Rocky Mount NC – Wi-Fi Internet Have You Noticed Not Working Bojangles At Crossing at 64?

Have you experienced the WI-FI not working Bojangles at Crossing at 64?

I have experienced this many times passing through how about you?

It is no secret that they suppose to offer it because they have it on the door as you walk in.

Bojangles’ opens in Crossing at 64 – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: The Bojangles is nice. it is the only Bojangles that I have seen that has a bar where about 6 – 8 people can sit and eat. This is the only Bojangles that I have seen a tv on the wall.

Rocky Mount Telegram: A new Bojangles’ restaurant has opened in the Crossing at 64 development to the delight of community leaders and residents.

Residents who live in the neighborhood off Raleigh Boulevard said they are pleased to have the restaurant in their backyard.

Helen Taylor used to travel on a regular basis to the Bojangles’ restaurant on Wesleyan Boulevard in Rocky Mount. (More)

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Rocky Mount NC – Bojangles Is Coming, Bojangles Is Coming 5:30 AM Tuesday August 7, 2012 Crossing At 64


Click on picture to view more pictures.

This picture was taken today Monday August 6, 2012 around 4:00 PM. The crew was there getting ready for the opening on tomorrow August 7, 2012 5:30 AM.

Bojangles is coming in the AM 5:30.

Join The DCN to be a part of history at Crossing at 64. Don’t just meet me there but beat me there.

Congratulations to Rocky Mount Edgecombe Community Development Corporation (RMECDC) it has been a long time coming.

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Crossing at 64 development holds promise – Rocky Mount Telegram

Another month, and another business has confirmed it will set up shop in the Crossing at 64 development.

Bojangles’ finally confirmed in April it would come and recently broke ground on its building. Last month, Eagles Enterprise bought land to build a convenience store. (More)

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Black Folks Allow WHIG-TV To Talk About What Goes On In The Black Community Be It Positive Or Negative

Video but no audio. Sure wish I could have heard Wayne Hollomon on 4/30/12 Morning Show later at night the replay of the morning show from that morning. I understand he talked about the Crossing at 64 the groundbreaking for the Bojangles Restaurant last week. I understand Hollomon has a problem with RMECDC receiving grant monies. It appears that WHIG is going to have something negative to say about black folks whether they do something positive or not. I find it funny as heck WHIG was not on the scene. But then again it is to be expected. Hollomon why don’t you attend events? Oh you don’t have to because you get bits and pieces from the Telegram and then talk about it on your Morning Show.

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Bojangles Groundbreaking Ceremony Crossing at 64 Rocky Mount Edgecombe Community Development Corporation Rocky Mount NC Thursday April 26, 2012


Breaking News: The Rocky Mount/Edgecombe Community Development Corporation Cordially Invites You To The Groundbreaking Celebration of The Bojangles Restaurant at The Crossing at 64

Response: Bojangles (expected Grand Opening in July) and another business that expects to open around Christmas the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount will bring some jobs and much needed revenue. The Crossing at 64 is going to take the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount to a whole new level.


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Breaking News: Crossing At 64 Rocky Mount NC Bojangles is Coming, Bojangles is Coming And More

I passed by the Crossing at 64 site on yesterday on my way to the Trayvon Benjamin Martin Memorial Service in Rocky Mount I seen some movement at the site.

Folks they Bojangles is coming Bojangles is coming along with some others.

There were some folks who said it would not happen.

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Rocky Mount NC – Crossing At 64 A Visual Of The Location

Since there was an article in the Rocky Mount Telegram “Crossing at 64 waits on businesses” I decided to do a visual of the location. I was in a hurry but I plan to do another visual soon.

Click on picture to watch video (12 mins. 56 secs.)


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Stay Tuned For More On The Crossing at 64 And Other New Businesses/Old Business In The Same Area

The DCN News Blog/Online TV will be doing a personal factual story within the next day or 2 on new businesses/old businesses on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount side within a 2 mile radius of the Crossing of 64 in the Raleigh Street and Fairview Road areas. This is going to be my story and no one else. I am going to get my weapons out and I am going to show you just how damn good the area looks.

For the racist and those who simply do not want to see the Crossing at 64 exist, I can show you better than I can tell you how the area is a prime location.

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Press Release – MARKET-READY AND SET TO GO: Crossing at 64 Mixed-Use Development


October 21, 2011

Contact: Joyce M. Dickens, President/CEO

Rocky Mount/Edgecombe Community Development Corporation


MARKET-READY AND SET TO GO: Crossing at 64 Mixed-Use Development

The Rocky Mount/Edgecombe Community Development Corporation (RMECDC) has made steady progress with phased development of a 30-acre mixed-use site named Crossing at 64 located at the intersection of Raleigh Street and Meadowbrook (Highway 64 Business and Highway 64 Bypass) on the Rocky Mount City’s Raleigh Road/Raleigh Street Corridor. With site improvements completed for Phase One (15 acres), the Crossing at 64 site is now market-ready for tenants and businesses to locate in the commercial complex.

The City of Rocky Mount Traffic Engineer documented that a daily traffic count pass the site is 39,000 cars per day, the site is ideal for lucrative commercial development.

However, although 15 acres of the site is ready for tenant occupancy, a weak economy, with limited access to capital for small business development and expansion, could delay the next phases of project implementation and tenant recruitment at RMECDC’s Crossing at 64 site.

The City recently completed a study for the long-term planned development of Raleigh Road/Raleigh Street Corridor. RMECDC’s Crossing at 64 project anchors new commercial development for the Eastern end of this gateway corridor. Further, the City’s 2003 Comprehensive Plan Tomorrow -Together also cited the need for commercial development in east Rocky Mount, as did the 2010 Twin County Competitive Assessment Study.

The City’s 2003 Comprehensive Plan Tomorrow-Together also cited the need for housing development in east Rocky Mount in which the RMECDC has made progress to develop a new community in east Rocky Mount near the Crossing at 64 location. Included in this new community are three new constructions of RMECDC’s housing developments (Genesis Estates Subdivision- single family homeownership, and Thorne Ridge One and Two – multi-family housing rentals).

According to the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce Business Recruiter Alan Matthews, there is approximately 3 million square feet of shopping center space in Rocky Mount. Of the 3 million square feet of space, 103,037 or (1%) square feet of shopping center space is located in east Rocky Mount. Mr. Matthews has worked with the RMECDC to recruit businesses to the Crossing at 64 since 2001.


From 2006 to 2008, RMECDC secured investment funds totaling $910,191 to complete a series of Phase One site improvements on 15 acres of the 30-acre tract. These improvements included site design, engineering, and construction of infrastructure (water, sewer, and roadways installation).

All of the grant funding raised by RMECDC were designated and used to make the site market-ready. Site preparations included (clearing and grading, design, engineering, and construction of infrastructure (water, sewer, retention pond, and roadways), landscaping, signage, professional services including engineering, GEO-technical, legal, architectural (site master plan), traffic analysis, etc.

This preliminary phase of development activity marked the beginning of the transformation of the

30-acre unimproved, agricultural acreage into a mixed-use commercial site. When completed, RMECDC’s site development plan will create commercial, office, retail, medical, services, recreational, and market rate and affordable single and multi-family housing, entertainment venues, and tourism attractions.

The total investment value for the completed 30-acre project is estimated at $34,000,000, with the potential to expand by another 55 acres.


RMECDC has focused on tenant recruitment throughout the life of the project. In recent years, RMECDC has stepped up recruitment of businesses, franchises, and investors, focusing on a potential tenant mix identified by citizens participating in the City’s 2003 Comprehensive Plan Tomorrow -Together process.

RMECDC’s tenant recruitment activities have overlapped with the construction of infrastructure. In fact, the construction of infrastructure was a condition of the Offer to Purchase from tenants that have been the focus of RMECDC’s long-term recruitment efforts.

Water/sewer installation, storm water retention, and the construction of an Access Road, to enter and exit the site from Highway 64 Bypass were all conditions that the RMECDC had to accomplish to compete for and attract potential tenants to the location.

Recently, there has been some discussion about the delay in construction of a Bo jangles Restaurant and the potential recruitment of a Sheetz’s Convenient Mart to the site.

The RMECDC’s initial negotiation with Bo jangles Fast Food Restaurant began in August 2005. Bo jangles purchased the site in May 2010. Infrastructure development required in Bo jangles‘ Offer to Purchase included: access road into the site from Highway 64 Bypass; water and sewer to the property line; and storm water retention. The RMECDC was successful in meeting most of these requirements by 2008 and met the last conditions during Phase Two Infrastructure development of the access road which was completed March 2011. However, Bo jangles has not yet announced a construction start date.


Phase Two (15 Acres) infrastructure development began August 2008 with the design and engineering of the access road, water and sewer, and retention pond. Construction of the access road was completed March 2011. The total cost of the above-mentioned activities is $248,795. This number included professional fees which is engineering, Geo-technical, etc.

Construction bid opening was held on November 16, 2010 for Phase Two installation of water, sewer and retention pond. However, construction start is pending based on satisfying the funding requirement of job creation for Phase One infrastructure funding. The delay in construction start of Phase Two infrastructure is tied to job creation by Bojangles.

The estimated cost of Phase Two infrastructure (water, sewer, and retention pond) is $375,568.


The RMECDC began recruitment of Sheetz Convenient Store at the Crossing at 64 with a letter to the company in May 2006. This was prior to Sheetz opening its first store in Rocky Mount. When Sheetz announced their plans to open stores in Rocky Mount, the RMECDC continue its recruitment efforts with this franchisee.

In May 2008, another convenient store franchisee made an Offer to Purchase an out parcel at Crossing at 64. For two years, this franchisee honored its Offer to Purchase. In October 2010 – as the recession deepened – – citing financing challenges, this franchisee chose not to renew its offer.

Meantime, Sheetz continued to expand its operations in Rocky Mount at multiple locations other than the Crossing at 64 site.

An early email to RMECDC from the Sheetz Company dated July 9, 2007 stated, “Sheetz has concerns with the declining population, quality of traffic on 64 Business, and higher than average crime index..”

Sheetz’s latest response to the RMECDC’s Crossing at 64 recruitment efforts was included in an email dated June 27, 2011, from James Gerhart, a real estate official with the company. An email from Mr. Gerhart stated: “Sheetz has to pass on the location.”


RMECDC is a not-for-profit organization that implements community economic development. RMECDC provides assistance to help citizens to build a better quality of life by providing business development, housing development, human resource development, and job creation. RMECDC already has leveraged investment of $30 million dollars in economic development. These investments include multi-family and single family housing, mixed-use developments, infrastructure installation, commercial/enterprise developments, downtown and neighborhood redevelopment, construction of new communities.

Since 1995, RMECDC has provided community programs to address limited resources including

pre-purchase housing counseling, foreclosure counseling, homebuyer education, and small business technical assistance.

Since 1988, RMECDC has been a major developer in Rocky Mount, expanding city and county tax base, housing developments, job creation. Projects developed by the RMECDC include: Co-developer and manager of Douglas Block Revitalization, a $8 million downtown mixed-use developer; the construction of 40,000 square foot Edgecombe County Business/Industrial Incubator; Harambee Square mixed-use development; and other inner-city housing developments.

The RMECDC Board of Directors and staff invite citizens, corporate Rocky Mount, churches, investors, and local entrepreneurs to join us in working to increase businesses and economic activities at the Crossing at 64 site, Douglas Block, and projects that generate jobs and lower the unemployment rate for the twin county area.

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In Sheetz’s email dated July 9, 2007, they listed three concerns regarding the Crossing at 64 site:


1.     Declining population (Hurricane Floyd)

2.     Quality of traffic of Highway 64 Business

3.     Higher than average crime index


The data below addresses the concerns stated above.




LOCATION                               TRAFFIC COUNT                                              CRIME                                    

                                                             City Traffic Engineer                                                    RM Police Department

 June 2010 Report                                                         Oct 2009-Oct 2011 Report


                                                                                                                     TYPE                                                   TYPE                             

Crossing at 64                                  – 39,000 cars per day         Part 1 – 55 Cases                           Larceny – 24 Cases             

*Benvenue Rd/Sheetz                    – 38,000 cars per day         Part 1 – 374 Cases                         Larceny – 294 Cases

N. Wesleyan Blvd/Sheetz               – 17,000 cars per day        Part 1 – 59 Cases                            Larceny – 42 Cases

Sunset Ave./ Sheetz                        – 24,000 cars per day        Part 1 – 68 Cases                           Larceny – 35 Cases

(Westry Crossing)



*Benvenue Road Crime – Crime Stats for Benvenue Road/Cobb Corner is impacted by Wal-Mart shoplifting stats.


Part 1 Crime are all crimes that occur in an area.


Sheetz has not clarified the definition of the issues with “Quality of traffic on Highway 64



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Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? – Rocky Mount NC – Racism At Crossing at 64 Is Alive And Well

Crossing at 64 waits on businesses – Source: Rocky Mount Telegram 

Response from a comment posted on my blog.

I also think that the site would be a prime location given its proximity to Highway 64.  I asked a black friend of mine, who is a real estate agent, about this today.  She stated that potential tenants are scared off due to the fear of the "nearby criminal element." (her words)  She said that other businesses have to constantly call the RMPD due to loitering, shoplifting, drug activity, and unattended teenagers who cause trouble. Signed Binky

My response: Hell yeah this is a prime location and the problem is RACISM. If Mayor David Combs Realtor, Chambliss and Rabil and other white businessmen in Rocky Mount had gotten this Prime Piece of Property before Joyce Dickens it would have long been developed.

There has been a crime report done and the crime is no more than in other parts of the city. Obviously this ignant black real estate agent is ignant to the facts about the crime in Rocky Mount. So just because you spoke to this black friend of yours do not make it truth.

I dare you to look at the crime report and/or contact Joyce Dickens and others mentioned in the article in the Rocky Mount Telegram to get the real facts. It sounds as if your black friend has some issues with these folks because they are promoting false bill of goods. I damn sure hope they do better as a realtor but to tell you something like this they must be sorry as hell.

Ok Binky do your homework and report back.

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