Kicked Off Another Facebook Page Wilson Democratic Party

Didn’t know until tonight that I have been kicked off the Wilson Democratic Party facebook page. George Fisher told me he had been kicked off so I said let me see what is going on other there and come to find out I have been kicked off. Oh well! I wonder what brought that on? Oh George told me he shared one of my post there so damn because he did that, they kicked me off. Thank you Asa Gregory.

Attorney Will Farris vies to lead Democrats – Wilson Times

Attorney Will Farris may be poised to step into a leadership position with Wilson County Democrats this year.

While Democrats are busy preparing for their county convention in April, it looks like there will be a new slate of leaders for the party.

Asa Gregory, current chairman, said while he is proud of the work of his party while he has been chair, he will not seek re-election when Democrats meet. (More)

Democratic official rebukes chairman – Wilson Times

Response: Interesting! Knowing all 3 parties can’t wait to see how this unfold. Obviously there was a lack of communication as I read the article/s about this situation with the money several months ago. Sad!

It is sad that Wilson County continues to have problems with those persons who are elected and/or appointed to the office of the county chair seems like every term. 

If I am correct 2013 the county officers seats are up so who will become the next county chair?

The president of the African-American Caucus of the Wilson County Democratic Party, Zette McArn, read a letter to the Wilson County Democratic chairman, Asa Gregory, accusing him of not being transparent and not adhering to the N.C. Plan of Organization at all times.

“We admonish the chair of this county chapter of the North Carolina Democratic Party to the very best of his ability or capability to make a fervent effort to adhere and administer in all the affairs regarding and governing the Wilson County Democratic Party — the North Carolina Plan of Organization,” McArn read to a room full of Wilson County Democrats. (More) 

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Breaking News: Wayne Gay switches parties – Source: The Wilson Times

Longtime central figure in the Democratic Party and former Wilson County Sheriff Wayne Gay has changed party affiliation. Gay is now a registered Republican, and the Wilson County Republican Party is happy to have him. (Paid Content)

Response: Mad as hell with Democrats because they supported a black man Calvin Woodard over him. Hosting a Republican candidate already, oh he is mad as hell with our current Governor Beverly Perdue as well. It appears that he has a problem with our black President as well, oh but that was the chair who said we are not better off 3 years later. Well I have not seen a difference when it comes to me personally. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

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Democratics tap new county chair–Source: Wilson Times

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-Wilson, said people need to go out and convince their neighbors to vote Democratic at the polls in the upcoming election to prevent the party from enduring the “shellacking” it took the prior year.

Butterfield served as featured speaker at Saturday’s annual Wilson County Democratic Convention. The event drew almost 200 people to the Wilson County Courthouse. (Paid content)

Democrats organize their precincts – Source: The Wilson Times (This Is The Way, Have All Precincts Meet At One Location)

Wilson County Democratic leaders are calling Monday night’s annual precinct meeting a success. 

The meeting was held at Darden Alumni Center and more than 100 people showed up. (Paid Content)

Note: Now this is what I am talking about, have all precincts meet at one location and get it done. By doing this, one advertisement can go out to the local newspapers and possibly on the radio and people will be aware of the meetings. It is sort of difficult to  reach everyone in such a broad precinct. You want to be inclusive but it is just so expensive to do a mailing to everyone in the precinct. It would be nice to have everyone in the precinct email address if they have one. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Millicent Graves wins Dem chair position – Source: The Wilson Times

Wilson County Democrats nearly filled the second floor courtroom Saturday afternoon as they voted for a new party officers.

Wilson attorney Millicent G. Graves, who has served as the first vice-chair for the Democratic Party, is the new party chair. (Source: The Wilson Times)

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Dem chair resigns – Source: The Wilson Times

Chris Boykin has resigned his position as chair of the Wilson County Democratic party, bringing to an end this controversial episode within the local party.

Boykin sent his letter, dated Monday, to David Young, chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party. (Source: The Wilson Times)

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Let’s get back to the sheriff’s raceI totally agree!! C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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