Voter ID Vs ID’s For Prescriptions, Cigarettes, To Drive & Other

Okay why did they go to checking ID’s when getting prescriptions?

Why do you have to be a certain age to buy cigarettes?

Why do you have to be a certain age to drive?

Do you have to be a certain age to vote? How is voting hazardous to your health?

Oh the answer to the last question is hazardous only if you are black because they say we don’t want to work, we steal and we just ain’t human. But if we all of that and more then why do you try to stop black folk from voting? One don’t need a job to vote it is free. All black folk don’t steal. All black folk are humans although some will never accept it.

Some Black Folk Can Be A Piece Of Work But Don’t Get It Twisted Some White And Other Folk Can Too!

Some Black folk can be a piece of work.

Over the years I have experienced some things because I have been actively engaged in community activism and political activism. I understand why some black folk do what they do but it does not make it right. One must look over some things and keep it positive.

I have always heard that some black folk are like crabs in a bucket. I came to that conclusion years ago that some black folk are scared to speak out, jealous, envy and can be just plain mean. Maybe they have a reason for that but I can’t think of any reason I have to be any of that. Some black folk especially church folk that read the bible or have heard scriptures have heard that we should be our brother’s keeper. But some folk especially church folk get amnesia when it comes to certain scriptures.

Somewhere around 1988 I joined Black Workers For Justice that was housed in Rocky Mount and then I joined the NAACP housed in Rocky Mount in 1992. I joined both to be a voice for the voiceless especially the youth and the elderly. I pledged to myself to advocate for school issues, work issues, political issues and other. I have been fighting all of these years for folk even some ungrateful folk who had and have a problem with me for being outspoken but they reaped the benefits. Too bad everyone reaps the work of those who advocate for change and for better. I was named militant by some black folk who wanted me to shut up because they were afraid how some white folk would look at them. I was named a racist by some white folk who were not used to a young black male being outspoken but some white folk have reaped the benefits of my advocacy as well.

I have experienced the behavior of some black folk and I understand why young and older blacks do what they do. It seems that when they are doing great things they are never recognized for their works so it leaves them without motivation. It is sad that folk don’t get recognized by local folk but outsiders see the work and recognize them.

I am going to use myself as an example because I can tell my story better than anyone and I am going to tell it now because some folk will try to tell it after I am no longer.

Over the years some black folk said we needed our own black media. Well I took it upon myself back in the early 90’s to start doing a newsletter and then several years later. I was introduced to blogging by a former Rocky Mount Telegram reporter that came here from Boston Massachusetts and a white female friend advocate out of Greensboro that I met on Facebook. When I post on my blog it is shared to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. I video meetings and events and take photos that I share on my social media and YouTube pages.

I have been sacrificing my time and resources since the late 80’s out of my pocket spending resources that I needed to have been holding on to since my wife has not worked since we have been married in 1997. Had several setbacks taking some medical leave without pay and just missing time out of work when mom was terminally ill in 1997, during the flood of 1999, dad had 2 hip replacements during the 2000’s along with a truck accident and then 2 more floods within a years time. Even going through my personal struggles I still assisted others during that time.

I look at how folk recognize folk who receive a salary for what they do while you have some folk like myself out here struggling trying to provide a service out of pocket and folk don’t see the need to have an appreciation service and/or make donations to the work they provide. Although I have struggled over the years trying to provide a service I have also donated/or provided a service to others even those who have never donated to me.

Folk you need to look at who are doing some great things in Edgecombe County. Because of the works that some are doing, Edgecombe County has been and continue to be recognized.

Folk we got to do better. If we are going to say we are our brother’s keeper then we need to start showing folk some love and stop just providing lip service.

I have folk whom I network with and those are the folk I am going to make sure I take care of. You see when we network together that is a savings and money do not have to be a part of the equation. However if you don’t ever do anything for me but I am doing things for you that cost money and my time then that is a problem.

As I say, “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”


Black Folk Talking About What Black Folk Need To Do When It Comes To Police Shootings, Really!

Damn black folk that talk about we need to police our own. And we try to do that but I be damn if I can police all black folk nor can the damn police. Just because we try to raise our family right that is a good thing but I be damn if I can be held responsible for how others raise their family. I can encourage folk to do what is right but I be damn if I can make them do anything.

The black folk who has all the answers putting black folk in categories go on to give examples such as guys walking around with their hairstyles, pants saggin and cursing. Well damn don’t put me and the folk I know who do not meet those qualifications in the same damn boat with others. But although some meet the qualifications it do not give the damn police the right to just shoot them down like they are deer hunting. These black folk who put black folk in that category make those polices who are shooting black folk down for no reason to think they are justified based on the qualifications above. Oh hell no.

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When Black Folk Come Together

Problem is and always has been is when black folk come together then and only then will things change. But black folk have created division amongst ourselves because since the early 90’s I have seen black folk not support folk who have stood up in our communities trying to make change and they were not supported but also they allowed other folk to attempt to discredit them. When these very black folk stand up and say that they have been a part of the problem and apologize publicly, then the cycle will continue.

However I am so glad that some of these hard fighting black folk who have stood up were able to make some changes over time but having to fight in-house along with the enemy.

Duke professor: Blacks riot because they’re lazier than Asians and have ‘strange’ un-American names – RawStory

The Political Agitator response: “Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!” Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

A North Carolina professor said over the weekend that he was suspended after he was caught writing in the New York Times comment section that there was a link between the Baltimore riots and “strange” names that black people had instead of having traditional white names.

According to WTVD, Duke University Professor Jerry Hough responded to a New York Times editorial titled “How Racism Doomed Baltimore” by suggesting that the author’s attitude was what was “wrong” with the black community. (Source: Read more)

Let Me Clear My Throat! Black Folks, Black Church, NAACP . . .

Let me clear my throat!

I recognize and understand that all black folks ain’t bad, all black churches ain’t bad and all NAACP members ain’t bad.

I have much respect for all black folks but I have more respect for black folks whom care about other folks more than they care about themselves because we are suppose to be our brothers keeper. You see if that was the gospel truth then we all would be covered because you would care about me and I would care about you. But you see I know there are some folks who don’t give a damn about me but guess what, it does not matter because I know it ain’t about me and them but all about him.

I have much respect for the black church, however there are some that I feel are just downright flat out religious pimp grounds. Now that is just my ignant opinion but you see if you like it, I love it! I ain’t mad with you but I refuse to be pimped. I feel my church is moving forward especially after voting in a new pastor last year in March. But when I say the church I don’t just mean the pastor because he does not make up the church alone. Yes the pastor may have some issues but the officers and members of the church who allow mess to go on in the church are all responsible as well for how the church move forward.

I have much respect for the NAACP however some folks whom are in the NAACP just like anything, they don’t have the mission at heart. I am a life fully paid member and I am pleased with what I know about the NAACP because I have been an active member since 1993. So you can have your opinion but you can’t sway me because I know that black folks but not limited to have benefitted from and continue to benefit from the workings of the NAACP.

If it was not for some good black folks, not Safe Negroes that are fighting for equality and justice for others, the good black church and the NAACP, oh where would we be?

So with that being said I can speak for me because I am have been an active NEGRO since the early 90’s so I am rooted in doing what I strongly believe I was put here to do. But again that is just my ignant opinion and you can have yours. But guess what? Your opinion about me mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to me.

Now Run & Tell That!

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The Black Church Should Teach Us About Our History Among Other Things That We As A Black Folks Need To Know!

Until the black churches begin to teach what our history means among other things that we as a black folks need to know, then it will continue to be a long time coming.

Makes me wonder if the black churches want black folks to stay right where they are because the pastor and many close to him got theirs, living the good life and the hell with those whom are struggling daily due to the lack of knowledge. Curmilus Dancy II January 18, 2015

Did You Know That Government Documents Exists That Advocate Putting All Black Americans in Concentration Camps? – Melanoid Nation

For years, there have been certain government documents floating around that suggested the mass interment of Black people in America. Documents such as the King Alfred Plan have  long been dismissed by government officials as works of fiction because it cannot be traced back to a specific author or origin.

But recently a new document was discovered.

A thesis written by President Ronald Reagan’s FEMA director Louis Giuffrada at the US Army War College in 1970, entitled “National Survival-Racial Imperative” goes into elaborate details about the logistics of rounding up Black Americans to be placed in concentration camps. (Source: Read more)

Black Folks Are Not Animals

Every time black folks do something bad or good they have got to associate them with something negative to attempt to justify why the black person is somewhat not human but must be an animal like. Why is it that we as black folks past actions are held against us forever no matter how much we may have changed but other folks past actions, they have been forgiven. Why is it that when a black person does something negative that all black folks are held accountable for that person or group actions? I don’t support criminal activity be it done by black, brown, white and other. I have a problem with black on black crime and anything negative in the black community but if you let other folks tell it, they act as if I don’t care and other black leaders don’t care. Not so! We talk about it all and I have been doing so since the late 80’s along with others. So for those of you who have a problem with individuals and/ or groups in the black community who are being called out such as Rev. Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, myself and the NAACP to name a few, obviously you don’t know us on a personal note nor do you know the mission of the NAACP. We do not condone the actions of Ismaaiyl Brinsley that murdered his girlfriend and 2 NYPD Police officers and others whom have made some bad choices.

Black Folks Who Want To Talk About Black On Black Crime, Got So Damn Much To Say, Look At This And Try To Twist This Damnit!

Hell yeah I am an angry damn black man but not angry enough to become criminally angry. Although I am angry I am not only angry with white folks who are in denial, I am angry with ignant damn black folks who act as if black folks started this mess. White folks were able to kill black folks in open season, set black folks on fire literally, bomb houses, automobiles and etc. but folks act as if black folks started this mess. Hell I haven’t seen anywhere black folks have set white folks on fire or their businesses, homes, automobiles and etc. on fire with them inside. So this lets me know they ain’t as crazy as some folks make them out to be.

All you black folks who want to talk about black folks ain’t marching and screaming about black on black crime, but we march and scream when white folks kill black folks, well I have been there done that on both sides. Hell yeah I have marched and screamed about it all. Where in the hell were you? I am especially asking those of you who know me and I know you.

For black folks and all folks who ask the question why black folks don’t march and scream when black folks kill black folks, well I can pick and choose what the hell I want to march and scream about because I am a grown damn man. I have been there and done that. Show me what you have marched and screamed about since you have so much to say.

I just love those professional athletes and other professionals who have so much to say but what have they said before the Ferguson case? What have they done to make a difference in the black community?

Because most black folks locally only march and scream during Dr. Martin L. King Holiday, I quit marching several years ago and I posted on my blog my reasons why.

Black folks tickles the hell out of me because they take a little of something and run with it and don’t even do any research on what they hear.

I am past the murder on the day of the Ferguson murder. Let the damn discussion be about how the Prosecutor handled the case and what Wilson had to say. I dare you to talk about what they had to say to see if what they said makes sense per the law and not per our emotions. Getting emotional not based on the facts means absolutely nothing.

I long for the day that I can retire so I can spend my last days on a daily basis going out to attempt to make a difference in the black community in which all folks will benefit.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against! I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury

Click on photo to watch this video


Black Folks You Say You Are Concerned About The Children? If So How Do You Allow Folks To Attack Your Leaders Who Are Adults?

If you say you are concerned about the children then how do you allow folks to attack your leaders who are adults?

I don’t like using apples and oranges to get my point across. I eat those things in which was the intent of their being.

Last week WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning in Rocky Mount in which began a campaign to once again attack Rocky Mount City Councilman Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight and also the President of the local Rocky Mount NAACP. Lige Daugthdridge President of a group recently formed call The Community Council. First of all what a damn co-incidence that they named the group close to the name of the Rocky Mount City Council. Lige a white male addressed the Rocky Mount City Council and voiced his opinion during the public comments. When the white man finished his 3 minutes and others were given the opportunity speak on whatever their concerns were, Knight addressed Lige. Knight said he felt that Lige was not supported of the Event Center because the Rocky Mount City Council is a 4-3 black majority and the city has a black city manager. This was Knight’s opinion and he was not speaking for the other members on the council but speaking from himself as a councilman but keep in mind he is a citizen and President of the NAACP. This was Knight’s opinion.

WHIG-TV put up the video of the meeting in less than an hour after the meeting was over and began their ignant campaign trying to discredit a black leader. Let me say I don’t agree with everything Knight says but I be damn if I will allow folks to discredit my brother of an opinion. WHIG-TV said that Knight called Lige a racist which is a lie. If Knight had wanted to call him a racist he has the balls to say it. After I watched the video I said damn dude handled himself well. But you see if I was to listen to these 2 groups and some others, I would write my brother off also. But oh hell no, I can think for myself. And most of all, I know the man.

If you don’t know Knight, you need to do some homework to find out who he is. You don’t need to allow WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount to pick and choose your leaders. Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount had the damn audacity to start a Petition which is baseless and filled with lies. I feel strong that Knight out to persue seeking Defamation of Character because it is stated on the Petition that Knight do not live in Ward 1. WHIG-TV played a role in the movement to remove Knight from serving in Ward 1 some years ago. Knight ended up winning the case after having to appeal to the State of NC and they ruled in his favor. Edgecombe County had to pay Knight’s attorney fees.

My point, if we allow folks to discredit our black adult males, what in the hell do you think they are going to do to our children? Do you know that the children see how some folks that call themselves adults will stand by allow leaders like Knight to be assassinate, lynched in hanged in front of them? Knight and some others are on the battlefield daily fighting for our youths and some folks sit back and don’t say a damn thing. But guess what, when these very folks get in trouble, who do they call? You guessed it Rocky Mount City Councilman Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight and President of the NAACP because they know he is popular and will stand up.

So know that I take names and keep up with who is silent.

I have to following posted on my blog at About:

~This is not a bakery.

I don’t sugar coat


If you ask for my opinion . . .

then that’s what you’ll get.

Don’t be mad when it’s not

what you want to hear.~

Author unkown

“Knowledge is Power, Sharing it is Empowerment”

“We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth … For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth: to know the worst; and provide for it.” Patrick Henry

“Speaking Truth to Power”

“I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”- Elie Weisel

Be blessed!


BUCHANAN TO OBAMA By Patrick J. Buchanan

Response: Damn ain’t got time to respond to this ignance right now will respond later!

Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America.  Fair enough.  But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.  White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to…. This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard.  And among them are these:

·         First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.  Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American. (More)

I Am A Black Man However I Ain’t . . .

So Black that I am ignant to what is real and what is perceived. I can think for myself so don’t think that just because you are Black dressed up and religious that I will fall for anything. Not! I tell people all the time I am going to check you out and you better check me out. I gots to know who I am dealing with and that way I will know how what level I need to be on. Yep I can change gears.

“I have no permanent friend no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

Have You Seen Django Unchained Yet? by William Reed Columnist

Have you gone to see Django Unchained yet?  Activist Dick Gregory called the current box office smash “brilliant,” while filmmaker Spike Lee said it was  “offensive to my ancestors.” All the while, the force behind Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino, is taking bundles of money to the bank from throngs of Blacks who have attended showings. The movie is pure fantasy and takes privileges with history, but Blacks like it a lot.

Django Unchained is a 2012 American western film written and directed by Tarantino. The film stars Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and Samuel L. Jackson and was the fifth highest-grossing Christmas release in history. At a New York City premiere, Black society and its media were “overwhelmed” with the film and its cast.

Black historians see similarities of abolitionist John Brown and his Gang of 21 in Tarantino’s tale.  Django Unchained is set in 1858 as several male slaves are being transported across Texas by the Speck brothers.  In their group is Django (Jamie Foxx), who has been sold away from his wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). The Speck brothers encounter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), a German immigrant dentist and, unbeknownst to them, bounty hunter. Schultz takes Django and kills one of the Speck brothers, leaving the other to be killed by now-free slaves. Schultz reveals that he sought out Django to aid him in identifying the Brittle brothers, a trio of ruthless killers working for a plantation owner. Schultz confesses that his bounty hunting is opportunistic, but emphasizes to Django that he despises slavery. The two come to an agreement: in exchange for helping locate the Brittle brothers, Schultz will free Django from slavery and give him $75 and a horse.  After hunting down and killing the Brittles, Schultz takes Django on as his bounty hunting associate.

In many ways Django is three hours of caricature. After their bounty hunting success during the winter months, Schultz and Django confirm that Broomhilda’s current owner is brutal plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). At Candie’s plantation, Candyland, some male slaves are trained to fight to the death (called "Mandingo fighting"). Schultz and Django devise a plan to reach Broomhilda by posing as potential purchasers of a Mandingo fighter. Schultz introduces Django as a free man and “expert” on Mandingo fighting. Candie and Schultz come to an agreement to purchase a Mandingo fighter for $12,000. Schultz also offers to purchase Broomhilda, claiming that she would help alleviate his nostalgia for his mother tongue because she speaks German.  Django raises the suspicions of Candie’s house slave, Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson), who correctly deduces that Django and Broomhilda know each other, and that the Mandingo sale is a ruse. He informs Candie. Throughout, Django Unchained is a brutal tale of retribution based on the theme that punishment doled out is morally right and fully deserved.  Django is an audacious Black hero who shoots White slavers with impunity and lives to tell about it. The film’s violence is used as a kind of spiritual redemption which Black audiences are meeting with glee.

But, is this the “spiritual redemption” the descendants of slaves need right through here? With the “debt due” and legacy of slavery continuing in our daily lives, how can self-respecting descendants of African slaves be party to such a charade that mocks us and our ancestors?

Today’s Blacks deal in movie “make believe” and are loath to accept the reality of slavery and its legacy in our lives.  Blacks accept as “fact” that they have high unemployment rates, and that Whites rightfully have 20 times our wealth. To be about eliminating America’s gross inequities, Blacks need to be organizing constructive collective actions.  Stop accepting that “slavery was a long time ago and there is no one alive to collect or pay reparations.”

The legacy of slavery is without end across America. Those who profited from slavery don’t just owe reparations for the past, but for the inequities of the present as well.  

William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America” and available for projects via the

Read more:

William Reed

In Response To Those Who Talk About Our Black President And What He Has Done For Black Folks Only

This is a response from a Facebook friend as we are discussing what our President has done for Black folks (only).

Some of my responses are:

What in the hell is the Republican majority doing? Damn should they have the best interest of all people at heart? No just the President! Well! Maybe I am missing something.

For me my vote for "Our" President was a vote against all that the other party said they wanted to do. All I heard was they wanted to take us back. Back to where? Who wants to go back? I strongly believe that Black folks have not suffered due to anything that he has done under his tenure. However I can’t speak for everyone. I can speak for myself because I am still working where I was working when he was elected and re-elected. My life has not changed much from the time he was elected up until now. But my question is I would hate to wonder where I would be if the Tea Party President had been successful.

I have no problem with anyone criticizing "Our" President especially Black folks but I want to see legitimate criticism and not opinion based that is neither here nor there.

How can we as Americans demand support and equality from ALL members of Congress and not just from ONE man – the President? Bill Clinton was a great President as well, but he too endured resistance from a Republican congress. My point is, why are we so focused on just the President when the Congressional members are as much to blame for their stubbornness and blocking, if more?! We elected them to help us out too – and they have more of a responsibility to help their constituents than the President does – we sent them to Congress for that role and they should be held accountable big time! I wonder where all the questions were when the other Democratic Presidents were seated in years past?! Were you better off when Ford/Clinton/Carter were President? I can tell you this, while it might have been good years, during the Clinton Administration, and he did have a good record of low unemployment, but, I experienced my first furlough along with many others during a federal government shutdown of 1995 and 1996. Clinton back then endured resistance from Congress over funding for Medicare, education, the environment, and public health in the 1996 federal budget. And once again a Democratic Prez was blocked by a Republican Party-controlled Congress and that was because he rejected their spending Bill! When did this happen? From November 14 through November 19, 1995 and from December 16, 1995 to January 6, 1996, for a total of 28 days. I so remember that well because at that time I took the option of an early out ($10,000 tiny little dollars, but got about $8,000 after taxes!) – Seven of us went on our merry way. From there, I went to the private sector as a Church Secretary – that’s right, I did! So pardon me if I say again – Where were the questions then?