LeBron: Trump is using sports to divide us – CNN

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(CNN)LeBron James thinks the President is using athletics, and athletes, to split up the country. And he’s rejecting the premise like an opponent’s ill-advised layup.

“What I’ve noticed over the past few months,” James shared with CNN’s Don Lemon during a sit-down interview on Monday. “(Is) he’s kinda used sports to kinda divide us, and that’s something that I can’t relate to.”

Referencing Colin Kaepernick, whose kneeling protests during the pre-game national anthem launched an NFL movement, and more recently, Stephen Curry, who honored his promise of skipping a visit to Donald Trump’s White House, James bemoaned a myriad of instances in which the President has twisted peaceful displays of dissent into an indictment of a decaying American value system. (Read more)


CNN’s Don Lemon On Gun Control: Should We Start Profiling White Men? – CNN

CNN’s Don Lemon discusses the possibility of profiling white men in an attempt to prevent gun violence and decrease the amount of mass shootings. Lemon argues that white males between the ages of 18 and 25 were behind nearly all recent mass killings.

On the panel: David Sirota, radio talk show host; Richard Moran, criminologist; Lou Palumbo, retired police detective and private security provider; and Tom Deets, gun store owner. (More)

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If you recall, in a recent status statement I talked about how we are seeing a "continuous double standard" in how White Males are portrayed (i.e. as individual human beings who carried out a "prank" or perhaps was experiencing some "mental health" challenges – but when Blacks, Hispanic or Arabs commit a crime the individual and/or the entire group is demonized). Well today (12/22/12), on CNN, Don Lemon (who of course is not one of my favorite news host) had a White male on his show tonight (I do not have his name at the time – but will get it) who was making the exact same point!

The White gentlemen stated "Americans must become concerned that White Males make up only 30% of the population, but more than 70% of the mass shootings in America." He stated, "while I am not saying White Males should be racially profiled, but if any other group had such of a disproportionate number of such incidents they would be profiled." He also echoed my point by saying this, – "When Black Males commit violent crimes they are called ‘thugs’; when Arabs do it they are called ‘terrorist’."

Who knows, maybe more people in America will believe me when they realize there are certain White Males saying the same things I am saying. Who knows maybe some of my Black and White critics may soon realize, I am not defending Black people because they are "Black" like me. No. I am defending Blacks because we remain under attack – and its a FACT! This is why those who accuse me of being a "Black racist" for fighting White racism are either ignorant, devilish, or all of the above. (Original)