The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you my friend Cash Michaels for sharing this. I posted this earlier, “And Some Pastors and Some Church Folk talking about the Governor taking away their Constitutional Rights while they have not stood for anything with all these injustices on the local and national levels.” Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020 


With my time in the hospital (eight days), and time recuperating at home, I’ve had plenty of time to listen to the arguments of those “Reopen” everything folks to see exactly where they are coming from.
Now don’t get me wrong, this stay-at-home and economic lockdown is hard…very hard, and some folk can handle it better than others. So my heart truly goes out to the small business man and woman who singularly count on their storefront traffic to put food on their table, and to pay their bills.
I do, and cannot, and will not make fun of those folks. By the grace of GOD go I.
But having said that, we are in the midst of a viral pandemic that has already proven itself deadly the world over.
It’s transmission is quite simple, really. One infected human has to come in some kind of contact with other humans, either through coughing, sneezing, or touching.
How do you protect against that, especially when you have schools, shopping malls, entertainment and sporting events, barbershops, restaurants, bars….you name it where human beings naturally congregate.
Given the nature on the viral infection, and how it is transmitted, IT IS THE DUTY OF GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT IT’S CITIZENS. That means life as we know it has to be temporarily interrupted.
For how long? As long as the virus poses a public health threat.
That also means, based on the demands of the health emergency, that certain rights must be abridged in order to guarantee, as best as possible, the safety of the public.
So by definition, it CANNOT be up to the individual to arbitrarily decide when to violate the emergency health restrictions put in place to protect all of us.
There is no way to identify why is infected in public, and even if you could, that would mean that you are close enough to yourself be infected.
So even if you decide to expose yourself to possible infection in public, you do not have the right to possibly spread the infection.
Yes, you have the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but you do not have the right to deprive others of theirs, possibly permanently.
And since there is no way for you to control contracting the virus beyond following government and scientific guidelines, then your screaming about your right to violate restrictions in a health emergency are pretty ignorant.
To add insult to injury, walking around screaming about your “rights” with a gun in your hand is idiotic.
One of the many things that has saddened me about all of this is just how soft many Americans are when truly tough time like this come around. it’s as if those guns and marching through the streets are to prove something.
The only thing these right-wing smacks are proving is that they think they’re special, and don’t believe in mutual suffering.
These are the very people who will find themselves infected, and beg for someone to help them!
So, I’m with those who are in this for the long haul. I trust our governor and Dr. Mandy Cohen, and feel very ashamed for those the right who have politicized this for election year gain.
It is truly a shame that we can’t all do what is necessary together…as Americans!

GOD HELP US!–Thank You My Friend & Brother Cash Michaels For Sharing

Cash Michaels – My brother & friend moved here from New York some years ago and he was a reporter for the Wilmington Journal and The Carolinian. I have been with him as we traveled over the state for NAACP Events. He has produced his own films. He also used to be on NC Spin almost weekly. I approve of this message. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

It really is a shame that, as a country, we find ourselves dealing with this dreaded disease in a partisan fashion. It is hard to believe, really, that there re those of us who see this disease through highly partisan lenses.

Now don’t get me wrong….if Trump or the Republicans do something stupid or say something wrong, OF COURSE the should be pointed out, not because we’re Democrats, moderates or liberals, but because hot they’re doing, on it’s face, is just plain WRONG!

That’s why I want to add some clarity to a current, yet unfortunate debate.

Conservatives and Republicans, GOD bless ’em, are complaining that we have no plan for returning everyone to work so that businesses can reopen and money can start flowing again. it’s one of the reason why seven Republican governors refuse to issue “stay-at-home” orders for they states, or order closures for restaurants and bars. They see their top priorities as keeping the economies of their states as healthy as possible because the business community is so important to them.

Again, conservatives want lawmakers to start planning to return to “normal” as soon as possible because they fear the economy will be crippled irrevocably, and that their ‘great minds’ can beat this thing.

Sorry to tell them that that’s NOT going happen anytime soon….and it’s their fault!

Now, I’ll certainly stand corrected if I’m wrong, but in order to plan anything, you need the best information available first. Right? Well, we don’t have it! We clinically have NO idea how many people are actually infected in this state, or this country, for that matter. We just don’t! Why?

Because, as story after story from the NYT, WP, AP and the respected media outlets have tracked and documented, the Trump Administration took virtually 70 days from the time we knew for certain that COVID-19 posed an imminent threat on our nation to when we finally started gearing up seriously with tests and preventative measures. And of course, Trump had help being irresponsible from Fox News.

The point is, the ONLY thing we can “plan” to do right now, is to listen to the scientists , and act on all of the preventive measures they advise.

THAT is what’s slowing the infection rate down….less and less people being exposed and being contaminated. That allows the medical community to catch up with testing as best as they can.

Don’t forget…The numbers we’re seeing now are people who were infected weeks ago. And we’re NOT seeing all of them.

So imagine if we just listened to Trump, instead of Dr. Fauci, and filled our churches on Easter Sunday without a care in the world. And then all went out to eat at our favorite restaurants in our new suits and colorful big hats!

And, based on all off that, because nobody died in front of us, then went back to work.

And we all did it because we got ‘tired” of staying at home, and “felt” like it was the “right” thing to do because we wanted to.

Except that now, more people become infected, and weeks later, all of those businesses have to close up again because more people had become needlessly infected.

Because of Trump and Republican ineptitude at the very beginning of this thing, we are way off the mark in terms of getting the vital information needed to effectively plan for the end of this nightmare.

That’s why conservatives don’t want scientists to lead this thing. Right-wingers want to take as many chances with our lives they feel they can get away with…just for a dollar.

Yes, we need to get the economy going and back up to full strength as soon as possible. People are losing so much, and it’s not they fault.

But conservatives need to stop lying to people, and giving us false hopes, based on nothing more than some false sense of rah-rah, an little other fact-based information to go on!


Covid-19 deaths across the U.S. pushed past 9,200 — more than triple the toll of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Experts say the true count is certainly higher.


Live updates: Surgeon general says coming week will ‘be our Pearl Harbor moment’; Queen Elizabeth II speaks in rare broadcast

Covid-19 deaths across the U.S. pushed past 9,200 — more than triple the toll of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Experts say the true count is certainly higher.

Country Club Democrats

Hell yeah! Cash Michaels Tell it my brother!

COUNTRY CLUB DEMOCRATS...I hope I'm making you mad with the following...you lost 14 PERCENT of the NC Democratic vote to Republican Thom Tillis. You need to learn from perhaps the greatest politician who ever lived, who ALWAYS dictated the terms of every election he ever ran, and WON, and made his opponents so frightened of their own brand and their leaders, they damn near renounced their own MOTHERS! That's what happened to YOU this week. This politician, whose politics and racial beliefs I despise and always will, nonetheless NEVER ran FROM anyone, ALWAYS stood up for what he believed, and led with CONVICTION AND PURPOSE! Folks, whether they liked him or hated him, ALWAYS knew where he stood, and respected him for it! Maybe when you country club JACKASSES grow a pair, you'll figure out that people will vote for REAL LEADERSHIP. NO ONE wants to vote for anyone who is running from their leader. READ UP on this politician, and maybe you'll learn how to FIGHT, be TRUE to yourselves, and WIN! But for now, when even 14 PERCENT of YOUR OWN PARTY DELIBERATELY GOES TO THE POLLS TO VOTE AGAINST YOU, you should be DAMNED SHAMED OF YOURSELVES!

Cash Michaels

COUNTRY CLUB DEMOCRATS…I hope I’m making you mad with the following…you lost 14 PERCENT of the NC Democratic vote to Republican Thom Tillis. You need to learn from perhaps the greatest politician who ever lived, who ALWAYS dictated the terms of every election he ever ran, and WON, and made his opponents so frightened of their own brand and their leaders, they damn near renounced their own MOTHERS! That’s what happened to YOU this week. This politician, whose politics and racial beliefs I despise and always will, nonetheless NEVER ran FROM anyone, ALWAYS stood up for what he believed, and led with CONVICTION AND PURPOSE! Folks, whether they liked him or hated him, ALWAYS knew where he stood, and respected him for it! Maybe when you country club JACKASSES grow a pair, you’ll figure out that people will vote for REAL LEADERSHIP. NO ONE wants to vote for anyone who is running from their leader. READ UP on this politician, and maybe you’ll learn how to FIGHT, be TRUE to yourselves, and WIN! But for now, when even 14 PERCENT of YOUR OWN PARTY DELIBERATELY GOES TO THE POLLS TO VOTE AGAINST YOU, you should be DAMNED SHAMED OF YOURSELVES!


Response: A damn public lynching but if you ask them they don’t think so. But the sad part is when black folks don’t say anything. I have not heard a damn thing from the African American Caucus of the NC Democratic Party so what good are they?

The fallout from the badly mishandled nomination of the Rev. Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. to the post of executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party this week, is still unknown.

But the behind-the-scenes movement among Democratic rank-and-file members to ensure that Dr. Chavis, a veteran civil rights leader and member of the Wilmington Ten, was stopped, is something that may give African-American voters pause come the critical 2014 mid-term elections. (Source: Read more)

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Raleigh NC – Commentary on “NC Democrats, Hypocrisy and Ben Chavis” as delivered on MAKE IT HAPPEN on Power 750 WAUG-AM by Cash Michaels

Response: I know Cash Michaels on a personal note. I have been following his reporting with Wilmington Journal and the Raleigh Carolinian Newspapers for years. He is one of the best news reporter in the country and is well know across the country. He is working on a film to be released soon. Was in his presence at the Moral March on Raleigh on last Saturday.

A tragedy took place this week, and it deserves insight, reflection and perspective.

Earlier this week it was announced that Randolph Voller, the chairman of what is clearly a divided NC Democratic Party which has been at war with itself since he took over the reins over a year ago, had fired the party’s executive director, Robert Dempsey.

No official reason was given, though subsequent reports suggest Voller wasn’t pleased with the job Dempsey was doing. It should be noted that none of our esteemed members of the major local media have bothered to look into the possible reasons, and never, apparently, asked any of their sources within the party about why Dempsey had to go.

So when word leaked about the firing, because little justification was given publicly, rand-and-file Democrats assumed it was unjustified.

Almost immediately, however, because of tweets from the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Chavis, and Chairman Voller over the weekend, by Monday it was determined that Dr. Chavis would be replacing Mr. Dempsey as party executive director. A press conference at NC Democratic Party (NCDP) headquarters was scheduled for Wednesday to make the official announcement.

That gave powerful forces in the moderate and conservative wings of the NCDP enough time to mount an effective counteroffensive, and devise a plot to smear Dr. Chavis with his past association with the Nation of Islam; with false allegations of his being anti-Semitic (meaning he hated Jews because of the NOI association); and also smearing Chavis with past allegations of sexual harassment from his days as executive director of the NAACP.

Yes, there were allegations, and yes, there was a court settlement. But no, nowhere in those court papers do you find an admission of guilt on the part of Chavis. And, in fact, he even says today that the allegations were false when they were made 20 years ago.

Chavis’ denial was never reported in any of the scandal-hungry local media when the controversy began.

By Tuesday, the controversy was full flame. Moderate/conservative Democrats were now using social media to further tar and feather Ben Chavis for allegations dating back 20 years. Local media were busy digging up, or being handed old articles and accusations to use to further build a case against Chavis being executive director. Jewish Democrats were declaring Chavis anti-Semitic and unfit – end of story. Emails from members of the Democratic Women of NC were referring to the negative articles about the man as justification for opposing Chavis. Party elders deliberately referred to Chavis as “Muhammad,” his former Muslim surname, as if to suggest he was still a member of the Nation of Islam, when in fact he had left the NOI almost ten years ago.

And Gary Pearce, who was once press secretary to Gov. Jim Hunt in the late 1970’s when Hunt refused to pardon Ben Chavis when he was in prison for a crime he didn’t commit during the Wilmington Ten case, got on his blog and called Rev. Chavis “…the most divisive, controversial figure” Chairman Voller could find to be executive director.

By the time Ben Chavis got off the plane in Raleigh Tuesday afternoon, he was facing a well-organized NC Democratic Party opposition that Chairman Voller had absolutely no control over, which was a huge mistake and gross miscalculation.

Virtually no one in the media, or as part of the NCDP, thought to look to see what Chavis had been doing for the past 20 years, or 10 years, or five year, or even within the past year, to balance the record.

Virtually no one in the media, or in the NCDP, thought to at least give Rev. Chavis the respect of due process…a chance to at least answer his critics and the many charges directly, before anyone voted on anything.

Virtually no one thought to do that, except anchor Pam Saulsby with WNCN-TV News. She caught up with Rev. Chavis soon after he arrived, and taped a sitdown interview with him, putting the tough questions to him, and giving him a chance to answer his critics. Of all of the so-called “journalists” this week, Pam Saulsby was the only true journalist to do her job – giving a controversial figure a fair opportunity to answer his critics…truly giving both sides of the story.

Chavis told Saulsby how he was no longer a member of the Nation of Islam, having left the group many years ago. He said that he was not guilty of sexual harassment allegations, and that sometimes, people target high profile leaders with those charges, knowing that that places then in untenable situations.

Saulsby gave Chavis some of the due process he deserved, but it was too late. By the time the interview aired, the Executive Council of the NC Democratic Party, in a raucous session, had already voted by teleconference to appoint an interim executive director for thirty days.

Chairman Voller, at the request of Ben Chavis, did not submit Chavis’ name given the uproar. Voller says he may still do so later, but that’s extremely doubtful.

NC Democratic Party members are now slapping themselves on the back fro keeping that “no good Chavis-Muhammad-sexual-harasser-fella from becoming executive director. After all, we don’t need a racist and sexual harasser running our party.”

Well, members of the NC Democratic Party, turn your radios up so I can give you some truth right about now. First of all, I am not pleased with the sloppy, ill-advised way Chairman Randolph Voller handled this whole affair. It was Mickey Mouse and unprofessional from the word go, and if given the opportunity, I’ll tell him that to his face, because in the interim, a good man and courageous leader was wounded and lynched this week… a man who has tremendous courage and dignity, and has a solid record of bring people, and especially young people of all stripes and backgrounds together, who could truly help what can only be described as a crippled NCDP so weak and directionless that long before Randolph Voller took over as chairman, it literally handed the Republicans control of this state for at least the next six years because its Democratic past Democratic speaker of the House and one of his lieutenants were convicted of corruption and sent to prison; and because its past chairman allegedly paid hush money to a former staffer who had been allegedly sexually harassed by the then party executive director.

All of this happened in just the past five years, and no Democrat enjoys having that nonsense thrown back in their face without a fair hearing, but those same Democrats were more than willing to convict a man for allegations dating back 20 years ago, without a fair hearing…without due process. Somehow, that doesn’t make sense.

Oh, and racism…Ben Chavis is (supposedly) an anti-Semite because of his past association with the Nation of Islam in the 1990’s? I might remind the NCDP that back in 2006, you were forced to apologize to the African-American community of this great state for the fact that in 1898, white supremacist leaders of your party decided Democrats could no longer tolerate black economic and political progress, and, employing the Ku Klux Klan, ravaged the mostly black city of Wilmington, NC in November 1898, shooting black people on the streets, chasing black businesspeople from their homes and properties at gunpoint, and taking over the city government by force, ushering in the era tat became known as Jim Crow.

Why is Cash Michaels bringing all that up? The 1898 massacre was a long time ago. Well so was Ben Chavis’ membership in the Nation of Islam, if there was anything wrong with it, as well as those sexual harassment charges. After all, I don’t recall NOI members…I repeat…NOI members…on orders from NOI leader Min. Louis Farrakhan, EVER going on a murderous rampage of white people.

But I do remember that it was only within the past one or two years that the NCDP finally, after many, many decades, changed the name of its annual big fundraising dinner named after two white supremacist Democratic governors – Zebulon B. Vance, a well-known slaveholder; and Charles Brantley Aycock, a man who, according to the News and Observer, was responsible in part for “…widespread violence, voter intimidation, voter fraud…and even the [overthrow] of Wilmington in 1898.”

And yet, isn’t it peculiar that despite the racist histories of both men, they not only have statues on the grounds of our State Capitol, but also had a major Democratic fundraising dinner named after them until recently, when someone in the Democratic Party woke up and said ‘Heck no’? Vance and Aycock even have their likenesses up in the US Capitol.

Fancy that!

And yet, a Rev. Ben Chavis can’t even get a fair hearing today…something you’d expect in the simplest of job interviews…about who he is TODAY, and what he has done TODAY, to bring people together TODAY!

The same way Rev. William Barber of the NCNAACP is bringing people together with his Moral Monday movement outside of the NCDP – and make no mistake, the NCDP is in such poor shape, it literally needs Rev. Barber, even though he can’t have anything to do with it – Ben Chavis has the skills to bring people together inside the NCDP. A man of over 50 years of civil rights experience, who led his first civil rights demonstration in his hometown of Oxford, NC at the age of 12.

At age 23, Ben was in Wilmington working with the black student boycott of the racist New Hanover County Public School System then.

In 1995 when he was with the Nation of Islam, Ben convened the historic Million Man March. When he left the NOI years later, Chavis partnered with music legend Russell Simmons to create the Hip Hop Action Network, working with young people in the music business.

He travels this nation, visiting college campuses, and speaking with students. Chavis has his own online educational company working with historically black colleges and universities. He’s also involved in diamond mining in Africa, and an energy company.

And yet, through all of that, Ben Chavis was willing to come back home to North Carolina, and help the NCDP take back the state from Republican control.

You see, and think about this…Democrats don’t necessarily win when blacks vote. Democrats win when blacks that don’t normally vote, do. That was the strategy employed by the Obama campaign in 2008 – to excite the base beyond normal capacity. In 2012, President Obama didn’t lose North Carolina because black voters failed him. Blacks came out in even stronger numbers than in 2008. Obama lost North Carolina by 100,000 votes because Democratic white voters failed to keep their end of the bargain.

So the NCDP would have a job on its hands during this fall’s midterms even if none of this Chavis controversy ever happened. Doing what they did to Rev. Chavis clearly doesn’t help, and without Barack Obama’s name on the ballot the only hope the NCDP has now is Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday movement, and that hasn’t proven it can deliver votes yet because it just started last spring.

So Democrats in this state need someone exciting and dynamic to excite the base beyond Moral Monday. Someone who could fine-tune the NC Democratic message.

Too bad they told Rev. Chavis to get lost, and tried to destroy his reputation in the process.

So who do you have now, NC Democrats? You hate your chairman, the big money bags have stopped giving cash to the party, your reputation has been in shambles for at least the past five years, you’ve lost control of the Governor’s Mansion an the General Assembly with no real hope of getting it back, you’re fighting each other more than you’re fighting Republicans, you’ve now lynch mobbed a man without due process… and you wonder why more and more people are disgusted with both you and the Republicans, and changing their political party registration to NO political party registration?

Well, I’m joining them!

My core value system is freedom, justice, equality and truth. Anything or anyone I’m associated with has to reflect some, if not most of those core values. And when I find out, without question, that those values are not reflected in my association, I cut ties, because I will not cast a blind eye to hypocrisy.

I was convinced this week that the way the NC Democratic Party mistreated Rev. Benjamin Chavis, is the way it would treat me if it found cause – false allegations with no due process, despite its own very checkered history of racism, sexual harassment and official corruption…much of it just in the past five years.

I am better than that, and so is Rev. Chavis. Yes, I may still vote for those Democratic candidates who I believe are worthy of my vote. And those I don’t, I won’t.

The question is, if the NC Democratic Party continues with this clown show and lynch mob party, then how many others are you going to send away from your ranks?

And if any of what I’ve just said you think was wrong or unfair…well, now you know how Ben Chavis feels.

Source: Cash Michaels Facebook Page


By Cash Michaels


             Saying that, “…I for one, support the effort of our Superintendent to close the gap between our minority student population and our minority teaching force,” Wake School Board member Keith Sutton blasted his fellow board members for remaining silent as Wake Superintendent Anthony Tata comes under fire for suggesting that more black and Hispanic teachers are needed for an increasing diverse student population. (Read more)

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Obama in NC: The Path to History: Video by Cash Michaels



Obama in NC: The Path to History

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