Christmas 2016 – He Woke Me Up This Morning But If He Had Not, It Would Have Been Well With My Soul!

God has been good to me he woke me up this morning at age 54. Could of been the other way. But if I had not woke up this morning it would have been well with my soul.

I feel good this morning because this week I have tried to do something for my deceased friend Taro Knight’s family Tarboro NC stopped by on Wednesday and Thursday, my cousin Jackie Battle (formerly Wade) wife of my cousin Sherod Battle Snow Hill NC her mother expired visited them on Friday my family at work because I see them more than I see some of my blood family and I hope I made them smile.

Today I have received hundreds of birthday wishes and I thank you. I am good but if you want to make me happy do something for someone that will happy someone out that may need some love. Just because someone seems to be doing good, looking good, they may be hurting on the inside. Don’t worry about how much it appears that someone has, you never know what they are going through.

Christmas time is a time when we look forward to spending with our blood family but the link get shorter and shorter over the years. I had a grand other to expire on my birthday Christmas Day and I had a granddaddy to be buried a couple of days after my birthday so I can know how it is but I am good because I cherish the moments that I had to spend with them.

Although we had a flood in October and my daddy is staying with me, I could not have a living daddy. He has always been there for me and it is a blessing to be able to bring him in until we get his house repaired.

Folk I challenge you to show some love in the year of 2017 and stop just saying it. Sometimes we need to do something for folk because if they don’t have anything to eat just saying I’ma pray for you ain’t enough. Pray over the food that you give them. Don’t miss your blessings by not being a blessing to someone else. I have been better than blessed.

Folk life is too short and this is a cold, cold world but you and I can work on changing it.

I have not received on present from my immediate family because I don’t allow it, we do for each other all year long. I do for them (LOL). It makes my day to be able to do for other folks so today just the little I have done leading up to this week I feel goood!