Internal report: Dems have lost their way – News & Observers

The Political Agitator response: I disagree that the Democratic Party has become a confused political party. The problem in my opinion is that there is a new set of white Democrats whom are in the game now and they don’t have the same mentality as those that were very active dating back to the early 90’s when I became active. I say that because I look at how the local Edgecombe County Democratic Party used to be a majority white and every meeting used to be a fight as black folks whom became the majority in the county back in the 90’s were fighting to get positions in the local party. I am not talking about fighting to get elected to serve as elected officials on the state and national levels, that was another fight. Now that the local party is a majority black the whites have stopped coming to the meetings, wonder why? In Raleigh the majority serving in the Democratic Party state office is white and major infighting seems to become an more and more prevalent during the elections a State President and State Officers. While the infighting is going on the state level the damn real fight ought to be with the Republican Party holding the majority of the offices in the NC General Assembly. This is something that I have kept in mind since the days that Jesse Helms was re-elected over and over again but yet the state was and is a majority Democrat. So you do the math. I figured it out a long time ago. Until we figure out who the real Democrats are going to the polls nothing else will matter. And lastly the election of a Black President also have shown us who some Democrats really were/are. Yep that’s right! Until the fight in Raleigh with State Democratic Party became a fight for electing a black majority on the state level, we will continue to get what we get. But the problem with that is, will the whites continue to go to the state meetings. And then the next fight will be to get more blacks in the General Assembly. It seems that if it ain’t a fight about black and white, nothing changes but we know what happens when blacks get in office somehow some whites stop being seen actively engaged. When Democrats recognize and understand that the fight ain’t in-house that it is with the Republican agenda the better off we will be.

WASHINGTON — Democrats have become a confused political party with a muddled message and an inability to turn out enough of its loyal voters, a party task force charged with how to revive the embattled party said Saturday.

“I am here to tell you the Democratic Party has lost its way,” said Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky, who presented the report to the Democratic National Committee WINTER.

The report, an effort to dissect the party’s crushing losses in last year’s congressional and gubernatorial elections, found “the circumstances that led to the series of devastating electoral losses did not develop overnight.” Republicans have done a better job adapting to the rapidly changing electoral landscape, it said, particularly in the area of fundraising.

Democrats have lagged in wooing its own, most supportive constituencies, while losing others.

“In order to win elections, the Democratic Party must reclaim voters that we’ve lost, including white Southern voters,” the report said. But the party also has to “excite key constituencies such as African American women and Latinas.” (Source: Read more)