Rocky Mount City Council June Meeting “Don’t Blame Me!” Part 2 Councilman Reuben Blackwell

This Video Is A Must See The Public Comments And Then Councilman Reuben Blackwell Put The Gang Conversation In Perspective

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This Guy Right Here Though, Damn He Was Good!


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”Don’t Blame Me!” Part 2


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”Don’t Blame Me!” Part 1

Race Will Always Be A Problem

Race will always be a problem because racial issues are never going completely away. It is like crime. Some things just gone be.

It is up to individuals how they deal with race and for those who think race ain’t an issue are either in denial, don’t give a damn or ignant to what is goings on the real world.

I Ain’t Mad With No One

Wow! Seen one of my associates in the Princeville Christmas Parade and Pinetops Parade yesterday and they would not even look at me. Hell I ain’t mad with them. I ain’t mad with no one.

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Don’t like me cause I fight the good fight, call out ignance when I see it, call out liars, I am gone be me so,

Don’t Blame Me!

Just Because They Got Caught Up In Sexual Harassment Don’t Blame Me!


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Some folk when they hang out with the good ole boys that do that kind of stuff they think they can do it too! They think they can do the things they do when it comes to money, sex and drugs and they can but when time catch up with their asses then they have to pay the price. So if they think they can do what they do just because, well I have no sympathy for them.

I have always said that politics don’t have to be dirty so play the game pay the price.

I have always said when I leave home a red flag goes up and I refuse to get involved in the game because that is what “they” want to see happen. I don’t hold any office but I consider myself a community activist and very outspoken.

Don’t blame me because one black man get caught up in their game. I ain’t in the game so until I get caught up don’t blame me.

Don’t Blame Me!

I have been around too many good folk who have been hurt on the job, in organizations, in the church and etc. It happens because the issue never get address and we say pray about it and have faith.

Let’s get this straight. I am not a preacher, I am not a minister and I am not holier than thou. I am just a sinner saved by grace and I sin every day but I ask the Good Master to forgive me. I ask him to send folk to me that feel I have wronged them, offended them or whatever so I can attempt to get it right. I can’t get it right if I am not confronted.

We sit back and allow folk to be mistreated, attempted to be discredited and just simply hurt and we know they don’t deserve it but we say nothing. So if you witness this and say nothing, then you are no better than those who hurt folk. I refuse to allow folk to such and if I witness it any kind of way be it in person, or in writing, I am going to address it because I will not be held accountable when I am suppose to be my brother and sister’s keeper.

The older I get I can’t take a lot of mess.

I have asked and will ask again, if you have a problem with what I say and do then delete me because although I ain’t perfect, I will address folk and ask them to hold me accountable when they see me doing something that they feel need to be addressing. Come to me, send it to me but whatever address me.

When we hold each other accountable for our actions then the better off we will be. We sometimes error and not intentionally simply because we are not perfect. But I will say that in my comings and goings I try to address folk nicely but when they attempt to try to discredit me or make it all about me when it is not, then you may not like my response.

Don’t put me in a box! I am the box!

I ain’t there yet!

Don’t Blame Me!