Philadelphia – Williams earns Democratic nomination for Philadelphia DA, would be city’s 1st black DA

Williams wins DA race, looks ahead to November

In a decisive victory that his supporters heralded as "historic," R. Seth Williams won the Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney last night taking more than 41 percent of the votes in five-man field.

"I’ve been running and walking for district attorney for about five years," Williams said in his victory speech to joyous supporters at a West Philadelphia function hall. "My feet are tired, but my soul, my soul is rested, because together, we will work to make the system better." (Philadelphia Daily News)

Primary Endorsements

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania’s primary election will mark the first step toward choosing a district attorney, city controller, and 11 judges for Philadelphia, along with judges on three suburban benches and three statewide appeals courts.

Given the city’s decidedly Democratic tilt, winners in that party’s primary will become favorites to win in the fall, while the county and statewide contests will set up the Nov. 3 judicial face-offs. (Philadelphia Enquirer)

Seth Williams hopes to improve on his 05’ D.A. effort

IN A CANDID moment in Mount Airy several weeks ago, Seth Williams flashed some of the self-confidence that has driven his campaign for district attorney for the last six years.

"Having been there [in the D.A.’s office] for 10 1/2 years, I knew, or I thought, that I could do a better job than the boss," Williams told 40 people at the Lutheran Seminary, on Germantown Avenue. (Philadelphia Daily News)

Rocky Mount NC – DA Robert Evans 1st Black District Attorney East of Raleigh Since Reconstruction Interview On Local Talk Show

DA Robert Evans a former Judge was the guest on Express Yourself Weekly Radio Talk Show FM 92.1 on today. He was interviewed by co-hosts Tony Stephens and Reuben Blackwell.

DA Evans was very impressive and I love the way he expressed himself by giving some very valuable information on what his intentions are as he move forward. If he does what he says he will do I am confident that Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson Counties will see some major changes within the D.A. Office.

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AudioDA Robert Evans Former Judge Recently Appointed By Governor Beverly Perdue As The 1st Black District Attorney In The 7th Judicial District East of Raleigh

Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Tarboro NC – NAACP and ridiculous demands?


Evans appointment is positive step toward diversity
We the Presidents of the Edgecombe, Rocky Mount and Wilson NAACP Branches support Gov. Bev Perdue’s appointment of Robert Evans, District Court Judge, as the next 7th Judicial District’s District Atto …


Enough with the ridiculous demands
I have finally had enough. I am sure the vast majority of other whites have had enough, too. If any organization gathered and demanded a white anything, what do you think the national reaction woul …

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Tarboro NC – Funny how the Daily Southerner has not commented on the D.A. Appointment

Evans is a good pick for District Attorney is from the Wilson Times. I wonder why no comment from Terry Smith Editor.

The letter to the editor ‘Put the right man in there’ made it however mines did not. My letter “Racial Makeup of the District Attorney’s Office” also didn’t make it in the other local paper the Rocky Mount Telegram. But the Wilson Times printed it.

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance


Tarboro NC – Former DA defends handling of James Johnson case

Wilson County’s outgoing district attorney says he believes his office handled the controversial prosecution of James Johnson appropriately, despite allegations of wrongdoing against the assistant district attorney who handled the case. (WRAL TV 5)

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Rocky Mount NC – An intriguing courthouse drama, the Appointment of the D.A.

Jeff it never seems to amaze me how you can write up these stories when it includes certain folks in the community such as Knight and Blackwell. I have been active in the politics of Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson Counties since the 90’s so I am glad I don’t have to rely on this paper. You see my friend you have an upper edge on the black community because you can always say what the white community is saying and feeling and that in itself make it look like the racist white folks are not alive and well. Hell Bobby Gorham bless his soul spent much of his wealthy finances running around Rocky Mount and even got into black churches trying to silence the black city councilpersons by saying he didn’t want their input on the "Coming Together in Rocky Mount." I have had much respect for you although I very rarely agree with you, but I am about to change the way I think of you. I guess the news in the area will always be slanted since we do not have a real black reporter nor a black newspaper. This is why I video all the meetings and record on my blog what really goes on because the papers print it in a fashion many times that educated political black folks should not have a say in who represents us. How ignant. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Note: This is my response to Jeff. I will see if he post it to his blog. He never did print my letter to the editor concerning the appointment however the Wilson Times did. Oh well.

Justice in the Twin Counties took a strange, lumbering step forward last week with the appointment of Robert Evans as new district attorney.

Evans has been a fine District Court judge for the past 10 years and will no doubt serve the Seventh Prosecutorial District equally well in his new position. His replacement has not been named, but insiders for some time have mentioned Rocky Mount City Councilman Lamont Wiggins as a strong candidate for a judgeship. Wiggins, too, would make an excellent juror. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Rocky Mount NC – Evans sworn in as new D.A.

More than 100 people filled the Rocky Mount Judicial Center on Friday to congratulate Robert A. Evans as he became the first black district attorney ever sworn into office in Eastern North Carolina.

Evans, a former district court judge appointed this week by Gov. Bev Perdue to replace retiring District Attorney Howard Boney, became the second black lead prosecutor in the state. As head of the Seventh Prosecutorial District, Evans will oversee cases in Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Nash County – New D.A. Ready To Get To Work

The man tapped to become eastern Carolina’s first African-American district attorney is speaking out about his new position and the claims he only got it because of race.

Edgecombe County Judge Robert Evans says he is ready to become the top prosecutor in Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson counties. (WITN 7)

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Durham NC – 7th Judicial District Appointment of a New District Attorney Statement from Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NC NAACP State Conference of Branches



114 W. Parrish Street, Second Floor Ÿ Durham, North Carolina 27701

866-626-2227   Ÿ    919-682-4700   Ÿ   FAX  919-682-4711

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II President

Amina J. Turner Executive Director 

Immediate Release

April 29, 2009

7th Judicial District Appointment of a New District Attorney

Press Statement by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II

President, NC State Conference of the NAACP

In 1909, when the NAACP was first founded, one of the demands by both white and black members who made up the founding body was that in order for there to be equal justice, there had to be diversity within the judicial system.  The issue of qualification was never the question.  African-Americans, minorities, and even women were denied the opportunity to serve, not based on qualifications, but based on race and gender.  The appointment by Gov. Perdue today pushes us towards closing the chapter of this legacy in the ranks of the District Attorney’s Office in one portion of eastern North Carolina.  This is a positive step and beginning and not an end for North Carolina.

Moving forward, we must make sure that Judge Robert Evans’ decision to accept the appointment to the office of the DA does not nullify the need for continuing diversity that he represented as a District Court Judge.  He was the only African-American District Court Judge in the District.  As we applaud the Governor in this appointment, we also appeal to the Governor to re-appoint an African-American in this vacated position.  Then this moves us closer to becoming One North Carolina.

Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.  For more information, call the State Office at 866-NC-NAACP or e-mail us at

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Nash County – Breaking News: Perdue names new district attorney

Sources have confirmed that Governor Bev Perdue has named District Court Judge Robert A. Evans as the 7th Judicial District’s new district attorney.
Evans will be replacing Howard Boney who is retiring Thursday. Boney has served as the district attorney for the district for the last 31 years.
For more on this story read Thursday’s edition of The Wilson Daily Times. (Wilson Times)

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Evans named next D.A. – Rocky Mount Telegram

Perdue names Judge DA for Rocky Mount, Wilson – WRAL TV 5


Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Wilson NC – In response “Next D.A. should represent whole district”

In re: Joy said…

The following is my response to Joy’s comment here.

So what are the qualifications?

Although I am sure you don’t mean it as such, the way in which you worded your comment leaves one to believe that you are saying a black person wouldn’t be the most qualified but you want a black person simply for the sake of having a black person, because not one person has made a comment in any of the articles listed that they just don’t want a black person.

So where in my comment that I demanded a black person? “I agree the D.A. should represent the whole district. You are right on target when you say, The NAACP is prohibited from endorsing any particular candidate, so no names where discussed Thursday. But they need to make sure that any candidate who gets recommended to Perdue will represent the needs of all the people in the Seventh District not just African-Americans. But that is true, however, for anyone who seeks the office.” I feel it is past time that we begin to work on this and it appears that it will have to be the NAACP and like organizations to get the ball rolling. Curmilus Dancy II Pinetops, NC Life Fully Paid Member NAACP”

You see, in the world in which we live today, if that world is lily white, it is not because of inequality but because of individual abilities.

This is b.s. because I know of many instances where black folks where refused this and that and it was not because of the lack of a damn thing.

Childish behavior is you twisting the damn facts because you are in denial that the black person has to meet the qualifications set forth. If they are not chosen because they didn’t meet them, then so be it but cases we are talking about the qualifications were met. I don’t know what the qualifications are for the appointment however I do know what they are during an election.

You say the black vs white thing is getting old. Oh hell, not!! It is the white vs black because it is not more black D.A.’s than whites.

You say let blacks educate themselves to be the better person. Hell in the black community we have always been told that we had to be better than the WHITE man not equal to. Now obviously you are basing your b.s. on those blacks who do not want to be productive but that ain’t the majority of us my friend so you are twisting the facts.

As it relates to standing behind The Barbers of the world. What a great man to stand behind because he has numerous degrees and many of those who stand with him also have degrees and/or they are productive citizens. I don’t hold a degree however I do have a damn good job and a productive citizen in my opinion but hell you may have some qualifications that says otherwise.

Ya’ll are in denial. Race matters and the NAACP and others like myself will continue to fight for justice and we will continue to deal with racist white folks and safe Negroes.

C. Dancy II

In response to:

“Next D.A. should represent whole district”

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Rocky Mount NC – Potential candidate says DA’s office needs diversity

Atleast Werner get it. Yep talking about diversifying the staff. Now do you think that he would be discussing this if it had not been for the NAACP. Not! The NAACP and the community can hold the next D.A. accountable as it relates to the lack of diversity and other issues. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

A top contender to replace District Attorney Howard Boney says whoever is appointed to replace the longtime official ought to address the “lack of diversity” in the office.

Assistant District Attorney Keith Werner, who has worked under Boney in the Seventh Prosecutorial District since 1989, said Friday he would examine hiring practices at the office and work to diversify the staff if he were selected to finish Boney’s term. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Edgecombe County – A Picture of the D.A.’s Office

What comes to mind when you see this picture? Some of the names may have changed however the racial makeup of the picture has not.

Sources in the white and the black community say the retiring D.A. Howard S. Boney Jr. has basically allowed the Nash and Wilson Counties  D.A. offices to do whatever they want to and did not question their work. During the time of the James Johnson/Brittney Willis case in Wilson when the NAACP and some local black folks met with Boney about some things that happened in the D.A. office, Boney said he was unaware of what the D.A.s had done. So obviously my sources are right on target.

I have not talked to any of the candidates who are seeking the D.A. appointment however I have talked to several folks who have talked to some of the candidates. The only names I have seen the papers are Attorney Antonio Lawrence (black), Keith Werner Assist. D.A. (white) and Attorney Joe Ivey former assist. D.A. (White).

I received a phone call from a friend in Raleigh NC a couple of days ago asking me were we supporting Attorney Anthony (Tony) Brown (black)? I told them I was unaware he was seeking the appointment.

Attorney Mark Bibbs (black) has been on a local radio station in Rocky Mount twice this week discussing the D.A. appointment. Sources say he is a candidate as well however I didn’t hear him say it on the Express Yourself Monday night talk show and I didn’t hear all of the conversation on the Joy in the Morning Wednesday talk show.

Sources say that Boney told Ivey a couple of weeks ago that he was retiring. Sources say Ivey has said he was going to do the right thing and bring about some changes within the the D.A. office. Ivey worked as an Assist. D.A. under Frank Brown who resigned to become a Judge. He also worked under Boney for a while but then went back to private practice. Sources say he seems to be the candidate to appoint.

Sources say Werner who is already in the D.A. office will not be a good choice. Sources say things will stay the same.

Sources in the white community and the black community say Assist.  D.A. Steve Graham would be the one however he is not interested in the position. There was atleast another name out there a white female who some say would be a good candidate as well.

There has been much conversation in the black community about Attorney Antonio Lawrence. Some has been concerned about Lawrence being sick and when I asked the question, I was told that he has been given a clean bill of health. A white resource said that Lawrence record on the internet looked good and they said they thought he would be a good candidate. Sources say he is getting some good feedback from the black community and he is receiving much support from black elected officials.  Sources say despite the health rumors he is ready and willing to take on this responsibility.

I understand the interview process has began a few days ago and so it appears that there may be an appointed D.A. by May 1.

I am very much concerned about the racial makeup of the D.A. office. However I am more concerned about how none of the black attorneys have brought up the racial makeup of the D.A. office to the Democratic Party, the NAACP nor have I heard anything on the streets. This needs to be addressed however we also need to look at other areas. But the people who work on the inside need to bring about the awareness since they are on the inside and knows better than those on the outside.

Now that I am fully aware of the racial make up of the D.A.’s, I will hope that this will be an ongoing accountability process.

I recognize and understand that the Governor has a job to do and “we” some in the black community have made it clear where we stand on the appointment however keeping in mind we know the real deal will come at election time where the voters have the control.

Although I would love to see a black person as the next D.A., I will also support a D.A. not of color who will do the right thing. I feel if the D.A. is not of color, he or she will understand what they need to do because “we” some in the black community has spoken.

The numbers in the 7th Judicial District shows that black folks make up around 60% of the voting population within the Democratic Party so if there is a strong black candidate who would like to be the next D.A. during the 2010 elections, then they could possibly become the first black D.A. this east of Hwy 95.

Updated: April 25, 2009 14:37

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Middlesex NC – D.A. candidate should be ‘electable’

I, too, would like to see a qualified minority appointed to replace retiring District Attorney Howard Boney. That being stated, remember this: whomever is appointed as a replacement to fill that political office will have to seek election on his or her own. (Wilson Times)

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Breaking News “Local D.A. Howard Boney Jr. to Retire” – The role will the Democratic Party Prosecutorial Committee play?

Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Tarboro NC – ‘Put the right man in there’

Yes, the next District Attorney should represent the whole district, but only if he is qualified, not just because the NAACP wants a “black” in the office. (Daily Southerner)

Funny how my letter to editor has not been printed.

—– Original Message —–

To: Terry Smith Editor Daily Southerner
Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 2:16 AM
Subject: Letter to editor

Racial Makeup of the District Attorney’s Office

Letter to Editor: “Racial Makeup of the District Attorney’s Office”

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