This Has Been A Year

In January 2018 Bertha Battle my moma’s sister went on to glory.

In September 2018 my uncle Eugene Dancy my dad’s brother went on to glory.

Just last week my uncle Curtis Dancy my dad’s brother went on to glory.

God is good! All 3 died at home and didn’t go through a time of long suffering.

Although I was close to them my daddy was close to all 3 and I feel this is going to take a toll on him although he is handling well from what I can see.

My dad will be 85 years old in February. It looks like he is going to outlive all of us. I have got to stop obligating myself to a lot of things and leave myself flexible to be there more for my dad and family.

Time is winding down. Some things we have options so we need to prioritize things because we are not getting any younger.

I challenge myself to do better in 2019.