Updated: Same Sex Marriage, Amendment One, The Constitution, The Bible, NC General Statue Chapter 51 Marriage

I can’t handle the talking discussions one on one when folks are trying to say what others are saying and then trying to say what they are saying. Please write it. You can do it without posting your name, email or anything that will allow others to know who you are. I think it is called posting anonymously however if you ain’t scared sign your name.

Please copy and paste and respond under each category. Thanking you in advance.

Talk to me tell me about the following:

Same Sex Marriage. What does it say in the following about Same Sex Marriage or do it say anything?







*North Carolina General Statue 51 Marriage


Now tell me your personal opinion on Same Sex as it relates to:








*NC General Statue 51 Marriage



Note: I know where President Obama and the NAACP stand so you don’t need to include them. I want to hear from you.

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Amendment One

Rev. William Barber Speaks Out Against Amendment One

Response: It is a shame how they have worded this Amendment on the ballot to trick folks into voting for it. Listen to Rev. William Barber II tell you why you should vote against it.

Damn didn’t they say that our President didn’t respect the Constitution (lies) but now they want to amend the Constitution (truth).

Click on picture to watch video. Source: ProtectNCFamilies


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Amendment One

Understanding the Constitutional Amendment defining NC marriage – 6WECT

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – With early voting ongoing and Election Day nearing, the debate intensifies over the Constitutional Amendment defining marriage in North Carolina. You may have heard this referred to as "Amendment One", which is what opponents are calling the amendment. Supporters are calling it the "Marriage Amendment". (More)

Exactly what provisions of the U.S. Constitution you believe that President Obama has violated by Sheria Reid

Response: Thank you Sheria my friend for this question because I get so sick and tired of ignant a… folks disrespecting our President and misleading other folks trying to scare people into not re-electing him. C. Dancy II – The DCN Publisher

"Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

I left the following comment on the site where I found this story. I do hope that someone responds and enlightens me.

The Forgotten Man: Jon McNaughton Painting Shows Obama Standing on US Constitution [PHOTO]


I keep hearing the same complaint that President Obama has violated the U.S. Constitution. Funny thing is that our Constitution does not endow the office of the President with the authority to make laws, only Congress can make laws. The President just signs them. If the president doesn’t approve of the law that Congress puts before him to sign, he may veto it. Of course, Congress has the power and authority to over ride the president’s veto. (U.S. Constitution, Article I,Section 7) It’s impossible for this president or any president to make a law in violation of the Constitution unless Congress presents an unconstitutional law, which they want passed, to the president for his signature. So, if President Obama has signed any unconstitutional laws, they were written and passed by Congress before they ever got to his desk. This would be very disturbing because it would mean that the majority of Congress voted to violate the Constitution.

What I would like to hear from people is exactly what provisions of the U.S. Constitution you believe that President Obama has violated. Name the Article and the Section, or if it is among the 27 amendments, please indicate which amendment. Naturally this means that you will actually have to read the Constitution.