I Debate Folks On Facts And Not Emotions Alone Because That Is A No-Win Situation

I debate facts ie: what you said, your policies and procedures and all documented items that I can use. I don’t debate folks on their opinion based on emotions only because I learned years ago that that is a battle that can’t be won with them. You see you can’t change folks who are stuck on opinions not facts.

When you understand that you must debate the facts only and not just acting on your emotions, you will find out that at the end of the day no matter what the truth will stand. When you know the truth you can live with knowing the truth even when it seems as if those you are debating think they have the upper hand.

Time will take care of all things so just be patient. I know being patient is tough but it works for me. I don’t remember the last time I lost a debate! But if you let them tell it they will say they won but that does not matter to me because I know that my God will reveal the truth.

Now Run and Tell That!

Breaking News – NC House 23 Candidates Will All Be On WNCR TV For A Debate Tuesday April 29, 2014

Bronson Williams, Taro Knight, Shelly Willingham and Rusty Holderness will be on WNCR-TV Tuesday April 29, 2014 9:00 PM for a debate. Darla Slipke County, Political reporter for The Rocky Mount Telegram will be the moderator.

I am trying to figure out where the questions will come from since there will not be an audience present to submit questions before the show begin.

Well I can’t wait to see this debate because I am very much concerned who will be elected.

Note: Bronson Williams announced this on WCPS Radio during an interview on this morning.

Sick And Tired Of Ignance When It Comes To The Presidential Election Voter PHOTO ID, Commercials And The Debates

I get so sick and tired of ignant Black Folks who say that Black Folks and Democrats should not have a problem with Voter Photo ID. Damn I don’t along with some others that I have spoken to do not have a problem with it because we have Photo IDs. What we do have a problem with is why the Republicans want to do it and the timing. They want to do it in the last hour which would have kept many folks elderly and younger folks who have no Photo ID.

Why were they pushing Voter Photo ID during the Presidential Election? Because Republicans don’t want Black folks to vote because they are afraid that they can’t win on all the lies they have been telling. Pointing my finger, “Hell yeah ya’ll are liars!”

I get so sick and tired of the tv commercials talking about how good Big Rummy and Little Rummy did during the debates. It is a damn shame that folks will get on national tv and mislead folks to think that the debates should not be about the facts and the truth. Many has said that America is built on lies because the Black man has never gotten the credit they should have for helping to make this country what it is.

It is so funny that the real voter fraud has been on the Republican side.

All I want is for the truth to be made known because I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.

I just don’t understand how the educated, intelligent, smart and people of good will will promote untruth in order for self gain. I am so glad I am concerned about the least of these, those who are afraid to speak for themselves for whatever reasons and etc. I speak for those who allow me to speak for them however I recognize and understand that others benefits as well.

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The Media Is Responsible for Making People Ignant To What Is Really Going On So Therefore Black Folks Have To Work Harder

What tickles the hell out of me is shows like FOX right now that mostly have white guys and women up there trying to speak for how all people especially Black people will view the next debate.

They tickles the hell out of me how they continue to talk about how well Romney done in Debate 1. Well what I see is a bunch of ignant butt reporters who are not talking about the facts that were presented during the debate and continue to talk about how talkative because that is all Romney showed was that he could talk. But damn he was not saying anything.

Damn talking about how the Vice President Joe Biden interrupted and was laughing at Ryan’s ignant butt during the Vice Presidential Debate. But these same folks have not said a damn thing about how Romney done the same thing.

Goes to show you that some white folks will change the rules in order to fit whatever the hell point they are trying to make.

The only folks that will say that Big Dummy and Little Dummy Romney and Ryan won these debates either don’t understand or they are in denial. They don’t understand that they are jokers and they are in denial about what these guys are only running on trying to just undo everything that "Our" President has done.

The media is responsible for making the people ignant of what is really going on.

If Romney was Black and "Our" current President was white I would bet my life that the media would be talking opposite.

Well I have come a long ways since the 90’s because I recognize and understand how politics works. I understand how the media works. I also understand how Black folks have to work. We have to work hard as hell whether it be in school, working a job or being an elected official.

I am far from being ignant when it comes to Politics so I am able to accept what goes on because I know how the system works. I just hate it that some folks are receiving ignant information so therefore they are ignant by no fault of their own.

Being Ignant
“Know that being ignant is not always a bad thing, however it is a bad thing when you don’t do anything about it especially when you are trying to discredit others. Know what you are talking about when you open your mouth so you will not make a damn fool out of yourself.” Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator Tuesday April 3, 2012

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Good debates should inform, not entertain – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: This is right on point! Like I said I concerned about the facts.

Millions of Americans have tuned in to view the first presidential and only vice presidential debates of the 2012 election campaign.

The debates can provide a great opportunity to see the candidates in an unscripted setting, answering questions on the spur of the moment and having to react quickly to their opponent’s assertions. Regardless of one’s partisan allegiances, people can draw a lot from these one-on-one televised encounters.

At their worst, candidate debates can devolve into simple name-calling, counter-claims about facts and over exaggerated gestures and body language. But at their best, these question-and-answer sessions can provide serious and informative discussions of the pressing issues and challenges that confront the nation.

This year’s first two debates fell somewhere in the middle. Republican Mitt Romney was animated but vague in laying out his ideas for the future of the country. President Obama seemed to have barely showed up, offering little defense of his record and fewer details about his future plans.

The vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan offered a much more spirited, issues-orientated exchange, with each candidate defending their running mate’s records and policies in a swift, back-and-forth discussion.

But media coverage and public reaction so far unfortunately has focused mainly on the candidates’ performance rather than on the substance of their remarks in the debates. Next-day discussions of the debates mainly centered on the president’s flat performance and the vice president’s smiles and laughter.

Two debates remain between the presidential contenders. The candidates owe it to voters to engage in a much more serious discussion of the issues than we’ve seen so far.

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Debate 2 Vice President Joe Biden vs The Empty Chair

I tried to tell people that it does not matter what “Our” President does especially during the debates because some folks are still going to be in denial. Facts does not matter.

Debate 2 more facts from the Democrats but look how “they” continue to attempt to twist the real truth.

Facts should always outweigh the lies but you see the rules change when certain folks are in the ballgame.

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At The Vice Presidential Debate: Ryan Told 24 Myths In 40 Minutes – ThinkProgress

Response: Damn the good ole boys likes to change the rules. The rule was good for Big Dummy but when VP Biden played by their rules they couldn’t handle it.

When I think of Big Dummy and Little Dummy I meant Rummy the following comes to mind: "Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Paul Ryan spoke for 40 of the 90 minutes during Thursday night’s vice presidential debate and managed to tell at least 24 myths during that time:

1) “It took the president two weeks to acknowledge that [the Libya attack] was a terrorist attack.” Obama used the word “terrorism” to describe the killing of Americans the very next day at the Rose Garden. “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for,” Obama said in a Rose Garden statement on September 12. (More)

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