or read somewhere that she had retired so I thought she was not working anywhere.

So obviously what I had heard several months ago that Faye Taylor board member had said that it was too many blacks in the Central Office must have been true. I am going to say I got my confirmation today. I say that because Ms. Jones said she was told by Dr. Wayne Talley that he was going to renew her contract for 2 years and then he did a 360 on her.

Recently I was in New Bern visiting the in-laws and mother-in-law was telling me that a female from Craven County Public Schools was coming to Edgecombe County Public Schools. Well I was on my laptop at the time and I did a search online in the Sun Journal Newspaper in Craven County. This is when I found out who the female was. I did a post on my blog about her and I thought maybe she was replacing Roland Whitted to later find out in the Daily Southerner that Dr. Renee Franklin replaced Sandra Jones. Someone that read my blog said they were shocked when they read it and that they didn’t think the job had been advertised. They said they would have applied for it. And then later I ran into someone else who lives outside of the county at the moment and they said they may would have been interested in the position. I don’t know if the position was posted on the Edgecombe County Public Schools website or not because I don’t check the link to employment.

I was told that the position was posted but under a title that folks probably didn’t know it was the position that Sandra Jones had held.

I remember one night at a board meeting whereby John Westberg was there with an attorney and they met in closed session with the board. I understand the other person was an attorney to mediate Westberg’s complaint as he addressed the board and the board attorney. I was told Westberg was trying to have his records sealed. So if that was the case why was he in the newspaper recently where he is suing Edgecombe County Public Schools?

So I wonder who else has a lawsuit?

I wonder is Diane LeFiles and Dr. Lana VanderLinden suing?

I wonder is Sandra Jones suing because I believe she may have a lawsuit if it is true that her contract was not renewed based on race Faye Taylor said it was too many blacks in the Central Office? I don’t know that much about Ms. Jones and I have not heard anyone say anything negative about her unlike LeFiles and VanderLinden.

So I wonder did Dr. Talley run Juanita Westry away because I wonder was she really ready to retire? I don’t know her like that but maybe I will run into her in Walmart one day. However I don’t know if she lives in Tarboro so that may never happen.

So I wonder why is Dr. Talley really leaving? Is he really sick? It is funny that I have not seen anything in the newspaper about if the board renewed his contract. I can’t remember if the terms of his contract was for one year, two years or what? Can someone tell me? Maybe I will call him on tomorrow to see better yet I will send him an email tonight along with the board members.

You know it is funny that when school board issues arise, I don’t hear about any meetings in the black community. But I did read in the local newspaper about a group that met to support Quincy Robinson and also they were going to hold a forum to invite all 3 candidates but I could not attend. Of course Robinson nor the other candidates Rev. Roy Gray and Thomas Edison were appointed because the board deadlocked on Gray and Edison for 2 consecutive meetings.

What I have been told is that meetings have been held in the white community pertaining to recent/past Superintendent issues and other. I received a call from a white person asking me to meet with them about supporting Dr. Lana VanderLinden last year. 

I thought I was going to like Dr. Talley after meeting him at the College Round Up back in March and then after seeing that he was going to make some changes in the Central Office. But for some reason I have had mixed emotions about him because he kept stressing that he was going to do the right thing.

In my closing I find myself dealing with the following, “With all of the recent happenings surrounding Dr. Talley I am questioning why he has resigned?” So is he really sick physically or mentally? Some folks have been saying he is crazy but I was willing to give him a chance.

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Former principal suing Board of Education – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Former SouthWest Edgecombe High School Principal John D. Westberg has filed a  lawsuit against the county Board of Education seeking a job as principal. (Read more)

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John Westberg

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Video/Pictures Edgecombe County Public Schools Accepted Dr. Wayne E. Talley Superintendent Resignation

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Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Meets To Accept Dr. Wayne Talley’s Resignation

Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Meets To Accept Dr. Wayne Talley’s Resignation

Ann Kent board chair opened the meeting. Board members Evelyn Wilson vice chair, Attorney Teresa Bryant, Keith Pittman and Attorney Janice Davidson were present. Dr. Evelyn Johnson was out of town and Faye Taylor has family illness. The board approved the agenda. Kent stated the purpose was to meet about personnel matters. Kent read her letter in response to Dr. Talley’s resignation that she read at the meeting on Monday and that she also sent to the local newspapers. She then asked Dr. Talley did he have anything he wanted to say and he said no.

Kent asked Evelyn Wilson board vice chair to take the board into closed session.

Diane LeFiles was present along with former Principal SouthWest Edgecombe High School John Westberg’s wife, daughter and son. I see they are still hanging together. Oh I know they probably goes to the same church.

LeFiles response to anyone that asked how she was doing was she was awesome. LeFiles was hired to be the Communications Director for North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount NC and she began on July 18. Sometimes folks fight against change but sometimes they don’t realize they are fighting their blessing. It is my opinion that LeFiles has moved on to a higher level in the education field. From dealing with elementary, middle and high school moving on to the college level is a good move in my opinion. I am quite sure it is more money.

I am sitting here listening to this crazy music the board plays while they are in closed session so that you can not hear what is going on in the room. They have got to change this station because I can’t take it any longer.

The board opened the door and had a side discussion. They made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 19:44.

Stay tuned for video of meeting coming soon.

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Note: Also by the way I wonder who posted this response: “Hey, it was in the Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram – here is the link for the Telegram http://www.rockymounttelegram.com/news/nc-wesleyan-college-hires-local-public-relations-veteran-586971Oh I have an idea but they once said to me they didn’t read The DCN News Blog. I just love it.

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ECPS superintendent cites health for abrupt resignation – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

During a special staff meeting Monday at Edgecombe County Public School’s central office, Superintendent Dr. Wayne Talley announced he would be stepping down, tendering his resignation effective Sept. 30. (Paid Content)

Note: A little more information was included in this article about Dr. Talley’s health issue. “Talley said his departure is due to medical complications involving stomach ulcers and deterioration of his esophagus.”

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