MSNBC host: based on new evidence, Donald Trump’s election may have been illegitimate after all

From the time the very first evidence surfaced of a conspiracy between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia to alter the outcome of the election, numerous members of the Resistance have asserted that Trump’s election was therefore illegitimate. However, even as evidence has continued to gradually pour in, the mainstream media has been hesitant to make that acknowledgment. Now a prominent and respected MSNBC host is finally going there.

Joy Reid is the MSNBC morning weekend host, but on Friday evening she appeared on the Chris Hayes show as a panelist. The discussion centered around the increasing evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the election, and that Donald Trump himself knew about it. For instance, former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos has formally confessed that he told several Trump campaign officials in advance of his plan to conspire with the Kremlin to acquire emails stolen from Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos has also asserted that Trump himself was aware in advance of his plot to arrange a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (MSNBC)


Mother of slain soldier backs congresswoman after Trump says she ‘fabricated’ his comments to widow – AOL

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he has proof that a Democratic congresswoman “fabricated” her account of a call he made Tuesday to the widow of a soldier killed in an ambush in Africa earlier this month.

But that deceased soldier’s mother said the congresswoman was correct in her characterization of what Trump said, telling The Washington Post that Trump disrespected her son and daughter-in-law.

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida told Miami ABC affiliate WPLG on Tuesday that Trump told Myeshia Johnson — the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of the four troops killed during a mission in Niger earlier this month — that, “He knew what he signed up for … but when it happens, it hurts anyway.” (AOL)

The NFL and ESPN badly misjudged Trump. Now they’re paying the price.

The Watch Dog response: But race don’t matter! Ya’ll better wake the hell up. Some think it is open season on black folk coming from the white house. Well they gonna learn the day!

(CNN)The NFL put out a statement on Wednesday denying it had capitulated to President Donald Trump and banned players from kneeling when the National Anthem plays before games.

This remains true, so far as we know, in the abstract. The league has not imposed any formal restrictions. (Yet. There are more meetings planned.) But even as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatened on Sunday to bench any player judged to be “disrespecting the flag,” the presidential blitz continues — and it becomes clearer that the NFL and ESPN’s attempts to appease Trump have failed. (CNN)

Have dirt that could impeach Trump? Larry Flynt will pay you $10 million – Chicago Tribune


Flynt, best known as the publisher of the pornographic magazine Hustler, outlined numerous reasons he felt President Trump needed to be removed from office, charging him with everything from “compromising domestic and foreign policy with his massive conflicts-of-interest global business empire” to “telling hundreds of bald-faced lies” to “gross nepotism and appointment of unqualified persons to high office.”

That was why, Flynt wrote, he was seeking information from anyone who could provide a “smoking gun” – perhaps buried in Trump’s tax returns or in some other investment records – that would lead to his impeachment.

“Did he make some financial quid pro quo with the Russians?” the ad states. “Has the business of the United States been compromised to protect the business of the Trump empire? We need to flush everything out into the open.” (Chicago Tribune)

Trump sits, talks through song lowering the flag at military base amid NFL anthem controversy – Washington Examiner

President Trump sat and talked through the nightly playing of “Retreat” as the American flag was lowered on a Pennsylvania Air National Guard base during his interview with Sean Hannity.

Trump, who has been criticizing NFL players who kneel through the national anthem to protest racism, seemed caught off-guard by loudspeakers playing “Retreat.” The song is played every night at military bases to signal the American flag being lowered and the end of the official duty day.

Military site Task and Purpose was the first to notice Trump sitting during the song. According to Task and Purpose, uniformed service members are required to stop what they’re doing and salute the flag as its lowered during the song while civilians are required to place their hand over their heart.

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John Kelly: ‘I was not brought to this job to control’ Trump’s Twitter

Trump not only does not stand or place his hand over his heart, but instead talks through the song and assumes it’s being played to honor him or Hannity. (Washington Examiner)

NFL: Trump’s tweet on Goodell demanding players stand during anthem ‘not accurate’ – The Hill

The Watch Dog response: Wow they are just twisting and tweeting.

The NFL said that President Trump’s tweet saying commissioner Roger Goodell is “demanding” that players stand during the national anthem is “not accurate.”

The league said in a statement Wednesday morning that “commentary this morning about the Commissioner’s position on the Anthem is not accurate.”

“The NFL is doing the hard work of trying to move from protest to progress, working to bring people together,” the statement read.

Trump’s tweet on Wednesday morning appeared to be in response to a report that the NFL is considering a rule that would require players to stand during the national anthem. (The Hill)

Trump reignites NFL protest controversy by ordering Mike Pence to leave a Colts game – Vox

The Watch Dog response: Simon said and he did! I wonder do their ignant a… realize the game went on without him being there? LMAO!

Vice President Mike Pence, the former governor and Congress member from Indiana, announced on Twitter that he had left Sunday’s football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers to express his discontent with some 49ers players’ decision to protest police violence against African Americans by kneeling during the national anthem:

President Trump said on Twitter that he had instructed Pence to leave should any players kneel: (Vox)