DCN Inspiration Award – Anthony Clark A Very Multi Talented Brother Who I Have Found To Be Very Passionate About Trying To Make Life Better For All People But Especially For Children


Picture was taken by The DCN on Saturday August 25, 2012 at the 1st Congressional District Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting. Anthony is the chair of the Northampton County Democratic Party.

I am Anthony R. Clark, Sr.

Who considers myself a visionary who prides himself with the help I provide people.

Born: March 28, 1952 in the Northampton County, North Carolina town of Rich Square

School: attended Elementary School at W.S. Creecy during the freedom of choice era Anthony was among 88 students encouraged to integrate schools in Northampton County by the NAACP and transferred to Northampton County – East where he graduated in 1970. Anthony furthered his education by attending Fayetteville State University where he graduated in 1975. Anthony also pursued development certificates at East Carolina, Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

Work: Upon graduating from FSU he began a career in the Northampton County Schools System where he taught school as Middle Grade Occupation Exploration teacher. He was promoted to Job Placement Coordinator and Title XI Coordinator, eventually serving as Interim Vocational Director for the County School System.

Anthony worked as an Administrator with E.M.B.R.A.C.E. a non profit intergeneration organization that focused on meeting the needs of Senior Citizens. Seeing and meeting needs of people that were far beyond the needs of what was originally envisioned he began a process to meet those needs

Anthony also worked for Democracy South that eventually became Democracy North Carolina to address campaign finance reform and voter rights. He served as a Field Organizer for the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Because a of a desire to continue to work in his local community he formed another non profit 501(c)3 titled UHURU Community Development Corporation where he served as President & CEO for 15 years.

Anthony has served on the following Boards of Directors:

Choanoke Area Development Association

Choanoke Area Development Association Headstart

The Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina now know as Reinvestment Partners.

The Upper Coastal Plain Council of Government Governing Board

The Upper Coastal Plain Council of Government Workforce Development Board

The North Carolina Rural Education Working Group

From The DCN

I have known Anthony for several years but not personally. Anthony was on my email list for several years.

However I met Anthony in 2008 when he was responsible for me being able to attend Barack Obama Campaign event at NC Central University in Durham NC.

I have really gotten to know Anthony through the (NCREWG) North Carolina Rural Education Working Group when I attended a meeting in Wilson NC last year. Anthony is the chair of the group and he is very passionate about preserving our public education system. I joined the group at this meeting and I have been excited about being a member to date.

I have been an advocate for public education since the early 90’s. I feel strongly that I have found a group under the leadership of Anthony that can help me to better advocate for public education.

I have learned so much from Anthony over the past year and I value our working relationship as we advocate for public education. I look forward to a long working relationship with Anthony and hope to one day serve on the board under his leadership.

It is with much love that I proudly add Anthony to the list of those who have been an inspiration to me. Thank you Anthony for all that you do

DCN Inspiration Award – Thank You Tekyia Mozell For Your Kindness And Words Of Encouragement

My heart is so heavy that I did not do this before Tekyia expired a couple of days ago but I strongly feel she knew I had much love for her as we met over the years at meetings, banquets and the telephone calls when she would call me to tell me to call her Grandma Mattie Mozell when I get a moment. I would say ok I am going to do it right now because she would tell me that she was on the phone with her Grandma at that time.

Over they years I was encouraged by Tekyia’s energy to go out and help others inspite of her condition. Tekyia could have easily chosen to just be about Tekyia but I believe she is like some folks that learned early on what her purpose was here on earth. I believe that we shared that same purpose, that she and I knew that our calling was to help somebody as we are passing along this journey. I believe that Tekyia knew that if she just helped somebody that her living would not be in vain.

I remember meeting Tekyia for the first time and she was smiling and she was smiling the last time I seen her. I have never heard her speak about her being on dialysis. I found out about her condition through her Grandma and some others close to her and myself.

I remember Tekyia going to school seem like every since I been knowing her. When she was attending ECU we used to talk regularly over the internet and by phone sometimes.

Tekyia was one of the youngest, strongest young women I have ever met. We worked on committees to get Rocky Mount Councilmen Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell and former Rocky Mount Councilwoman and now NC House Representative Angela Bryant and some others get elected. During the past Senate District 3 election she worked on the Frankie Bordeaux campaign and I ran into her from time to time as I captured some events that he attended on video. I also spoke to her on several occasions during that time sharing information with her about the election process.

Tekyia I am quite sure has done so much that I don’t even know about however I know just enough and that is she was a jewel to Rocky Mount NC and everywhere she lived as she went to school locally and abroad.

I will always remember Tekyia my inspiration all the days of my life.

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DCN Inspiration Award – Thank You Mr. Richard H. Parker Jr. For Your Wisdom And Loyal Support Since Getting To Know You On A Personal Note Just A Couple Of Months Ago

Thank you Mr. Parker for your loyal support to The DCN. I have always followed your writings in the local newspaper and I have always said I wish I could write like that elderly gentlemen.

Mr. Parker you have been an inspiration to me over the last couple of months and that has really meant a lot to me. I have always liked being around elderly folks with such wisdom. You have respected me as a younger man as you have observed my mission. You are always sending me a complimentary note and/or responding to the things I post on my blog.

Recently we joined forces to work on an ongoing project that I look forward to because it deals with our children and families.

I was honored when I asked you to share your writings with those who read my blog and you accepted. I have learned so much from your writings and I thank you for being an inspiration to The DCN.


DCN Inspiration Award – Thank You George Fisher For Your Friendship And Contribution To The DCN

About two years ago George Fisher found me on the internet and he contacted me. He said he and some friends were concerned about what was going on in Rocky Mount with race relations and how it appeared some in the white community were treating Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell unfairly. He and a couple of his white friends wanted to meet with me however I kept stalling. I don’t just meet with anyone until I feel good about it.

I finally committed to meeting with them one night however I had a banquet on that same night. When I arrived at the meeting place, they were coming out of the restaurant. We talked in the parking lot for a short time talking about what was going on in Rocky Mount and how I was addressing issues and educating folks via my blog and The Rocky Mount Telegram posting my comments and audio post. We talked about me doing a talk show on a local tv station. I had explained to them that I had had a radio talk show a couple of years ago. I told them I didn’t know about the tv thingy.

About two weeks later George called me and he told me that he was going to begin a talk show and asked me to be his co-host. I said that was fine but I believe that I needed to have my own show so that my followers in the black community would feel more comfortable. He said no problem he will make it happen. George’s show was on Monday nights and my show was on Wednesdays. George decided to shut his show down and be my co-host for a short-time until Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight became my co-host. The show went extremely well until there was a shake up at the tv station. My ratings were damn good just like my ratings are on my blog  were then and now.

After I stopped doing the talk show, I was ready to take a break from doing what I love trying to make an impact in the thinking of the people throughout Eastern North Carolina & abroad via internet, newsletter, public forums, radio, tv and video which equals empowering the people from a grassroots perspective.

George said he was going to create me a talk show over the internet somehow. And he did. But before that he had re-done my blog which is a lot more user friendly and much cheaper than the previous ones I had. He has also turned me on to some great tools that help me to enhance my blog such as The DCN TV and several other internet tools.

George and I have been working together closely for about two years now and he has been a true and loyal supporter of The DCN. Because of him I have been able to take The DCN to a new level. I told him that he gave me a new toy to play with when he enhanced my blog especially when he added the tv. Because of George I have been able to provide meetings/events to those who visit my blog via The DCN TV.

The format you see when you visit Dancy Communications Blog and the videos on The DCN TV was produced especially for me by my friend and brother George Fisher. I have not had anyone to invest in The DCN like this brother. If I had the financial resources I could take The DCN to another level.

Thank you George and one day I will return the favor because you have been an inspiration to me.

Curmilus Dancy II
DCN Publisher

DCN Inspirational Award – DCN recognizes Elizabeth Ohree for her loyalty and friendship over the years

Elizabeth Ohree, a retired educator. I met her back in the late 90’s when I joined the Rocky Mount NAACP and also through the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

Ms. Ohree has always supported me however I guess that was the school teacher in her. She is one of my top most faithful folks who I have much respect for.

Ms. Ohree taught school in Nash County and is an alumni of Winston Salem State University. She has two children who are school teachers in the local area and a granddaughter who is in her second year of college. She loves her family.

Ms. Ohree has always treated me with much respect and always thanked me for the work I do with the NAACP, the Democratic Party, other community organizations and especially the work I do through Dancy Communications Network educating folks about what is going on around them. She always ask me when do I get some sleep, and how do I keep all of that information in my head. She tells me all the time that her daughter says my little old head is going to burst with all that information I have inside.

Ms. Ohree has always opened her door for me to come in and not only share information with her but others in the community. She has supported whatever I did within the NAACP and the Democratic Party because she knew that I always do my homework.

Ms. Ohree knows that everything comes with a price and she has always donated to Dancy Communications Network although I tried not to accept it. She reminds me of this elderly man whom has gone on to be with the Lord whom I cooked and videoed for his family over the years during their time of bereavement and I tried not to accept anything but he said that I was keeping him from receiving his blessing by giving to me. So therefore I deal with elderly people with all that wisdom very carefully and I try to respect them to the upmost.

Thank you Ms. Ohree for being there for me over the years because it was you who kept me on the battlefield when I wanted to give up. We have had some experiences within the NAACP and the Democratic Party but we made it. I tried to do all I could to make your role easy when you served as an officer within both organizations. You welcomed me as a young man and kept me encouraged to do my homework and because of you I have much knowledge when it comes to the NAACP and the Democratic Party.

DCN Inspirational Award – DCN recognizes Anthony Young for his loyalty and friendship over the years

Anthony and I met back in 1998 when he served as statewide “Deputy-Field Director” for the successful 1st campaign of former U.S. Senator John Edwards. I was the interim Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair as I was appointed to serve out the unexpired term of Roy Gray who resigned to go to work for former Congresswoman Eva Clayton.

Anthony was a hard worker and we talked almost daily and still talk almost weekly since we first met. I learned a lot about politics through Anthony. In 1998 Anthony partnered with myself and the local party and we had a successful Democratic Party gathering at the Tarboro National Guard Amory. I don’t recall there being such a gathering of this magnitude since that time.

Not only has Anthony been very helpful politically but he has also been a great resource and inspiration to The DCN.

Anthony came to Pinetops several years ago when I invited him to be the guest speaker for the NAACP Edgecombe County Branch. He did a wonderful job. I had the video shown on WHIG TV in Rocky Mount NC and I ran into folks who say they really enjoyed his message.

It has been good people like Beverly May and Anthony Young who have inspired me to do what I do. Because of them there is The DCN.

Learn more about Anthony Young below.

ANTHONY YOUNG has dreamed of entrepreneurship for most of his life.  As the son of a small automechanic shop owner, Anthony learned early on to love entrepreneurship.  Since grade school, his passion has always been small business.  

Strengths:  Strategic analysis, tactical resourcefulness, and creativity for problem solving.  

Dreaming of his own business, In 1996 Anthony made the decision to return to community college in order to begin the process of gaining additional business insight in pursuit of his  small business dream.  In 2000 he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Management from Saint Augustine College in 2003, and wrote his final thesis on “the Creation of Economic Wealth in Poor Wealth Communities.”   In 2003 he obtained his Master of Business Administration Degree from Wake Forest University.   While at Wake forest, Anthony competed in and won the business school competition on his “Brown Toes” business model and represented the school in a national competition of business schools and students. 

MY Dual passions:   Social Entrepreneurship and Political Strategy

Company:   the House of Brown Toes (www.browntoes.com ) is a expanding family brand of products for babies and the entire family.  He has written children’s books and designed a series of beautiful quilts that celebrate family, culture, and heritage.  His products are perfect for family reunions to new born babies.   Anthony’s products were selected by home shopping giant QVC as one of its best items and a  major retailer in the United States.    Our baby quilts are in the homes of several homes of “A” list stars In Hollywood California.

Challenges:   Access to capital.  Despite having excellent credit, a winning business model, and major market interest, it is difficult to move forward a small business when true access to capital is often awarded based on political connections and less because of the ability to grow.  In many ways, it is precisely because of this lack strategic support that small businesses fail.  Often times for small businesses, the only thing in abundance by way of opportunity is the shallow rhetoric of doors closing when the answers could just have easily been a door opening.    Yet still, I am enormously encouraged by the new policies of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

While attending college, Anthony worked full-time in North Carolina politics:

· In about 1996 – Co-chaired the election of Annie Bullock to Henderson City Council.  In her election, Annie Bullock became the first African American woman elected to Henderson City Council in the history of the Vance County.   Mrs. Bullock had already made history in 1967 as the first African American to graduate from Duke University in Durham with a Masters Degree.

· In 1998 – Served as statewide “Deputy-Field Director” for the successful 1st campaign of former U.S. Senator John Edwards

· In 1998 – Joined the NC Department of Justice and helped Attorney General Mike Easley implement the first Predatory Lending Laws.

· In 2000 – Successfully organized all 100 counties as the “Director of Field Operations” for the election of Governor Mike Easley

· In 2003 to present, serves as the Deputy Chairman of the North Carolina Property Tax Commission.  As a “quasi judicial” board, the commission serves as the final “court” for the adjudication of property tax matters for the state.    I am the first African American to serve in this commission.  We heard nearly $1 Billion in property tax valuation cases in 2008.

· 2009 – I spearheaded the opening of the Henderson Campus of Saint Augustine’s College in Vance County:  managed all level of campus activities, recruited the inaugural class of students, and taught two classes.   I took the time from my own business beginning in May to help the region obtain its first 4-year institution in the 4-county area.   I tried to help. 

News Coverage:  Featured innumerous major new publications around the country such as The Baltimore Sun News, The Raleigh News & Observer Newspaper, The Modesto Bee of California, The Susquehanna Times of Pennsylvania, The Charlotte Observer, South Carolina State Newspaper, and national magazines such as Earnshaw Magazine, American Baby, Parenting, Black Business Inc., and Kids Today.   Presented the “Brown Toes Family Tree Heritage Quilt” to dignitaries such as U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist Bryan Clay, US Congressman Jim Clyburn, and have fielded requests by Actor/Comedian Wayne Brady.

Hobbies:   travel, gardening, theater, culture, and lecturing and mentoring other hopeful entrepreneurs.

DCN Inspirational Recognition – DCN recognizes Beverly May (deceased) for her friendship and her support for children

Beverly May (Deceased)

First recipient of the DCN Inspirational Recognition

Beverly and I worked together with a group called Partners in Education (P.I.E.). I met Beverly after attending a meeting at SouthWest Edgecombe High School Pinetops, NC in 1993 when the Student Body Government staged a walkout because a white coach had grabbed a black student around the neck in the hallway.

After meeting with Beverly about her organization, I joined because she was seeking black male role models to volunteer some time to work at the school helping out with tutoring black males and/or just helping the staff making copies and etc.

Katie Staton co-chair of P.I.E worked at Embarq (formerly Carolina Telephone) was able to get the phone company to donate funds and time to help with assisting in connecting computers. Carolina Telephone donated monies for a breakfast that was held at Abrams Barbecue in Pinetops. The volunteers received trophies for the volunteers.

As in many cases, when serious committed black folks who are making a difference, they have to deal with roadblocks. The principal at SouthWest Edgecombe invited me to the cornfield because I was challenging things that were going on at the school. The Rocky Mount NAACP where I was the 1st Vice President had asked for the Principal to resign however after a meeting was held by some safe Negroes and the Principal, the NAACP let the issue die. I was not invited to attend the meeting that was held.

Beverly and I was invited to Nash Central Middle School (Nash Rocky Mount Public Schools) in Nashville NC to do a presentation. The presentation went very well. But shortly after the presentation the Principal kicked us out of SouthWest.

Beverly had twin daughters at SouthWest Edgecombe at that time and they were very, very smart. One of them had asthma real bad and missed a lot of time out of school. But this child grades stayed at the top of her class.

Beverly loved her children and her entire family. Beverly had artificial legs. Although she had her share of medical conditions, she not only wanted what was best for her children in the Edgecombe County Public School System, but wanted what was best for all the children in the county.

Beverly was married to Reginald May and they had a computer in there home when very, very, few folks had one in the 90’s. Beverly allowed me to come over and to work on her computer as if I was one of her children.

Beverly went on home several years ago to be with the Angels. Shortly after her husband Reginald May joined her. I will always miss her however because of her I continue to do what I do. The twins are doing well and I call them from time to time to see how they are doing.

Curmilus Dancy II – Publisher