This Speech Right Here All Black Folk Need To Hear

Years ago when the talk was about young black boys were At-Risk I said oh hell no ALL Black Males are At-Risk

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Rach Rochelle
Black mothers tears keep graveyard grass greenHow deep was that
I bet I get crazy views and no likes for this
#OurReality #SomebodyTalkToThem this young man #DidAmazing

How the War on Drugs Kept Black Men Out of College – The Atlantic

The War on Drugs locked up thousands of black men, and a new study finds that it may have also locked many out of the college classroom—and all the benefits that come with a college degree.

There was a time when black men’s college enrollment was gaining ground, as compared to white men’s. From 1980 to 1985, college enrollment among black men ages 18 to 24 grew slightly faster than it did for their white peers.

However, the upward trend started to reverse for black men after the passage of the Anti–Drug Abuse Act of 1986. According to the study, the probability a black man would enroll in college declined by 10 percent due to the passage of the law, from 22 percent to 20 percent, after researchers controlled for other factors, such as changes in the state-level unemployment rates and the costs of college. The study, written by the University of California, Berkeley professor Tolani Britton, appears to be the first to establish a direct link between ’80s drug laws and college achievement. (Read more)

Actor gets real on CNN about the dehumanization of black men – DailyKos on

The Political Agitator’s response: This guy is on point! Anyone that can’t relate to this either don’t know, in denial or don’t give a d!

CNN’s Candy Crowley complained about the repetition of the same verbiage after racially charged events that seem to terminate with no effective action. “I always have great hesitation about these conversations. I feel like we have them all the time and they become placebo conversations,” Candy Crowley said. “They do nothing. They move nothing. And then the next instance it comes up, and we do it all again. What changes this kind of dynamic?” (Source: Read more)

Baltimore Maryland – Why They Have Got To Have A Title? Damn Just Call Them Black Males/Females, By Their Name And/Or Criminals

Why they got to have a title? Why they can’t be called a black male, a black female and or by their name? Because that is what one chooses to do?

Why is putting a title on them more important than the root cause and the reaction?

Hell the best title for me would be just to call them criminals but that would not be putting a face with the title.

Oh but that is like other folks embezzle and black folks steal.

Just my ignant opinion!

Jesse Williams sums up the outrage to Baltimore’s ‘riots’ in one tweet – The Grio

The Political Agitator response: That is because they consider us as property and not as people so they think they have the right to kill us. Damn shame nothing but modern day slavery! But just my ignant opinion!

Jesse Williams, never change.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor is at it again, posting a series of scathing tweets aimed at the national media’s coverage of the protests in Baltimore. Williams, 33, also isn’t pleased with the sweeping criticism of the mostly young black men who have participated in rioting, looting and or destruction of property.

Monday, the outspoken Williams began posting both thought-provoking questions and bold statements calling for a more critical look at the real issues surrounding the death of Freddie Gray.

Then Williams dropped a gem: (Source: Read more)

Black men w/ no criminal record applying for jobs treated same as white men fresh out of prison – DailyKos

The Political Agitator response: All conscious folks ought to know this by seeing it across the nation and it didn’t just begin yesterday.

Even if a black man is never called a nigger in the job application process, racism is alive and well in today’s competitive marketplace. In a powerful editorial for the NY Times, it’s made clear that the deck is stacked firmly against African Americans in ways that are incredibly destructive.

The sociologist Devah Pager, a Harvard professor who has meticulously researched the effect of race on hiring policies, has also shown that stereotypes have a powerful effect on job possibilities. In one widely cited study, she sent carefully selected test applicants with equivalent résumés to apply for low-level jobs with hundreds of employers. Ms. Pager found that criminal convictions for black men seeking employment were virtually impossible to overcome in many contexts, partly because convictions reinforced powerful, longstanding stereotypes. (Source: Read more)

The Worth of Black Men, From Slavery to Ferguson – New York Times

The paper, stained in spots, has yellowed, its black ink faded to a dull brown, but the horizontal lines printed on the page are still a fine blue. Some scribe took great care preparing this page, first dragging a piece of graphite along a straight edge to make two pairs of twin columns. Sometimes the pencil marks skip, disconnecting from the line before joining the page again. Once ordered, the table received its data: numbers rendered by hand but with a machinelike uniformity.

One column is titled “Ages — Years Old”; the other, “Valuation.” The first begins in infancy at age 1 and continues to 60, the age of infirmity for an enslaved person after a lifetime of work. In the second column, corresponding prices ascend steadily, beginning with the youngest slave, valued at $100, and climbing by increments of $25 or $50. The chart peaks at age 20 and $900. From there it descends, by the same increments, until ending with the 60-year-old slave worth only $50. This is the “Scale of Valuation of Slaves,” from the papers of Tyre Glen — a prosperous North Carolina slave trader and tobacco planter who was, paradoxically, also an abolitionist and antisecessionist. (Source: Read more)

The Political Agitator response: Because We Have A Black President Black Boys/Men Have Been Treated Worst Than Animals So I Challenge Black Boys/Men