Rocky Mount NC – Candidates Forum For Rocky Mount City Council 2019

The was the most boring forum I have ever attended. I didn’t like the format. I would have rather seen the questions come from the citizens on the day of the forum by allowing them to put them on index cards. Watch video.
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This Guy Actually Said During The Candidates Forum Last Night He Wanted To Go Back To 1886


In this picture Brent Shypulefski

Who in the hell is this guy and where in the hell did he come from? He said he wanted to take us back to 1886 because things were good then. I was waiting for him to say good how but he never did. Damn I wish I had been a member of the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission that sponsored the forum because I would have asked him what in the hell was he talking about? You know what comes to my mind! Damn! Oh hell not I will die and go to my grave before I be a damn slave!

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Political Endorsements Coming After The Edgecombe County Candidates Forum Sponsored By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission

I will be posting my political endorsements after the candidates forum on Tuesday April 22. I will be endorsing candidates from across the state that I feel should be elected and re-elected. Although I may not be able to vote for some, some will still represent me. Also I have family and friends in neighboring counties and across the state so therefore I will be keeping up with some races outside of Edgecombe County.

I look forward to seeing the citizens of Edgecombe County but not limited to at the Tarboro NC: You’re Invited To The “2014 Meet the Candidates Forum” on Tuesday.

Tarboro NC: You’re Invited To The “2014 Meet the Candidates Forum”

When: Tuesday, April 22

Time: 6 PM

Location: Edgecombe County Administration Building


201 St. Andrews Street

Tarboro NC 27864

Sponsored by The Edgecombe County Human Relations

Commission (ECHRC)

For more information, please contact Dr. Knight at (252) 538-1384

You Are Cordially Invited

Photos/Video (Edgecombe County) – Candidates Forum Sponsored By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission

The DCN was at the candidates forum on Thursday October 3, 2013. See for yourself what took place. I will come back later with my response to the forum.

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Photos/Video: Candidates Forum Sponsored by The Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission May 2, 2012

Dan Whittacre could not name a Democratic Governor. Damn! This is the same dude that sent me an email asking me why am I supporting my Congressman G.K. Butterfield, he said I needed to do my homework. Oh hell no this dude should have done his homework before he emailed me.

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Ready For The Human Relations Candidates Forum Tomorrow But Still Trying To Figure Out How They Came Up With The Questions That Were Forwarded To Candidates

I am ready for the forum on tomorrow but I just don’t get it. What is the purpose of the questions that have been forwarded to the candidates? I can’t wait to see how many folks will be interested in those questions that not only will the candidates not be able to relate to but especially the citizens. If all the local and some of the statewide candidates come to the forum the time that it will take for them to respond to those questions will be a waste of time. Oh well just my opinion and you know the old saying opinions are like what? Yep and everybody has one. Oh well see you tomorrow.

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Edgecombe County Human Relations Forum on Wednesday May 2 at the Edgecombe County Administration Bldg. Auditorium at 6:00 PM.

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