Video/Photos: Princeville NC – The Princeville Ignant 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews And Commissioner Calvin Sherrod Reunited This Evening And Reminded Us Just How Damn Ignant They Have Been And Still Is

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imageThe Princeville Ignant 3 reunited and called a Special Call Meeting today at 5:00 PM 2 hours before the 7:00 PM regular monthly meeting which was moved up due to the Christmas Holidays.

The Princeville Ignant 3 Mayor Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Sherrod reunited and called a meeting to rescind a couple of minutes to some previous meetings. However the main meeting is the one about a letter that was written to the Local Government Commission (LGC) that they say would not have allowed LGC to investigate Mayor Everette-Oates legal charges. Sherrod voted along with Commissioner Ann Howell and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight not to send the letter but now since Everette-Oates, Purvis-Andrews and Sherrod all lost, they came together to do one more ignant thing that sent them out in style.

The current attorney tried to explain to the Princeville Ignant 3 how they had to present their case but Mayor Everette-Oates and Purvis-Andrews tried to prevent some kind of ignant way that made no sense. Purvis-Andrews was the move the motion maker while Sherrod was the 2nd man. Mayor Everette-Oates was motion maker. The current attorney told Mayor Everette-Oates that she could not vote because the statue states that if any person actions is pertaining to such that they could not vote. In other words Mayor Everette-Oates could not break the tie. But her ignant ass kept making motions, Purvis-Andrews moved the motions and Sherrod 2nd them. These damn fools had no respect for the attorney and carried out the meeting the way they wanted to.

There is more but you have to see it. Mayor Everette-Oates said how about the others actions they were named in the investigation and she called Commissioner Ann Howell’s name, former Mayor Delia Perkins and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight. The attorney said what did we say about calling names? She said I don’t don’t care I am going to say it.

Then at the end Mayor Everette-Oates said everyone present could enjoy the refreshments after a couple of presentations. See who got the presentations.

Meeting adjourned shortly before 6:00 PM.

Photos were taken off the walls in the Town Hall on last night I was told. See what Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight had imageto say about the pictures and also see what former Commissioner Linda Worsley had to say about the special called meeting.

Stay tuned for the swearing in of the new Mayor Bobbie D. Jones, new commissioners JoeRoam Myrick and Pamela Ransome.

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Special Called meeting Part 1. (17 mins. 15 secs.) 

Special Called Meeting Part 2. (5 mins. 45 secs.)

Special Called Meeting Part 3. (14 mins. 24 secs.)

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Video/Pictures: Princeville NC – Commissioner Calvin Sherrod Told The Citizens He Has Let Them Down For The Past 3 Years And He Plans To Work For The People During The Princeville Town Meeting Monday November 26, 2012


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The meeting began late and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight asked the Police Chief to ask Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates what time was the meeting going to start and her response was eventually. The meeting finally began around 10 minutes late.

Now the meeting is too good for me to tell you about it, you need to see it for yourself.

So the interim Town Manager why is she on the payroll?

Where is the Town’s Videographer? Where is the Mayor’s husband? These two guys do not attend anymore. I wonder why?

After watching the video what did you get out of the meeting tonight?

I just don’t see why the Mayor and the Mayor Pro-tem do not just resign.

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See pictures from this meeting November 26.

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Video – Breaking News: Princeville NC – The Princeville 3 Votes To Hire Maggie Boyd As The Interim Town Manager And Making It Retroactive Back To The Original Meeting That They Hired Her Last Month


Click on picture to watch video 7 mins. 19 secs.

Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod votes to hire Maggie Boyd as the intern town manager making it retroactive from the time they hired her in the August 2012 meeting.

Damn this was too funny listening to why some feel Boyd is qualified to be the manager and why she is not. But Mayor Everette-Oates topped all of the comments on the matter.

The only thing that is consistent about the meetings is the Mayor can really hit the damn gavel. You go girl.

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Response: Now this is some good news for the citizens of Princeville. Edgecombe County willing to help out anyway they can is just awesome!

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T. Vance Holloman, deputy treasurer of the North Carolina Department of Treaurer who supervises the Local Government Commission (LGC), met with the county board of commissioners Tuesday night and asked them to help manage Princeville’s accounts. (More)

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