Enough People! Wayne Turnage Response To “Inside an ER during the coronavirus outbreak”

Wayne Turnage


If I read or hear one more person complain that we are destroying this country economically by overreacting for what amounts to a seasonal flu, I think I am going to lose my freaking mind.

If you are one of those tragically uniformed persons you need facts. So begin the education process by asking yourself a series of questions using the Socratic method of inquiry and debate if you must.

Ask yourself, when was the last time the seasonal flu required nearly every acute care hospital in NYC to have trucks with trailers attached, lined up at the hospitals’ loading docks to receive dead bodies from the intensive care rooms – deaths produced by fatality rates that are as high as 10, 20, and 30 people per hour.

Ask yourself, when was the last time a flu outbreak caused hospitals to instruct paramedics that if a person flat lines on the way to the hospital, drive on pass the hospital and take the patient straight to the coroner’s office.

Ask yourself, when was the last time a flu outbreak forced people to live in their homes with dead bodies because so many people were dying that no first responders were free to pick up the bodies

Ask yourself, when was the last time a seasonal flu outbreak caused first responders to leave dead bodies in homes because even if they had time to pick up the deceased, they had no where to take the body – the coroner’s office had no vacant storage bins, and all of the local churches were full of occupied coffins – say that slowly.

Ask yourself, when was the last time a seasonal flu outbreak, killed 46,000 or more people in one foreign province in a matter of three or four weeks — by comparison we lost 58,000 Americans in the Vietnam War over a nearly 20 year period.

Ask yourself, when was the last time a seasonal flu outbreak forced hospitals to leave people in their lobbies gasping for air, while triaging people not based solely on the severity of their condition, but the severity of their illness and age — young folks get help, older folks get comfort care – this means enough morphine to kill them.

Ask yourself, when was the last time a seasonal flu caused the richest country in the world — a nation built on the daily trade of commerce, to essentially slam on the economic brakes and throw the economy into a windshield – VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT!

The fact is that for jurisdictions with infection trend lines that appear to be standing at attention, you can be almost certain that a surge in hospital admissions will follow in 3 or 4 weeks – a surge that cannot be retrospectively mitigated by real time social distancing – at that point it is too late.

DC’s model suggest that even with the measures the Mayor has put in place to slow community transmission, we could have a surge in infections that requires the need for 5,000 more hospital beds than the hospital industry typically operates, even if the social distancing policies are sufficiently followed over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Folks this is NOT the seasonal flu. And the fact that we have distorted into a political game, what is certainly the most perilous public health crisis this country has faced since the Great Influenza of 1918, is an inexpiable sin that will kill thousands more before this virus either burns itself out, or is trapped by a vaccine.

And finally, don’t be fooled by those who say — well this thing will probably kill only 1% of those infected. Apart from the fact that a 1% fatality rate for a nationwide infection rate can translate into a lot of dead people — presently predicted at about 100,000 to 200,000 but only if we follow the rules — this does not come close to describing the potential impact of this virus. Foolish and reckless disobedience can allow this virus to morph into a mutant swarm and kill millions of people, both in the US and globally. If you think the economy is in trouble now, imagine what it will be like if this pestilence breaks loose and begins to devour the cells and inflame the lungs of millions of people.

A hospital CEO told me that last week they had one patient come in complaining of chest pain but was not otherwise in great distress. By the time they got the person upstairs and into a room, thick fluid rushed into the person’s lungs. By morning, the patient, a young man, was dead. He said if I wanted to know what that was like for that patient, imagine drowning on dry land.

We must prop up this economy through extraordinary means. .
But if we ignore the advice of public health experts, we could have a healthy economy trying to grow on the labor of a sick and dying work force.

Please comply with stay at home orders, and if you must leave for groceries, RX, or a solitary walk/run, practice social distancing. The life you save may be your own, as well as many others.

“CODE-99” rings out. In 40 minutes, six patients go into cardiac arrest. Four die. This is what it’s like inside a New York City ER treating people with coronavirus.

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Inside an ER during the coronavirus outbreak

“CODE-99” rings out. In 40 minutes, six patients go into cardiac arrest. Four die. This is what it’s like inside a New York City ER treating people with coronavirus.

Local City Government And County Commissioners Can Set Rules & Regulations That Are Stricter Than The Governors’ Mandates

Local Government can set rules and regulations but they are waiting on the Governor. Really!

Blame your local leaders for not doing the most. But local Republicans will attempt to use the current order against our Governor to attempt to unseat him in November. I am quite sure he has caught hell from some Democratic Pastors putting pressure on him because they mad think he don’t want their ass to have church. SMDH!

It is about the Benjamins. Hell get mad with me for talking about these trues. You have not supported The DCN News Blog Online TV although I have promoted you so I have nothing to lose. My ministry have been surviving because I am my brothers keeper even in spite of Ungrateful Negro Black Folk. But it ain’t about me and them but about him.

In case they didn’t know I stopped by to tell them that it is so it is in the Order.

Read Entire Original Stay At Home Order

Executive Order No. 121 

Read Section 4 Local Orders

Pastors Go Into Your Empty Churches Alone And Meditate


Go into your empty churches alone and meditate. Let the Lord speak to you and then let him use you.

Report back! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Comment from Facebook Thank You!

Annie Dupree-Collins Been doing that ALL week. HE has spoken very clearly. HIS assignment for the Believers is the same and will never change. Go ye therefore teach all nations…lay hands on the sick…cast out evil spirits…go into the hedges and highways…bring heaven to earth…JESUS showed you how….now go and do what HE showed you. GOD is NOT pleased. HE is REALLY not pleased with the state of the church.

GOD HELP US!–Thank You My Friend & Brother Cash Michaels For Sharing

Cash Michaels – My brother & friend moved here from New York some years ago and he was a reporter for the Wilmington Journal and The Carolinian. I have been with him as we traveled over the state for NAACP Events. He has produced his own films. He also used to be on NC Spin almost weekly. I approve of this message. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

It really is a shame that, as a country, we find ourselves dealing with this dreaded disease in a partisan fashion. It is hard to believe, really, that there re those of us who see this disease through highly partisan lenses.

Now don’t get me wrong….if Trump or the Republicans do something stupid or say something wrong, OF COURSE the should be pointed out, not because we’re Democrats, moderates or liberals, but because hot they’re doing, on it’s face, is just plain WRONG!

That’s why I want to add some clarity to a current, yet unfortunate debate.

Conservatives and Republicans, GOD bless ’em, are complaining that we have no plan for returning everyone to work so that businesses can reopen and money can start flowing again. it’s one of the reason why seven Republican governors refuse to issue “stay-at-home” orders for they states, or order closures for restaurants and bars. They see their top priorities as keeping the economies of their states as healthy as possible because the business community is so important to them.

Again, conservatives want lawmakers to start planning to return to “normal” as soon as possible because they fear the economy will be crippled irrevocably, and that their ‘great minds’ can beat this thing.

Sorry to tell them that that’s NOT going happen anytime soon….and it’s their fault!

Now, I’ll certainly stand corrected if I’m wrong, but in order to plan anything, you need the best information available first. Right? Well, we don’t have it! We clinically have NO idea how many people are actually infected in this state, or this country, for that matter. We just don’t! Why?

Because, as story after story from the NYT, WP, AP and the respected media outlets have tracked and documented, the Trump Administration took virtually 70 days from the time we knew for certain that COVID-19 posed an imminent threat on our nation to when we finally started gearing up seriously with tests and preventative measures. And of course, Trump had help being irresponsible from Fox News.

The point is, the ONLY thing we can “plan” to do right now, is to listen to the scientists , and act on all of the preventive measures they advise.

THAT is what’s slowing the infection rate down….less and less people being exposed and being contaminated. That allows the medical community to catch up with testing as best as they can.

Don’t forget…The numbers we’re seeing now are people who were infected weeks ago. And we’re NOT seeing all of them.

So imagine if we just listened to Trump, instead of Dr. Fauci, and filled our churches on Easter Sunday without a care in the world. And then all went out to eat at our favorite restaurants in our new suits and colorful big hats!

And, based on all off that, because nobody died in front of us, then went back to work.

And we all did it because we got ‘tired” of staying at home, and “felt” like it was the “right” thing to do because we wanted to.

Except that now, more people become infected, and weeks later, all of those businesses have to close up again because more people had become needlessly infected.

Because of Trump and Republican ineptitude at the very beginning of this thing, we are way off the mark in terms of getting the vital information needed to effectively plan for the end of this nightmare.

That’s why conservatives don’t want scientists to lead this thing. Right-wingers want to take as many chances with our lives they feel they can get away with…just for a dollar.

Yes, we need to get the economy going and back up to full strength as soon as possible. People are losing so much, and it’s not they fault.

But conservatives need to stop lying to people, and giving us false hopes, based on nothing more than some false sense of rah-rah, an little other fact-based information to go on!


Covid-19 deaths across the U.S. pushed past 9,200 — more than triple the toll of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Experts say the true count is certainly higher.


Live updates: Surgeon general says coming week will ‘be our Pearl Harbor moment’; Queen Elizabeth II speaks in rare broadcast

Covid-19 deaths across the U.S. pushed past 9,200 — more than triple the toll of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Experts say the true count is certainly higher.

‘They should not do it’: Hoke County sheriff advises churches to avoid drive-in services, other forms of gatherings



Click On Photo To Watch Video

RAEFORD, N.C. (WTVD) — The Hoke County Sheriff is reiterating the need for churches to avoid any sort of gathering, in light of leaders and members inquiring about drive-in service options.

Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said his phone has been ringing constantly with residents and churches asking if there are options for them to still congregate.

While understanding their frustration, the sheriff went to Facebook to advise churches and members to practice social distancing through online Sunday services.

Christopher Stackhouse is the pastor of Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. In recent weeks, he’s started offering his service online for his members.

Stackhouse says churchgoers staying away from each other is not in their DNA, “It is communal, so not being able to get together, has been as dramatic a shift as you can imagine”. (Read more)

I hope Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Cleveland Clee Atkinson along with other Sheriff Offices across the state agree with Hoke County Sheriff. I met this brother several years ago and this brother can sing. I was trying to get him to my Men’s Day Program the 1st year I had Clee to speak but his schedule didn’t allow him to make at the last minute. May try to reach out to him again this year.

The Sheriff Office is “To Protect and Serve” all of the people not some. Protecting and Serving by keeping in mind Safety First and not catering to a few Pastors is the right mindset.

Oh the Governor said it was okay but when I read the order I didn’t get that and obviously the Sheriff Association didn’t either because they contacted the Governor. But you see by the Governor is up for Re-election some folk are going to threaten to use their congregation to say they ain’t going to vote for him. Well I remember when a Pastor tried that in Rocky Mount with some City Council Members but that didn’t work.

Folk you better use some damn COMMON SENSE and don’t allow selfish folk to have you to be disobedient to the Word. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Drive-in church gaining favor among some congregations

Note: Posted this before I learned that the Sheriff’s Association had questioned the Governor was Drive-In covered in the Order.

Can’t wait to see how many churches have Drive In Services this morning.

I bet they are calling the Governor’s office like crazy trying to have church but they don’t take a stand on issues. Hell probably didn’t even vote.

Folk preaching about when you get to the other shore but ain’t preaching nothing about living the good life on this side.

One lady Pastor said it is not her duty to keep you alive but to prepare you for the other side. SMDH!

DOBSON — Robert and Christy Potts got to evening service early on Wednesday but instead of sitting in the first pew as they normally do, they pulled their Toyota Camry


Drive-in church gaining favor among some congregations

DOBSON — Robert and Christy Potts got to evening service early on Wednesday but instead of sitting in the first pew as they normally do, they pulled their Toyota Camry . . .