Students Joining Battle to Upend Laws on Voter ID; College Students Claim Voter ID Laws Discriminate Based on Age

The Political Agitator Response: It is a damn shame that a certain group of folks want to do everything they possibly can to attempt to attempt to keep blacks from doing so many things in these USA. Hell it has been the mission of a certain group of folks to see black folks have nothing. These ignant racist white folks need to understand that black folks and other folks who are being mistreated by them are not going to take it and we will fight!

WASHINGTON — Civil rights groups have spent a decade fighting requirements that voters show photo identification, arguing that this discriminates against African-Americans, Hispanics and the poor. This week in a North Carolina courtroom, another group will make its case that such laws are discriminatory: college students.

Joining a challenge to a state law alongside the N.A.A.C.P., the American Civil Liberties Union and the Justice Department, lawyers for seven college students and three voter-registration advocates are making the novel constitutional argument that the law violates the 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18 from 21. The amendment also declares that the right to vote “shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of age.” (Source: New York Times)

This Is How Some Black Folks Suffered Because We Have A Black President. Damn If You Don’t Think All Of You Are Not At-Risk Then You Are “Ignant!”

Response: Forwarded this from a Facebook Group one of the many I have been either added to or invited to join however most folks have just added me because they like to read my comments.

In Oregon when Obama announced he was running for President I for one would have never thought he was going to win Oregon, and that is because I was working in a field of work, that was opposed Obama due he was black. I was the only African American Nurse, and this is what they did to me in retaliation of being a proud African American woman who exuded pride. First they cut my hours from full time hours to part time hours, they hired more Nurses of course white, and decided they needed those hours of work more the I did, of course they were white. I complained, and was ignored. I was informed I was not hire full time but on an as needed bases. I reported these action as discrimination to the corporate office, at which point I became a target, they began papering my file with fake reports of absences, then they offered me a full time position, but in the context of the offer was a write up. I accepted the full-time, but refused to sign on, because there was a write up, and that position was pulled back. I had then noted an Ad in the local newspaper where they were hiring full time on the shift I worked, but continued to tell me they had no full time position available. I watch them hire 6 nurses who had all been hired full time, of course all white. Some of them worked 24- 30 hours a pay period overtime, but yet they had no full time for me. Finally I filed a complaint with EEOC after months of trying to negotiate my position. I requested my employee file from a new employee who did not know the particulars, and when I got it, it clearly showed I had been hired full time. The Republican filled EEOC rejected my allegations of discrimination, even though I was fired as a result of them informing them of my complaints. I was terminated the same day. Living in Oregon was hell for me. I had 90 days to seek legal counsel to file my case under a right to sue, and no Attorney would look at my case. I decided to file the case myself, and I did it on the very last day, the next day would have been to late. After filing my case the company hired one of Oregon’s Super attorney who petitioned to have my case dismissed. What he did not know was I had sought counsel from a young Attorney name Ashlee Albies. She had run for the States Attorney General position in the 2008 primaries, but lost her race. Ashlee Albies was a woman I happen to speak to during the ordeal, and advised me to stay on the job not to quit she was working in another office at that time. She is one of the Attorneys that filed a case against George Bush for wiretapping the Islamic Center in Southern Oregon. When this Attorney tried to have my case dismissed, it angered her and she decided to take on my case. To make a long story short we did prevail into a settlement agreement, and for me that was a victory still. I can’t mention any names, but what I went through back there in Oregon changed my life, and just as I stood with Obama back then on his run for change I still stand with him, and just as I had the audacity to hope nothing here has changed. I feel a personal responsibility to continue my path with Obama, because just as those racist individuals tried to hold me back, they have done the same thing to this president, and if little ole me could prevail. I have hope and that this president can too, this is a historical vote this time. If you had the audacity to vote Obama 2008. please extend that vote into 2012 racism is alive in the country it’s banner is red these are the republican party. They have blocked us for four more years, and it is time to stop them the next 4 years.. VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE.

Bar manager served criminal summons over discrimination claim – WRAL

Raleigh, N.C. — A Raleigh man who claims he was physically removed from a downtown bar because he is black has filed a complaint against one of the bar’s employees.

The criminal summons, issued on June 22, was served Tuesday against Todd Chriscoe, who manages The Downtown Sports Bar and Grill on Glenwood Avenue. (More)

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