What’s your problem with Andre Knight? The Back Story! At Long Last. – Source: by George Fisher

A lot of people don’t like Andre Knight. But, when you come down to it, it has nothing to do with the man himself, but the public positions he holds, the jealousy, and hidden agendas of others.  In this post, I’m going to tell you the back story—at long last.  This is a post that is much overdue and you’re probably going to hate me also for even thinking this way.  Well, hate away. It’s a story that needs to be told. You’re not going to see this in the Telegram or on a religious radio station, for that matter. (Read more @ Behind The Scenes Of A TV Talk Show)

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The Real Reason Why Ms. Mozell Is Mad With 2 Rocky Mount City Councilpersons About The Utilities And Now Me

I receive phone calls from time to time from Ms. Mattie Mozell about what is going on in Rocky Mount. The most recent call came on June 18, 2010. Ms. Mozell had called to my home and my daughter called me on my cell phone and said Ms. Mozell wanted me to call her. I pulled over on the side of the road and called her. I basically listened to hear for 15 minutes and couldn’t really get a word in.

You can hear the conversation on The DCN TV.

On yesterday I called Ms. Mozell to ask her about what she said on The Truth Hurts Broadcast on last Friday because some people had called me. Her comments were in regards to the NAACP meeting that was held on Thursday night. I told her I didn’t hear her so I was calling to hear from her what she said because I have not commented on it as of yet. I said I called Andre and some other folks so I wanted to have my facts before I responded to it.

Ms. Mozell went off on me and said I was calling for Andre and Reuben and I said no I am calling for myself. She went into her spill about the utilities and why she didn’t like Andre and Reuben and I said I don’t want to hear that I just called about what was said last Friday.

She said Andre said Bronson was joining with folks who are in the Tea Party. I said the reason why he and some others are saying that is because he is doing just that. I said Bronson, George and myself discussed this on Connections Talk Show where George is the host and I am the co-host. Bronson talked about he was going to meet with the annexation folks and some other white folks who are going after the council about other issues and not the high utilities. We said why are you going to meet with them folks when they don’t care about you.

A lady called me and said that Ms. Mozell was mad with Andre because he didn’t come to see her when she was sick but he was in the neighborhood to someone else house.

I knew that when I called her on yesterday I was taking a risk. The only reason I didn’t record this conversation is because I called her while sitting in Bojangles on my cell phone. She told me she was going to call the radio station later that day so I knew she was going to talk about me calling her because she said I was going after her.

Sure enough Ms. Mozell called The Truth Hurts Broadcast and just went off on me. I have tried to stay neutral to a certain degree in all of this mess. The only somebody that knew about the recorded conversation was George Fisher who I also had on 3-way when I called Ms. Mozell because I knew she was going to talk about utilities.

Ms. Mozell and Glenn Draughn calls me all the time about the utitilies thing and I have not shared any of the conversations with Andre nor Reuben. They will hear about this for the first time here on The DCN TV.

I don’t call Ms. Mozell and only called her yesterday because as always I try to do my homework before speaking on issues.

Ms. Mozell is now mad with me because I talk to all the people she named in her conversation. I hate it has come to this but it is what it is and like I say all the time, “I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Please click on The DCN TV to listen to the audio of the conversation with Ms. Mozell.

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Ignant Column


So Bronson When Is Enough Enough? Rocky Mount NC Utilities War

In response to: Bronson Williams, Nehemiah Smith Jr. vs Rev. Andre Knight and The Rocky Mount City Council A Utilities War

I agree when is enough enough?

I have been listening to The Truth Hurts Broadcast for several weeks and I have found it to be quite interesting and many times comical. Since Bronson works the boards for Connections Talk Show that comes on immediately after his talk show, George Fisher host and myself the co-host find ourselves discussing the Rocky Mount Utilities almost daily as well.

I am trying to figure out what is really going on here because discussions have gone from utilities to getting rid of the city council members (recall) and folks calling in just simply talking about people. I have no problem with folks talking about people but when one know it is lies and it is being allowed to spread across the airwaves that is not good.

It is clear that the light bills are high in Rocky Mount NC. So why are they high? Is it something that the city council members are doing? If so, spell it out along with what you want them do. And then we all can see if it is workable.

Black white issue. I hear some folks say they do not see any whites going down to the city hall complaining about their utility bills. I have heard some say the white council members say they don’t have people complaining to them about their utilities.

I have said that people who are complaining should reach out to their council members especially the black ones who they should feel comfortable talking to to tell them about their concerns. I said many black folks didn’t feel that they had access to the previous council which used to be predominately white.

”There are those in city government and the general public who would paint this issue in terms of Black and White; but this is an issue of fairness, affordability, and fiscal responsibility. However, I am not so naïve as to believe that, for the most part, the poor minority communities of the city are not carrying the heavier load that these burdensome utility rates have brought about.” Well the letter went from saying it is not about black and white but the last sentence says otherwise. This is so damn contradictory. It is my opinion that Nehemiah is trying to win the white support in his conversation about the utilities.

I have heard many say that this council (black majority) has inherited what the previous council done before them. Over the years they have made some changes and are working on more and I do know this as a fact.

Bronson Williams one of the stalwart voices in this struggle, continues to address the issue on his daily call-in show and I agree. However I question his motives. As it relates to his personal incident, I have heard him say several things about how it happened. He said he forgot to pay his bill and that he paid it late purposely. Well I believe he should have gotten another bill that would have told him that he was behind from last month. But his lights got turned off at the radio station anyway. So why in the hell didn’t he just pay his bill?

Bronson is a voice for the voiceless and is galvanizing the community behind the common cause of lowering high utilities. I have no problem with that however what I do have a problem with is all the ignorant conversations that are taking place.

I know that Bronson have allowed atleast one person to call in and say some things when he knew it was not truth. This is in regards to a caller calling in talking about an agenda item at last weeks NAACP meeting. The caller did not attend the meeting but called in about something that somebody told them. I didn’t hear what the caller said but I have received several phone calls about the conversation. I tried calling the person to have a conversation with them about the issue but they wanted to talk about why they do not like Andre and Reuben. I told them I didn’t want to talk about that and that I wanted to share with them about why not only is Andre talking about Bronson joining up with the tea partiers but George Fisher and myself have had a conversation with Bronson during  one of our TV talk shows (Connections) about him meeting with the annexation organization and certain white persons who have other agendas.

As it relates to a scare tactic about black folks who join the tea partiers, I don’t get it. I just fine it strange as hell that Bronson would make it known on our TV Talk Show that he was going to meet with these folks who are fighting the council on other issues hoping to gain their support for his mission about the utilities. I say this is crazy as hell.

I say if Bronson and anyone would like to do the recall thing, I say go for it. I have no problem with that.

Bronson has done and is doing something that local churches and other organizations like the local chapter of the NAACP have yet to do. I say bull manure because there has been some individuals such as Carol Batchelor, Lewis Turner, Dorothy Cook, Jessie Fraiser,  George Fisher, Black  Workers For Justice, myself and the list goes on that has been dealing with the utilities issue dating back to the late 90’s.

One day I heard Jessie Fraiser and another lady talking about they were going to have a meeting at Braswell Library to see just how many folks were interested in trying to form a committee to address Rocky Mount utilities. I called George Fisher and told him that we needed to go to the meeting since we have been dealing with the utilities issue.

George and I attended the meeting and out of the initial meeting we decided to meet weekly at the OIC. Mind you I do not live in Rocky Mount. I don’t remember Bronson along with many folks who have called in to Truth Hurts Broadcast coming to a meeting.

George and I attended the meetings until we could not take anymore. We had thought it would be best to work on something that would be doable and results could be seen soon. Well new people kept coming to the meetings and they wanted to talk about their experiences and we were not accomplishing anything. The things the initial group had agreed upon was to deal with the following:

1. How customer service deal with people. 

2. Seek to get the policy changed for folks who had life support equipment in their homes.

3. Making sure people meters were read.

During many conversations I hear folks say that when they found out their meters had not been read, they had them read and their utility bills went down drastically. I understand this is what happened with Nehemiah and this is why he got involved. I was told that he said the meter reader did not read his parent’s meter so he seen Councilman Andre Knight across the street from his home. He called Knight and told him and Knight called down to the city and the meter reader came back out within 30 minutes and read the meter. I understand the bill went down a little more than 50%. Nehemiah said the meter reader said he thought the fence was locked so he guestimated. I also heard that Nehemiah Jr. confronted Knight because Knight supposedly told or had someone to tell Nehemiah not to come to the council meeting because his issue had been addressed. I understand Nehemiah and Knight got into a verbal confrontation after a city council meeting.

When I heard Nehemiah tell the story on The Truth Hurts Broadcast I don’t recall him telling the whole story especially mentioning that he had complained to Knight and the meter reader came back. Nehemiah says he is concerned about other folks with high utilities and I agree. I am concerned also and do not live in Rocky Mount but the bull manure that is being said on The Truth Hurts Broadcast is just crazy. I agree Nehemiah and others ought to be concerned about other folks utilities but the best thing they and those concerned can do is to reach out to all the citizens to make sure their meters are being read.

Folks kept asking me do I listen to The Truth Hurts Talk Show so I began to tune in. I had been listening to the broadcast for several days before I called in. One day Bronson made a comment and I called in and responded because he made a statement about what some folks have said and I told him I have said the very same so I am calling in to say why I said it and I stand behind what I said and will say in the future.

I will let the churches speak for themselves since I am not a member of a church in Rocky Mount NC. Since Nehemiah just moved back here, I am sure his family members are a member of a church here so what have they done? Bronson is a member of a church here so what have they done?

I am  a life fully paid member of the NAACP and a member of the Rocky Mount Branch where Andre Knight is the president I am going to address this as a member and not speaking for the branch where I have served as 1st, 2nd and 3rd vice president and on the executive committee since the early 90’s dating back to when Rev. Elbert Lee was the president. As it relates to the mission of the NAACP you can read it here.

I am unaware of anyone who have brought a discriminatory complaint to the NAACP as it relates to their utilities. I say file a complaint with the local NAACP and then you can say that they have not done anything. If it is something that they can do and they do not do it, I will address that issue myself.

There have been others who have tried to organize around the utilities issue however Bronson is able to reach out to a broader level because he is on the radio. What tickles the hell out of me is he sit back and allow folks to say there has not been anyone before him that has organized around the utilities issue when he knows that that is not “truth.”

You see I am for truth no matter who it is for or against and I will not allow untruth to be told and and not say anything. I don’t care if I don’t deal with the person who the untruth is being told on, I will speak up for them on certain things and that we disagree on I will speak to that as well.

So who am I? I am a grassroots effective community activist and I hold all folks accountable and ask others to hold me accountable. I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

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Robert Draper Who Wrote The GQ Magazine Article “The Lost Girls Of Rocky Mount” Interview On Local Radio Station

This dude started out crazy as hell to me when he talked about he learned about the murdered and missing women from a friend from Rocky Mount NC. He thought this would be a good story because of the voter turnout during the President Barack Obama Election.

I am trying to figure out what in the hell does President Barack Obama election has to do with these women since Draper repeated it several times about the election and nothing was done as it relates to the women. He stressed this because our President is black.

I found Draper’s conversation to be quite interesting because he felt that the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department was uncooperative with him. He stated that he was not given information but later came back and said that he did have all of the public information that was public record. And he also said that he understood since it was an ongoing case that law enforcement normally don’t share information.

Chief Police John Manley was on the show last week and spoke to the interview. Draper spoke to that as well.

Dave Perkins has stated several times that he felt Draper did a good job of telling who the women really were, the human side of them. I say not!!

I am trying to figure out how in the hell do Draper think that just because Pittman was a sex offender that he should have been automatically checked out.

I am still trying to figure out what was behind Draper’s comment of these women record was much longer than Pittman’s record.

After reading the GQ Magazine and listening to this interview, I wonder what was his real motive.

Listen to the interview, “The Best of Robert Draper” on FM 99.3.

George Fisher Connections Talk Show Host on WNCR TV was in the studio during the show and you can hear his comments as well.

C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Too funny now a light bulb has been turned on with the folks

George Fisher and myself have talked about the citizens of Rocky Mount needing to challenge the meter reading, learn how to read the meters and to hold those in customer service accountable for their actions. We also talked about talking to the utilities department about folks who have life support equipment in their homes. We have had talk shows for the past 2 – 3 years. We have attended meetings in Rocky Mount NC dealing with the utilities and we talked about it on WNCR TV and also on FM 92.1 Joy In The Morning with Bob Arrington weekly.

But daily I continue to hear folks say what has not been done and what is not being done, it just pisses me the hell off. But they are just getting in the game. They are making it about people instead of getting to the route of the problem.

I have heard some say it starts at home. Well nope for them it starts with the city council. I could see it starting with the city management however again it starts with making sure your house is in order and that you are not losing energy due to something that you need to take care of.

Things that need to be done in the now.

1. Get the free energy audit.

2. Make sure your meters are being read and/or properly.

3. Learn how to read your meters.

Yep may be some other things however these 3 things can show you where the problem/s really are.

You have resources by contacting your ward representative. Ask them to work with you on your concerns and if they do not work for you then you know what to do. However if you have not asked them for anything, how in the hell can you hold them accountable for their actions?

Keep listening to folks talking about the present council need to be recalled and etc. Go ahead and recall them and see how much they can do without you handling your own damn business by doing the 3 steps above.

Many folks are angry but they don’t think others ought to get angry. Well it is what it is. Beating up on the city council when you have not asked them to work on “your personal issue” does not make any sense. When you ask them to work on your personal issue, they must then go to the city management to research your issue.

The system works when you learn how to work the system. So until then you will continue to have your high utility bills.

Yes the truth hurts.

When I have these moments I go back and look at Rev. Al Sharpton who said it best in this video, “Some folks act as if they have figured something out.”

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Talk Show On The DCN TV Live Daily 7 PM – 8 PM, Have Something You Want To Talk About? Tune In To Connections

Live talk show Connections Monday – Friday 7 PM – 8 PM on The DCN TV broadcasting live at the WNCR TV Studio Channel 41 Digital TV and Channel 20 Cable TV. If you miss the show you can go to The DCN TV and watch the show at a later time.

George Fisher, my white black brother (lol) is the host along with Karen Bass co-host. I call in from home daily but will probably start going to the studio soon.

My Comments About Tiger Woods On Connections FM 104.3 Sunday December 13, 2009

For me it is not all about Tiger’s race. But just looking at him I would assume he is black.

I have no sympathy for he nor any successful black man whom falls prey to money, sex, alcohol and drugs. This is what so many folks wish upon successful black men but the problem is these black men have control over all the above.

In my opinion a successful black man’s goal ought to be to die and go to their grave without ever being caught up in shame. Damn do he not understand that this is a total embarrassment to the wife and children foremost however other family, friends and his golf supporters?

Some say Tiger has done no more than any other person but that didn’t make it right for them and it do not make it right for him.

Once a person becomes a public figure he/she opens him/herself up for public scrutiny.

It is disgusting the message we are sending to our children because we don’t want to hold folks accountable because they may look like us, may be family, a friend and whatever however right is right and wrong is wrong and that should be the final answer.

2nd call:

Again it is not about Tiger and his wife because they will be alright but the children it could follow them the rest of their lives. Nobody is not saying anything about the children which is the most important thing. We must hold folks accountable for their actions.

3rd call:

Val Atkinson the host asked the last 5 minutes be for some solutions and no one called in with any. I called and said I was hoping to hear some. I said we have got to hold our family and friends accountable for their actions and when we see them doing things we must let them know. I said we must speak truth to power among ourselves. If we don’t we will have more Tiger Woods.