Birmingham City Schools Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon announces resignation–Alabama 13 WVTM

The Political Agitator response: It appears that Dr. Witherspoon made some major accomplishments inspite of.

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Birmingham City Schools Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon announced his resignation at a board meeting, Tuesday night.

Witherspoon has been Superintendent of the school system since spring of 2010. He came to Birmingham from the Edgecombe Public Schools system in rural Tarboro, North Carolina.

The Birmingham City School Board tried to fire Witherspoon back in 2012, but the vote failed. The board tried once again to terminate Witherspoon that summer. The state intervened and took over the school system.

Witherspoon’s contract was set to end in 2018. His resignation is effective December 31, 2014.

He released the following statement on his resignation:

“Today, I announce that I am resigning as Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools effective December 31, 2014. This decision will allow me to pursue other opportunities, and gives the Board of Education the time needed to make a smooth transition as it searches for a new superintendent.

In the past 4 ½ years as Superintendent for Birmingham City Schools I have gained 24,500 great memories I can take along with me the rest of my professional journey. I thank this board, our parents, community members, and our students for allowing me the wonderful opportunity to serve as superintendent. (Source: Read more)

Read the Birmingham school board’s full evaluation of Superintendent Craig Witherspoon – Source: The Birmingham News

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — The Birmingham Board of Education this afternoon certified its evaluation of Superintendent Craig Witherspoon, giving him an overall rating of 3.24 out of a possible 5 and noting he met expectations in 89 percent of the evaluation’s performance standards. (Read more)

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JOEY KENNEDY: Birmingham City Schools moving forward despite a lousy school board (Dr. Craig Witherspoon)

There are members of the Birmingham Board of Education who never miss an opportunity to take shots at Superintendent Craig Witherspoon. Shame on them. They nitpick, strain at gnats and do what they can to drag the superintendent down and, with it, the city school system. (Read more)

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Edgecombe County Public Schools – Is The Recently Hired Superintendent Qualified And If So Why Did The ECPS Board Vote This Past Week To Hire A Consultant To Work With Him?

Sources have been telling me that the current Superintendent is not doing a good job. Well my first thought was the man has not been here long enough for them to truly say that. I believe in giving a person a chance after they have been elected, hired or whatever to do a job. Sources says he needs to go.

The latest thing I heard about the Superintendent was that he didn’t know what to do with the situation at SouthWest Edgecombe as it relates to the testing probe.

So obviously my sources must be right about the new Superintendent because the board has voted to hire a consultant to work with him. I find this to be quite interesting.

I heard there were a white female and 2 black males that were strong in the running for the Superintendent’s position. I heard the 2 black males were very, very impressive.

Well didn’t think that they would hire another black Superintendent after Dr. Craig Witherspoon moved on to lead the Birmingham Schools District.

Oh well can’t wait to see how this is going to unfold.

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It Appears Dr. Craig Witherspoon Former Superintendent Fired A Popular Principal – Source: The Birmingham News

I’ve heard from a lot of people, both from within Birmingham City Schools and from outside, who can’t figure out why Superintendent Craig Witherspoon was so clumsy in firing popular Parker High School Principal Spurgeon Banyard. (Read more @ The Birmingham News)

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See The Superintendent’s Entry Plan For Birmingham City Schools. Is This Something That All Systems Could Adopt?

Birmingham City Schools
Superintendent’s Entry Plan1

Purpose and introduction

The purpose of this plan is to present the goals, objectives, and activities associated with the successful transition of Dr. Craig Witherspoon as Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools. This plan is centered on listening, learning and allowing for effective leadership of the district moving forward. (Read the Whole Plan)

Dr. Craig Witherspoon is the former Edgecombe County Public Schools Superintendent. Witherspoon is the 1st black superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools who recently moved on to lead the Birmingham City Schools. 

Are All Black Males At-Risk Or Just The Boys?

I have always stressed that while emphasis (especially in the schools) has been put on the young black male, all black males are at-risk in my opinion.

It does not matter how smart, intelligent and/or what school you have attended, the black male is at-risk. At risk by not being considered to hold certain positions throughout all walks of life and etc.

Just look at how intelligent Barack Obama is and how some did not want and still do not want him to be the President of these United States. I am so glad countless whites voted for change.

About 4 years ago Dr. Craig Witherspoon was hired as the 1st black Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools. There were some who never accepted him.

In Wilson County a black male just defeated a white Sheriff who has held the office for 28 years and he can’t handle being defeated by the black male. However so many countless whites are supporting the black male.

When Martin L. King III came to Rocky Mount last week I was going to ask him his opinion on black males being labeled. I was going to ask him do he feel that he could be labeled just like the young males. Remember there were many who didn’t like what Dr. King stood for.

Black males it is up to you to continue to be about the business of doing what is right. Yes you may endure some obstacles but let the obstacles drive you to continue to keep your eye on the prize. You see it is not about them but about the master plan. What God has for you is for you so don’t let nothing and no one keep you from reaching your goal.

300 attend Birmingham Superintendent Craig Witherspoon’s welcome reception

Parents, business leaders and community members showed up in full force tonight to welcome Superintendent Craig Witherspoon to Birmingham City Schools.

At least 300 people turned out for Witherspoon’s reception at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and listened to a multitude of speakers, including Mayor William Bell, board members and even a student. They each welcomed Witherspoon. (Read more @ Birmingham News Today) 

Note: 300 or more attended the reception in Princeville NC when Dr. Witherspoon arrived in Edgecombe County.

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