Between the Lines: The Standard and Poor’s Rating Downgrade and What It All Means –Source: eurweb

*Within a week of Congress passing its compromise debt-ceiling legislation, and a week after President Obama signed the legislation into to law, raising the debt ceiling a measly $2.4 trillion dollars, the Wall Street markets, and the global markets tied to it, have been in a constant downward trend. Nearly every economist predicted it. (Read more)

Debt Rating – A Triple Plus vs A Double Plus Don’t Sound That Bad To Me

A Triple Plus rating vs A Double Plus do not sound that bad to me however I don’t know what the significance is as it relates to the debt rating other than they saying they have a problem with the US paying their debt.

But in a sense to me just looking at it as a grading average I just can’t see what the fuss. Well I think I get it that it is all about President Barack Obama being a black man whom just happens to be all of our President whether we like it or not.

It appears some folks will sink the damn boat and don’t care who survives. But I believe all that they continue to do to attempt to discredit our President that they are showing just how ignant they are.

I hope to hear more about the significant difference in the rating. If someone has some information on it please share it with me.

I believe folks are misleading people and trying to scare the hell out of them when it ain’t a big deal in my opinion.

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Tea Partying Like It’s 1954–Source: truthout

The power of the Tea Partiers, who refused to raise the US government’s debt ceiling this past week despite the pleading of Republican pundits and the powerful, echoes the 1950s when Sen. Joe McCarthy, Fighting Joe, went after those who thought themselves his masters. (Read more)

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Debt Limit

Business Unusual – Source: brotherpeacemaker

Late Friday afternoon, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the debt rating of the United States from the absolute top rating of AAA to the next highest rating of AA+.  It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming.  One of the issues that we were facing as a country about to default on its debt for the first time in history was the possibility that our debt rating would be lowered and we would face consequences.  Instead of heeding that warning, our political leaders fought tooth and nail to the wire about how we were going to raise the debt ceiling.  We could have preserved our credit rating. (Read more)