Breaking News: Vance names new superintendent – The Daily Dispatch

Anthony “Tony” Jackson will be the new superintendent of Vance County Schools beginning Aug. 1.

In a special called meeting Tuesday afternoon, the school board unanimously approved a four-year contract for Jackson.

“He’s a visionary,” Gloria White, board chairwoman, said. “Wherever he’s been, it’s left better than it was. I’m very pleased. I look forward to him moving Vance County Schools forward.” (Source: Read more)

Petition for the removal of the Nash-Rocky Mount six-member alliance and reinstatement of Dr. Anthony Jackson

Petition for the removal of the Nash-Rocky Mount six-member alliance and

reinstatement of Dr. Anthony Jackson


Petition summary and background

    We, the undersigned residents of Edgecombe and Nash Counties, NC, call for the resignation of the Nash-Rocky Mount School Board of Education six-member alliance (William Sharpe, Wayne Doll, Brenda Brown, Ricky Jenkins, Reginald Silver, and Wendy Wilson) responsible for the forced resignation of Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson. We believe that these elected officials have failed to carry out their duties, shown poor educational and financial stewardship, and ultimately failed the more than 16,000 students who make up the Nash-Rocky Mount School system.  Additionally, we, the undersigned, believe that their motivations were significantly influenced by three Nash County Commissioners and other outside special interests resulting in the unjustified “termination” of Dr. Jackson.

     By choosing to vote for the removal of Dr. Jackson, the six-member alliance has made the Nash-Rocky Mount School Board of Education an ineffective entity and the citizens of Edgecombe and Nash Counties have lost all faith and confidence in their leadership.

     We request that the following members of the Board of Education – William Sharpe, Wayne Doll, Brenda Brown, Ricky Jenkins, Reginald Silver, and Wendy Wilson – resign no later than Monday, July 13, 2015 no later than 6:30 pm so we can move forward as a community and rebuild trust and faith in our education system.

     Additionally, we also request that Dr. Anthony Jackson be reinstated upon the resignation of the aforementioned alliance no later than Friday, July 17, 2015 at noon.


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Why did school board dismiss Jackson? – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Someone said that Bob Murphy firing was connected to money being given to the school system and Robbie Davis got mad with him.

Members of the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education might have found a friendlier audience in a hornets nest than the one they got in a special meeting of constituents Monday night.

The folks who filled a room at Rocky Mount High School weren’t happy. And who can blame them?

It’s hard to conceive of a more botched up way of firing a superintendent. Word leaked out months ago that Dr. Anthony Jackson was likely to be forced out of his position before next fall. And yet school board members continued to stay mum when asked repeatedly what was going on by reporters … by parents … by teachers … and even by county commissioners. (Source: Read more)

I Was Happy To See The Elected Officials Speak Out About The Forced Resignation Of Dr. Anthony Jackson Superintendent Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools

My heart was happy to see the elected officials speak out about the forced resignation of Dr. Anthony Jackson Superintendent Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

See what officials spoke and the impact it should have on all folk who are concerned about injustice and the racism that plague Nash and Edgecombe County. Read about it in the following article in the Rocky Mount Telegram, “Local officials fret about impact of superintendent’s ouster.” After reading this then go to The Political Agitator blog post, Photos/Video: Racism At It’s Best In Rocky Mount NC, See It For Yourself The Lynching Of The Black Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson and look at what happened during the meeting for yourself.

My videos and photos don’t lie!

Photos/Video: Racism At It’s Best In Rocky Mount NC, See It For Yourself The Lynching Of The Black Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson

Now if you want to call me  a lie, prove me wrong because my damn videos don’t lie. I will gladly apologize. However I got my confirmation from the school board members that spoke out about how the Ignant 6 (board members) that forced Dr. Jackson to resign. Two Ignant Safe Black Negro board members Pastor Reginald Silver and Rev. Bill Sharpe voted along with Brenda Brown, Wayne Doll, Richard Jenkins and Wendy Wilson to force Dr. Jackson to resign or they would fire him for no reason other than he is arrogant and don’t speak to folk. See photos of the board members. The woman in the bottom photo talked about bullying and I just told someone a couple of days ago that what the Ignant 6 have been doing is bullying Dr. Jackson until he was forced to resign.

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Hell Yeah It Was A Heated Meeting And The Heat Need To Continue Until The Ignant 6 Are Off This Board

The Political Agitator response: Damn shame!

I find the following in the Rocky Mount Telegram, In her statement, “Wilson said that the real reason for the dismissal could not be discussed citing personnel reasons. We believe strongly that it is time to move forward in unity, putting our disagreements behind us, so that we can proceed collectively as a community with the search for a new superintendent, and that we can now work together on behalf of our children, Wilson added,” to be quite interesting and left to make folks believe that the answer to that was not stated by Rocky Mount City Manager Charles Penny.

First of all the difference in us and you are you are hiding behind a CODE NAME and don’t have the b to stand up and be a man or woman and/or it.

Ignant the board chair said the ignant 6 had no credible reason to get rid of Dr. Jackson so justify that. You see you can attempt to make it about us all you want but the board chair comments speak highly of what they are dealing with on that board the 4 whites and the 2 ignant blacks that voted along with them. Even if I was going to vote along with Wendy Wilson I as a black man would not be a damn punk and allow this white female to speak for me as did Pastor Reginald Silver and Bill Sharpe did.

It has all to do with RACE some whites that have an issue with Dr. Jackson just happening to be a black man and telling them what to do. However there are some blacks that have the same mentality.

As Andre Knight said tonight this is a modern day lynching on Dr. Jackson however 2 ignant black punks voted along with them. If the ignant 6 have the documentation to support their actions then I will be the first to apologize however I have confidence that the 3 board members that spoke tonight and the other 2 whom voted in favor of keeping Dr. Jackson are not incompetent as it relates to what the ignant 6 discussed in closed session and they came out and vote against the ignant 6 on last Monday.

This is nothing new to me, I have been dealing with this type of mess since the late 80’s in Rocky Mount so I am not surprised nor in doubt about the deeply rooted racism that is alive and well in Rocky Mount and Nash County. I also know the history of the 2 ignant black punks that voted along to get rid of Dr. Jackson.

Ignant I didn’t speak at the meeting tonight but I damn sure was present in support of Dr. Jackson and capturing these ignants on video. I will post the video so that my huge list of followers from across the nation will be able to see what is going on in Rocky Mount.

What tickles the hell out of me is Wendy Wilson said they can’t talk about the reason why they got rid of Dr. Jackson however I don’t recall the news showing Charles Penny stating there is a law that the board can tell it. You see this is how the media portray one-sided mess. Yep they showed some comments but if you gonna show comments that Wilson said about not being able to tell the reason why they forced him to resign, then why in the hell not show Penny saying it could be done. But that is by design because of one sided media and that is why I video so folk can see the whole mess that take place in the racist meetings that I attend.

I feel good about being on the side of justice and can’t no Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Negroes can change my role as it comes to speaking out against injustices on the local, state and national level.

Every dog has it’s day and some come soon and some come later but they do come. I just want to be around to see the ignant 6 day come.

I am Curmilus Dancy II @ and I don’t hide behind a code name. I didn’t have to say anything at the meeting tonight however my video that is coming soon will speak for me. This meeting was one of the best meetings I have ever attended because folk said what needed to be said that I have been saying over the years. So glad to see these folk calling it what it is, RACISM AT IT’S BEST talking about Dr. Jackson is arrogant, he don’t speak to folk and other. And these are the teachers in the classroom talking this non-sense. And then the retired teachers have the audacity to come back because they ran the hell away to try to discredit Dr. Jackson when the statistical data says otherwise. So since these retired teachers want to tell something, damnit tell it something that justifies the forced resignation or that is the best you can do. Tell it you don’t have anything to lose.

I love it when Ignant Safe White Folk and Ignat Safe Negroes like the Ignant 6 show the world that they are united behind ignance!

Now Run & Tell That!

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Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Meeting Monday At 6:30 PM Ask Reggie Silvers And Bill Sharpe To Rescind Their Votes Forcing Superintendent Dr. Anthony Jackson To Resign

If you are available you need to be at the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools meeting at 6:30 PM to challenge the entire board but especially Reggie Silvers and Bill Sharpe to rescind their votes forcing Dr. Anthony Jackson to resign. Why?

It is sad that the following occurred this past Monday called a damn Special Call Meeting and the outcome, “Nash-Rocky Mount Schools Votes 6-5 To Accept Dr. Anthony Jackson Superintendent Resignation” but the regularly scheduled meeting was coming up one week later anyway so why didn’t they wait?

It is my opinion and many others that this whole thing is about Nash Commissioner Robbie Davis and the following meeting “Nash County Commissioners Meeting Monday At 10 AM Ask Belfield, Richardson and Wells Why They Voted With Robbie Davis & Crew?” will take place earlier in the day.

It is funny as hell that the new board members that were sworn in on January 5, 2015 asked for the Superintendents Contract on January 9th. This makes me believe that their mission was to come on the board to get rid of the Superintendent. And that’s a problem.

Some staff have supposedly been complaining about Dr. Jackson but damn that is probably because they had a problem with change and some a problem with reporting to a black man.

This black man has come into a system and has taking the Nash-Rocky Mount School System to a whole new level financially to academically. He has put black staff in managerial roles whereby it was only around 2. Dr. Jackson’s record speaks for him and from what I have seen and heard there is nothing in his record that can be used against him to justify his forced resignation. This board is participating in adult bullying.

In October 2014 Reggie Silvers, Bill Sharpe and Wendy Wilson voted unanimously with the other board members to extend Dr. Jackson’s contract to 2019 so therefore it appears his evaluation was a good one. So since these board members and the new board members teamed up to force Dr. Jackson to resign for no reason, they need to resign or change their vote to keep Dr. Jackson.

It is a rumor that Reggie Silvers may have received some benefits in order to get his vote. Well I hope this Pastor has not sold his soul to that level however even if that is not true he has sold himself by just simply voting to get rid of the Dr. Jackson for no reason. If he had a reason he would not have went out the damn back door after the meeting on Monday evening. Be a damn man and stand up and do the right thing. This ain’t all about you and Dr. Jackson but should be about the children. I am on the side of the children because it is fact that the system is in better shape under this Superintendent.

I must apologize for Bill Sharpe being on the board. I have apologized to some folk in person and will continue to do so.

Bill Sharpe came to me about getting into politics and worried the hell out of me every day. I invited him to some community meetings about redistricting and the seats that were going to be available a couple of years ago. He used the information to run for a seat on the school board. I didn’t check the brother out because I thought he was going to do what is right but then folk begin to tell me about how he talked junk about our black POTUS. They also told me he was running for school board because he didn’t tell me and they also told me he was a Republican. I bet I will check out the next person I invite to a meeting.

It appears Sharpe have some issues because it appears he keep moving from job to job. I wonder why? LOL! I understand he is all up in the schools approaching staff unprofessionally. It appears he has too much time on his hands because it is not the board members job to be up in the school system as if that is a part of his role. I have been hearing some things 2nd handedly but then a person told me something that was not 2nd handed so makes me wonder if all of the other things I have heard is true. Time will tell.

Folk it is about the children and it appears that Dr. Anthony Jackson has shown himself approved by his professionalism and that is why the good black, good white folk and other need to come together and request that the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools to do the right thing and that is to change their votes on his forced resignation. It can be done because “Grimesey reinstated as Moore County superintendent.”

This is about race, integrity and most of all messing with the children’s education and it must stop! The process begins Monday at 6:30 PM at the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools 930 Eastern Avenue Nashville, NC 27856. If you would like to speak you need to call to the Central Office by 12 Noon to sign up. Join the Rocky Mount Ministerial Alliance as they and others will be there in support of Dr. Jackson.