Edgecombe County Is Better Than This! Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations Need To Be Real!

This is so sad. I am just telling you what I heard because I was not there.

First of all I was told the Rev. Roosevelt Higgs nominated himself to be the speaker and nobody said a word. Crazy!

A couple of Saturdays ago this dude was on WCPS Radio and he talked about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations but he never mentioned he was going to be the speaker for the Breakfast. He named all of the speakers for the other events.

This dude talked junk about Princeville but said that former Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oats was the Rosa Parks of Princeville. He act as if he is Princeville Savior from the flood and that he has things in place for the recovery. He told folk to call him so that he could give the lawyers he say that they needed to talk to. But damn why not just give them the lawyer’s number and they could talk to them direct especially when he said he would give the lawyers the number because he didn’t want to get in their business. Well if they call him first he will be all up in their business.

This dude was pathetic on that show and I wish I had recorded it.

The following week this dude was on the local racist TV Station in Rocky Mount WHIG-TV where he calls in faithfully but was on the show this day talking about the MLK Celebrations again. He said he used to didn’t like White folk but then he changed, basically saying he was a reformed racist as someone put it.

This dude never mentions he is the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party wonder why? One reason he lives in Rocky Mount Nash County. However been claiming he lives in Speed and has not since the flood of 99.

After I posted about this dude being on the radio he called my phone and left me a message, https://youtu.be/BxgdsHKLj28.

But getting back to this breakfast. This is the 1st one I have missed in years but ain’t no way I would get out of my bed on a cold, cold morning and go hear this dude.

I have not really heard what he actually said but I sure hope I run into someone that attended so they can tell me. Viola Harris didn’t even livestream it.

Obviously this dude couldn’t get WHIG-TV to cover this for him but he did get them to come to the Democratic Party meeting appointment for the Register of Deeds. But then again as I think about it, he probably was not responsible for them being there.

But this printed program right here is something serious.

The theme for this year “A Call for Civil Discourse” so this dude was not the one to speak on that.

Damn I liked to have passed out when I read the bio page. Born-again gospel Christian and Holy Spirit led Ordained Baptist Minister. Wow!

Overseer of the Word of God Ministry is just too damn funny. This guy is always making up titles.

Again this dude didn’t put in his bio he is chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Wonder why?

This dude is really crazy about himself because he considers him a local, state and nationally known advocate, advisor, consultant and participant for constitutional, judicial, education, social, environmental, economic and political rights and justices? Damn bout to fall out of my bed on that one.

But the last paragraph is what touched me. The mess that this dude said on WCPS Radio a couple of Saturdays ago that made some folk mad I call it a funeral for him. And then the mess I heard he said at the breakfast was another funeral.

The last paragraph where he end with his family reminds me of an obituary.

It is sad that the Edgecombe County Human Relations would allow this dude to be the speaker knowing that so many folk would boycott going because they didn’t want to hear him.

But that has always been the problem, not this due per say but the folk around him that have allowed him to do his mess. I blame you! I learned a long time ago that this dude was something serious and I have been challenging him every since I became actively engaged in the political process.

So if Edgecombe County like continuing to promote and deal with mess, I love it. But I am going to continue to call out mess. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Oh somebody don’t want to hear these trues but don’t blame me, I just write about ignance, I don’t make it up.

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‘Day of Service’ a superficial sham of a way to celebrate MLK Day by Dr. Earle J. Fisher

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COMMENTARY: ‘Day of Service’ a superficial sham of a way to celebrate MLK Day

Memphis needs justice much more than service, writes Rev. Earle J. Fisher

by Dr. Earle J. Fisher, Special to The New Tri-State Defender

Martin Luther King Day in Memphis (and the nation) has become a sham.

Rev. Earle J. Fisher

There’s nothing wrong with the marches.

The events hosted by the National Civil Rights Museum are fine.

What has become superficial is the spirit and purpose of the “day of service.”

Dr. King Day became a federal holiday in 1983. Eleven years later, in 1994, Congress designated the day as “a national day of service” and assigned the Corporation of National and Community Service with the task of leading the effort.

In 2020, the “day of service” has become a sham. It has been a sham for several years now. (Click On Photo)

Let No Man Pull You Low Enough To Hate Him – Martin Luther King Jr.

Some folk have done some things to me but I can honestly say I don’t hate them. I always let the Lord use me and I do my part and he does the rest. He has never failed me. When I look back at folk who have done me wrong for no fault of mines, I tell it and they can feel it. I could give some names but I know and they know so that’s enough. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

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