Republican Party Abandoned Black People After The Civil War – Ozie Lee Hall Jr.

Thank you my brother for sharing the history from the Civil War up until today. Some folk don’t know this history.

After the Civil War and the Republican Party abandoned Black people, Frederick Douglas said the Republican Party has become the party of money. Carter G. Woodson noted the abandonment of Black’s by the Republican Party after the Civil War. Both Republican and Democrats were Anti-Black. In 1933, Mary McLeod Bethune made a deal with President F.D.R., a Democrat which resulted in the New Deal. This is the point where Black people joined the Democratic Party in mass numbers. Safety net programs were started. Whites benefited more then Blacks but the program turned the nation around after the Republicans collapsed the economy in the Great Depression. Through the Democratic Party, Blacks got civil rights laws passed, voting rights laws, anti-lynching, and made major progress. The Republican Party has consistently been on the other side trying to role back Black progress. Democrats like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond switched parties and became Republicans. Massive numbers of racist white Democrats switched party and became Republicans. Republicans are now engaged in voter suppress against Blacks, gerrymandering election districts against Blacks, and repressive measures to suppress Black progress like refusing to extend the Voting Rights Act or enforcement of civil rights laws. When Republicans start telling Black people about how the Dems are against them and how the Republicans support them, it is the greatest insult to our intelligence. Let’s get real. The Republican Party came into existence because the divisions over slavery (before the existence of the Republican Party) threatened the economic interest of Northern Whites. The south was experiencing massive slave uprisings, Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vessey, and Nat Turner. David Walker made an appeal to colored people of the south. John Brown started a rebellion at Harper’s Ferry. The war was only officially declared in 1861. More Blacks fought in the civil war in relation to population than did Whites. Black got freedom because whites had no choice. Move to recent times. Republicans again collapsed the U.S. economy under George Bush in 2008. President Obama rebuilt the U.S. economy and created a trend in low unemployment and economic growth. Trump comes in and attempts to discredit Obama on the basis of race but claims credit for the U.S. economy which credit rightfully belongs to Obama. Trump got in office by crook and Russian support. The only question which now remains is how many people are willing to sacrifice their lives to support a criminal, Donald Trump, who lies to the American people multiple time per day since taking office. Trump has never sought to unify the nation but has been constantly driving the wedge. He’s a Russian agent and must go. American Democracy will survive Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Whether history give it one page or ten pages, future generations will visit the graves and say what assholes they were.

Party Realignment And The New Deal

The realignment of black voters from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party that began in the late 1920s proliferated during this era. This process involved a “push and pull”: the refusal by Republicans to pursue civil rights alienated many black voters, while efforts—shallow though they were—by northern Democrats to open opportunities for African Americans gave black voters reasons to switch parties.26

The 1932 presidential contest between incumbent Republican President Herbert Hoover and Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt was something of a turning point. During his first term, Hoover had tried to ingratiate himself with southern segregationists, and his administration had failed to implement economic policies to help African Americans laid low by the Great Depression. Still, Hoover received between two-thirds and three-quarters of the black vote in northern urban wards.27 Most black voters sided with Republicans less out of loyalty than because they were loath to support a candidate whose Democratic Party had zealously suppressed their political rights in the South. African Americans mistrusted FDR because of his party affiliation, his evasiveness about race in the campaign, and his choice of a running mate, House Speaker John Nance Garner of Texas.28

As late as the mid-1930s, African American Republican John R. Lynch, who had represented Mississippi in the House during and after Reconstruction, summed up the sentiments of older black voters and upper middle-class professionals: “The colored voters cannot help but feel that in voting the Democratic ticket in national elections they will be voting to give their indorsement [sic] and their approval to every wrong of which they are victims, every right of which they are deprived, and every injustice of which they suffer.”29 (Read more)

Democratic Party North Carolina We Got Issues From The Local To The State, AAC-NCDP (African American Caucus of the NC Democratic Party, What You Gone Do?

The most recent election should be a teachable moment for Democrats across the state of North Carolina but not limited to.

I have never considered joining the AAC-NCDP because I didn’t think it was worth my time. I really don’t see the AAC-NCDP having any power. But now I believe the AAC-NCDP can take a stand and challenge the State Democratic Party about Democrats not supporting Democratic candidates.

The election on November 7, 2017 exposed what some things going on in the party.

Longtime former Democratic Governor and some Democrats in high places supported an Unaffiliated voter in Raleigh during the most recent election.

I am gonna be following the AAC-NCDP to see what kind of stance they will take on this. It is time that black folk send a message to the Democrats here in NC but not limited to that enough is enough.

Another subject for another day along the same lines, in the news this past week has been much talk about the book that Donna Brazile released and it talks about how blacks have been used by the Democratic Party.

Democrats in Edgecombe County it is time to come together but 1st we need some leadership here.

In Response To Should Donna Brazille Have Waited To Release Her Book

imageFor me it does not matter. Sometimes I think folk have to reach rock bottom to get it. For me when I see others hit rock bottom hell I don’t need to get there to know it is real.

You see there ought to be major Democratic Party meetings goings on to discuss the issue of the party’s agenda and see what went wrong and where they need to go.

This could be a good thing because I have had issues with the people of the party every since I have been actively engaged on the grounds. However I follow the Democratic Party Agenda because, That Is What I Like!”

You see ain’t nothing goings on on the local level here in Edgecombe County as it relates to the Democratic Party just silent as hell.

Bernie Sanders & Donna Brazille Really?

I was never into Bernie Sanders nor Donna Brazille. I didn’t follow Bernie because he was not a Democrat. It was just something about Donna that I just couldn’t. She sounded smart but I didn’t follow her like that and just happened to see her on tv every now and again. I remember when she came to NC, I understand the tickets to see her was high as hell. Well I was not interested.

I have been wondering why the Bernie supporters were and still talking about Hillary Clinton made him lose against Trump. Really?

Maybe if Bernie had ran as a damn Democrat maybe he would have won. I got a problem with every Democrat that voted against the Democratic Party. But I ain’t mad with them because I know this has been a problem over the years. You see I am not ignant to the fact that many Democrats voted for Helms all the years he was kept in office.

But my question is why in the hell are we talking about Sanders and Brazille when the main thang should be talking about the mess we got in the White House in the now.

We need to be talking about how we can build the Democratic Party to become a force to be reckon with instead of talking about past bull… that ain’t gonna help the Democratic Party.

Edgecombe County we got enough to talk about because our local party ain’t doing a damn thing. We have no party leadership.

If anyone want to talk about Democratic Party stuff, talk to me 1st about our local dysfunctional party. Let’s talk about the state party because that state executive committee.


Daily News: KING: The Democratic Party deserves so much of the blame for electing Donald Trump

The Watch Dog response: I registered as a Democrat in 1980 because yes my parents were however I liked the Democratic Platform. I became actively engaged as a precinct vice chair in the late 80’s and moved on to serve on the county level all the way to being appointed as the county chair from 1998 – 1999. I didn’t run for chair because I know they were not ready for me. However this is the last time the party has had a Democratic Gathering that was held at the National Guard Armory. Many who had stopped coming to meetings began to come back because my meetings started on time and ended on time with a very, very structured and informed agenda. I remember back in the 80’s the county party officers were a majority white and not reflective of the whole county and almost every meeting it was a racial fight as the meetings were held. I challenged them all black, brown, white and others to just do what was right. Although there was a racial issue I recognized not only were some of the whites registered as Democrats but I truly feel voted Republican but there were some blacks who played both sides as well. In the early 2000’s I was invited to some meetings held in several counties trying to start a 3rd party but as usual it went nowhere because some were so loyal to the Democratic Party. I have stated time and time again that the North Carolina State Democratic Party continues to hold up just where we are because the officers normally have only 1 to 2 blacks elected to serve. The State Executive Committee is a majority white. Some years ago there was an African American Caucus formed as an auxiliary of the NC State Democratic Party. I have attended several meetings locally and across the state but have never joined because for me it was and is useless because the AAC has no power. So for me the following article is right on! When I joined the county party a black person told me they needed me because I didn’t like white folk and they were talking about my letters to the editors where I was not afraid to say what I mean and mean what I say as a young black male in my early 20’s. I told them I was for justice no matter who it was for or against, that I had no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest. I am going to always be on the side of right especially when I am dealing with other folk lives. Today I am still fighting for what is right and just speaking out against injustices although I recognize and understand some folk don’t appreciate what I do but they have benefitted from my works. So I will continue to do what I do because it ain’t about popularity but about what is right.

Election Day 2016 was a miserable failure for the Democratic Party. When all the votes are counted, it appears that Donald Trump will have won 30 states and at least 300 Electoral College votes. After months of tough talk, Democrats not only lost the presidency, but lost the Senate and continued to lose the House. It was a thorough drubbing. Calling it anything other than that is a damn lie.

But I must linger there for a while. The Democratic Party has mastered lying to itself and its core constituencies. It claims a progressive identity, but is as moderate and lukewarm as it has ever been on so many issues that matter to everyday people. It claims to be tough on Wall Street, financial corruption and white collar crime, but is awash in donations from lobbyists and executives in the industry. Democrats claim to be the party of working people, but so often seem to be deeply out of touch with their problems and needs. (Read more)

The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party – LA Progressive

The internal sniping and bickering has already begun among Democratic ranks but it’s their own damn fault. The internal debates following the 2014 midterm elections highlight the ideological schizophrenia that continues to plague the Democratic Party.

Is the Democratic Party the party of labor unions or the party of trade deals that outsource American jobs? Is it the party of the environment or a water carrier for fossil fuel corporations? Is it the party of public education or the party of busting teachers’ unions and privatizing schools? Does it favor a single-payer health care system or the predations of the for-profit model? Is it the party of peace or for endless wars? Is it the party of civil liberties or for government surveillance? Is it the party for economic justice or for catering to the rich? (Source: Read more)

Howard Dean Rips Democrats: ‘You Cannot Win if You Are Afraid’ MEDIA ITE

The Political Agitator response: In response to Chris Telesca: Yep – it’s time to dump the OFA playbook and stop hiring all those nomadic consultants with no local grounding, and go back to the 50-state strategy that Howard Dean implemented in 2006.

Chris I understand what you are saying and you have been saying it for quite sometime. However I have no problem with what Obama did when he ran for President because I know what goes on in the black community during election time, the backstabbing, those who are in it for the money and don’t give a damn who win as long as they get paid. So when Obama had his own people set up in the counties across the states I was with him. Hell no I would not have given the local folks control over my campaign if I was running for an office, hell I wouldn’t do it in Edgecombe County and I live here.

However since Obama has been in office the state and local Democratic Parties ought to had put a plan in motion. Hell what plan was in place before Obama ran for President because I know as a fact we in Edgecombe County has been surviving by the grace of God because it was nothing that the damn party did. Hell a county where the Democratic Party that has no political forum, no political rallies no nothing but a damn meeting in January to talk about the meeting in March for the Precincts, county convention and district convention. No damn education for the citizens, no emails, no Facebook, no Twitter no nothing.

So to continue to blame it on the OFA, I blame it on the local party because they could do more.

The state party has been nothing but infighting for years and it started long before OFA.

Hell yeah I want to see the Democratic Party move forward but damn I have been saying that since I joined the party back in the late 80’s well started voting in the early 80’s but became active at the precinct and county level in the late 80’s. I have challenged the Democrats black and white in Edgecombe County.

I remember when the whites had the majority in the county Democratic Party Executive Committee and the blacks were fighting for the majority. Once the blacks got the majority they allowed 1 – 2 blacks to keep the party tore up so the county party has gone to hell. I serve as a precinct chair only so I can have a voice at the county meetings.

Howard Dean Rips Democrats: ‘You Cannot Win if You Are Afraid’

Former DNC chair Howard Dean criticized the Democrats (including but not limited to the DNC) on Meet the Press Sunday morning for not staying on message, or even crafting a message, in the run-up to last week’s severe midterm loss.

“The biggest problem was message,” Dean said. “Sure it was an off-year and we can make all these excuses. But even through the days of the fifty-state strategy and taking over the House, the Senate, and the White House in four years, I could never get the Washington Democrats to stay on message.” (Source: Read more)