These Pastors Comments Tickles The Hell Out Of Me!

I posted this on Thursday July 23, 2020 and I know I who will respond indirectly because they can’t handle being challenged. But obviously they feel guilty. But you see I ain’t scared to post them trues and see how they come for me indirectly. I am just responding to what they say but then they get mad. Now I know some of them real good and boy do they have an attitude problem. But what they need to recognize and understand is just because I post it here, don’t think that I don’t talk to folk and they are watching you and watching me and they say things. Some folk don’t say things publicly but I do and I get credit for a lot of things that others say however we be in agreement so therefore I can post it without fear of the comeback. Folk delete me because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of folk misleading folk and thinking they can say anything but folk can’t respond to them. If you don’t want to see what I am saying you better Unfriend and/or Block me now.

These Pastors comments tickles the hell out of me!

Folk you better use Common Sense.

They have Bible Study and a Church Service on Sunday but do nothing for the people on other days but talk about what the folk are talking about.

So damn glad I know the man for myself and don’t have to rely on Pastor to tell me what, when and how much I can talk about anything.

Pastors what about your hurting congregation, the sick, the unemployed, the schools reopen dilemma?

Do you go to meetings?


Talk to me.

Now Run, Run and Tell That!


When Black Folk Church Folk Come Together

When Black Folk Church Folk come together for things that really matter and do his work outside of the church, then talk to me. I have been enjoying how Church Folk have been carrying on since the Coronavirus. But where were they when the meetings were being held? Somebody didn’t get that! Carry on! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and try to do something, God is not going to put it in your lap." Fannie Lou Hamer MOMSDEMANDACTION.ORG'

Do You Think That Going To Church Is Enough? Don’t Don’t The Word Say Go Out In The …

Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Do you think that going to church is enough?

But don’t the word say go out in the . . .

Now Dream about that part!

Elder Speight My bro Curmilus, awesome question…. That’s why I Teach ….. similar to THE US Army – Church is #SPIRITUAL#TRAINING #CAMP…. We go (first and Foremost to Reverence God – to Learn of the mission, understand the enemies tactics and initiate a strategy to over come the Enemy and Offer hope/help to those in bondage or MIA… we Also learn how to protect ourselves from the enemy…. (THEN WHAT) OBVIOUSLY, WE TAKE WHAT WE’VE LEARN ONTO THE BATTLE FIELD (Hedges and Highways)… and FIGHT the #Good #Fight of #Faith
Or why else do we sing I’M A SOLDIER ON THE BATTLEFIELD … THe CHURCH is the TRAINING GROUND .. the Streets are The BATTLEGROUND…

Elder Speight
The majority of Christ ministry was in the Streets…. and that’s were you’ll find me Everyday….

Church Folk

imageAnd folk do not understand why the church is talked about. Because there are some ignant asses in the church who think they own the church because they have been attending it for many years, paid their tithes, hold a title deacon and mother so and so but what tickles me is that when one join the church, they have the same rights and privilege that one has that has been there longer. But if the truth be known, they may not have even been doing all they say they have been doing all them years.

I promised myself years ago that I would not go to church and raise hell because the church is suppose to be a place of peace, love and healing. Well I will raise hell outside the church because sometimes it need to be done. It need to be done in the church sometimes but I refuse.

Over the past several months but not limited to, I have experienced some of the most ignant mess going in the church. I have been lied on by some in 2 different churches but the problem is the folk with the issues with me didn’t have the guts to come to me because if they did it would have been on. So therefore I had to indirectly address them.

One mother said I attacked her because I addressed her comments nicely and everyone agreed with me that I did not attack her because I didn’t make it about her. She asked for a meeting to be held with the pastor, her and I but guess what she didn’t show up. I had my response in writing and was going to have very little to say. It has been around 2 months now and no resolve.

The other was with my videoing at a church capturing their pastor and the choir because folk had been asking me did I have some video coverage of the pastor. So one day I videoed them on my phone and I posted it on Youtube and they received around 500 views and folk were loving it. A group of men sent someone to me who could not explain the situation to me so I could not really ask them any questions. I tell you you would think these guys were dealing with some big balls but I see now. I have made the videos of the last thing I videoed there private so they can not be viewed. I dropped a letter off at the church conference meeting and asked for the the men who had a problem with me videoing to address me directly and after around 2 weeks I have not received a response. I had not mentioned it to my wife so 2 days ago she asked me why was I kicked out of videoing at a church. I said I don’t know what is going on so I don’t know what to say.

The problem I am having with this whole thing is not about videoing but it was said that I said something negative about the church and noone has responded to my letter to tell me what I supposedly had said.

I video funerals for free because that is how I give to the families vs taking food and or just a card. But sometimes I take food too. I remember taking a tailgate special to 3 different families in the same week and I also videoed the funerals for free. Who does that? Every funeral someone may say they want a copy and I tell them they have to get with the family and if they say it is okay then I will, keep in mind the family ain’t paying me to video and I give them anywhere from 2 plus copies, according to how close I am to the family and how many siblings so therefore selling a copy would help me to buy some DVDs. But the majority of the families deny folk from getting a video.

I have been giving back to the community for years via videoing services and with all of the videos I have done, I should have a huge bank account but I have sacrificed much. I don’t advertise selling videos because I am not into that but if someone ask for a copy, I will sell them one. That happens very rarely. However most of my videos I try to put them on the internet and give folk the opportunity to look at them for free. This comes with a cost. Sometimes I even take a vacation day or put off doing other things with my family to be a blessing to families during the homegoing of a love one. Majority of the families don’t even give a me donation but that is okay because I know from whence my blessings come. You see when I say I am being a blessing to others, not, the blessing is coming through me but it actually comes from the one who sits high and looking low. It ain’t about me.

Folk don’t get it twisted. I don’t raise hell in the church but now when we are in the street it is a different story. I don’t lie on folk and I advise others not to lie on me. I know you and you know me.


Church Folk Is Gambling A Sin In The Bible?

Is it stated in the bible that gambling is a sin? Now don’t get it twisted just like there are scriptures such as thou shall not kill, steal, fornicate, commit adultery and etc. is it in the bible thou shall not gamble? I don’t want to hear your interpretations of scriptures and your opinion on whether you think it is or not, I want to know what the bible says.

Okay been talking about this for a little over a month now during our bible study. One deacon was to bring back some information to the next bible study and others were asked to research as well.

We discussed the issue of gambling during bible study on this past Wednesday night and we came to the conclusion that it is not stated in the bible thou shall not gamble. Now we all know that gambling can be a bad thing but so can eating among other things.

My point is that the church spend too much time trying to condemn folk saying it is biblical and they can not prove it by showing it in the bible. Condemning it per one belief and from experience is one thing but to say it is in the bible is another.

Why are churches always talking about gambling when there are things going on in the church that are clearly spelled out in the bible but you don’t want to touch that? Okay I know the church and Christians are not perfect but the goal is to work towards perfection. How can that be when you allow things to go on knowing it ain’t right and never address it because don’t want to hurt brother, sister, mother, deacon other titles and pastor feelings? Oh so you want them to die and go to hell living a sinful life when you know that you need to go to them and talk to them about what they are doing. Well many don’t want to go because they may have some baggage of their own. We all got something but when we hold each other accountable for our actions, we can move onward toward perfection.

Folk there is nothing to debate about is gambling a sin. It is no more than going out buying an expensive car, house, dinner and etc.

You ain’t winning souls by talking ignant about what is not is in the bible.

Funny to me how things happen on the local, state and national level that pertains to the quality of life for all people and the church is silent. Schools are a mess can’t get proper funding and they talking about the education lottery ain’t nothing. Well it helps and the main thing is it was not put in place to totally finance the schools but to be a supplement.

And these churches that I know of that condemn gambling I am going to see if they accept money from a member or non-member because if they do I am going to call them a HYPOCRITE.

Life is a gamble.

So church folk, let the church get it house in order before we try to get those living in sin house in order. We all have and continue to sin but you know what you suppose to do to get it right.

I ain’t no bible scholar and don’t profess to be. Just began to start back reading the bible lately. However I love sitting among folk talking about the bible because it helps you learn more about how folk view it. Just because you have heard that, done that and thought that all of these years don’t mean it was right. And when you recognize it was wrong, then do right. You see you can’t be held accountable when you didn’t know better, when you know better you suppose to do better.

Now if we have missed something as it related to the gambling being a sin in the bible, then please share it because we may have missed something. But I tell you it is some heavy hitters in my bible study so I am learning.

Some folk say religion and politics don’t go hand in hand. Well I am The Political Agitator and I am going to talk politics and religion.

If The Some Church Folks Would Stand For Something Then The Young Folks Would Do Better

It is my opinion that if some church folks would stand up against unrighteousness of this world then the young folks will do better. Some church folks say they have the faith and they put on the armor of God but when the time come you will see where their faith is. They are afraid to stand up. So are the church folks living the word or living a lie? If you are scared, say it!

Let’s look at what has been in the news over the past several years because I would be ignant to say let’s look at what has been going on recently. This stuff has been going on for years but because of cell phones and the media playing a major role now, people are beginning to see what is going on.

I strongly feel that the young folks feel they have no hope because they see the racism and other being so wide open in all walks of life. When the young folk begin to do ignant stuff because they don’t think like the church folks suppose to think, then we get what we get. The church folks suppose to pray before they making decisions but the young folks ain’t thinking that way and just do stuff without thinking about what they are going to face be it death and/or jail time.

Looking at the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and how the young folks began to riot and then afterwards the church folks came out. Well where were the church folks when Gray was killed? Were the young folks the only folks whom felt that Gray’s death was not right and the church folks got the message after the young folks began to riot?

Freddie Gray’s life is gone and those whom will be charged with serious crimes because of the rioting, these young folks will be gone from the community as well. These young folks may will have committed some crimes and will go to jail for a long time. But some would say who gains from these young folks tearing up their own community? First of all is that a community the young folks love to call home? If we love something then the majority of the time we value what we love. So obviously these young folks do not value the community they are living in.

Now although I don’t live in Baltimore but this is who I see will gain. Someone said that they burned down the CVS so where are the folks going to get their meds? Someone said the CVS needed to be remodeled. Some folks say the living conditions are just ugly so these young folks that committed the crimes may have done those left behind a favor if the community is rebuilt and rebuilt better than it was before. Now I don’t know if it will get rebuilt. Well if the church folks whom say they care, I would hope they will do all they can to make sure it is rebuilt.

When the church folks begin to lead by example of what they say they stand for, then and only then will the young folks do better.

Now I ain’t there yet when it comes to being a church folk but one thing about it long before I joined a church, my family taught me to help other other folks. I became a community activist, joined the NAACP and other organizations in the late 80’s and the early 90’s and have been faithful to the cause since that time. I have done things on an individual note and then collectively with some others.

So church folks will you continue to allow the young folks to continue to lead or will you take a stand? If you are scared, say it and get out of the way! But I hope you know that if you ain’t going to try to live by the bible you say you read, then your living is in vain. Nope ain’t saying you gonna do all things right but when it comes to us not speaking out against unrighteousness and trying to save our young folks then our living is in vain.

Sunday Morning Church Folks Together

But how many in a church are really together or are they just there because of tradition? Some folks even close family are sitting up in the church and don’t even speak to each other. But they act as if they are going somewhere. They are! Straight to hell! Now I will eat and drink to that! Well! Sunday April 7, 2013.

Church Folks Gays In The Church Tell Me?

So why is it some folks talk about same sex marriage and their biblical beliefs but my question is don’t you allow gays to be active in your church by way of membership, musicians and other and especially when it comes to taking their money? Oh it is alright to accept all the above as long as they do not get married.

It Is A Damn Shame That Black Folks Want Me To Provide A Service For Them But For Free

On Sunday I received a message from my cousin telling me that someone at his church wanted to know if I could video a program for them today. I told them I would get back with them. I prepared something and sent it to him for him to send it to her. However she could have contacted me but no she wanted me to do it for free. My cousin said he would get back with me on Tuesday but it was Wednesday. So I am suppose to wait on black folks who want me to provide a service for free. I was contacted less than a week before the event and then got to take 3 days to think about it. Hell it is not like they don’t know my work because if they didn’t they would not have contacted me.

In my prepared information to them I made them aware that I had just ordered a video camera on the same day Sunday and I paid a little more to make sure I got in with 2 days.

This same female pulled this same old scheme when she was a member at a church in Pinetops. She had someone else to call me and then she ended up calling trying to get me to do it for free. A copy of days ago she had the audacity to do the same thing again.

Well my friend do not ever ask anyone to call me again about videoing an event at a church you are a member. Also don’t you ever call. I don’t have time to play games. You pay the white man for what you want but then you expect me to do it for free when I am using my equipment, burning my gas and not including my time that I could be doing something else.