Jason Clark Member Tarboro 27886 Oh But Those Whom I Called Ignant Obviously Don’t Know Remi Muhammad and Melvin Muhammad, Hell Yeah They Will Be On My Ignant List Until They Get It Right

In re: Jason Clark I agree, Taro, but going around calling people "ignant white racists" when he may not even know them is more than agitation. He’s found his niche and he is good at it.

The reason why I say Ignant Racist White Folks is because I am not talking about all white folks, only those who meet my criteria. You are somewhat right my friend about the niche thingy but actually I found my calling.

So all of those ugly things “they” were saying about Remi and Melvin Muhammad, do “they” really know them? I can see them having an issue with Melvin as a councilman because they may not agree with his actions on the board and I call that holding him accountable. But I can not see them treating his wife like she is less human because she organized “The Black Family Day.”

I removed myself from the site because some ain’t ready for me be they black, brown, white and/or other.

And furthermore the Ignant Racist White Folks came after me first  and it all began here: But Mrs. Betty it started here: August 4, 2011 Curmilus Butch Dancy II  Glad someone mentioned this site to me today. Interesting comments. One would think that whomever started the group would invite folks to the group but maybe they do but I was not invited. But now that I am here, I do plan to voice my opinion. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Read more by clicking on the following link to get a better understanding: The Owner White Female Betty Perrin NeSmith Of Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page Responds To The Political Agitator Why She Kicked Me Off Of The Page Due To The Heated Debate Over “Black Family Day”

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The Owner White Female Betty Perrin NeSmith Of Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page Responds To The Political Agitator Why She Kicked Me Off Of The Page Due To The Heated Debate Over “Black Family Day”

First, let me state that I was not the Anonymous poster who asked you for a spelling correction.  Secondly, shortly after your "adventure in Agitation" on Tarboro 27886, I had had enough of the ugliness and negative energy coming from Tarboro citizens and chose to "share the wealth" of group administration with others so that I might be able to separate myself somewhat from the group.

<em>(It does not matter if it was you or not because I didn’t have your name spelled correctly and I corrected it. For me that was fair game.) C. Dancy II </em>

I chose Rhonda Krebs, John Wooten and Jason Clark. Why did I choose them?  I’m personal friends with Rhonda and John, and see them both as intelligent open-minded individuals. Jason, I only know through the internet and we’ve differed in opinion on many subjects but I thought he’d add a balance.  If you’d like me to add another black person to the list of administrators, just ask (as long as it is not you).

<em>(I don’t give a damn who you add to the list because I will just read the mess. Someone had added me back as a member and I removed myself because I made my point. Plus Rhonda Krebs did a great job of addressing the ignant posters and that was enough for me.) C. Dancy II</em>

As for "kicking off" Ms Marshall?  I wanted to…oh, boy, how I wanted to, but I left it up to the other administrators and after a brief discussion with one agreed that we would allow Ms Marshall to continue to show her "ignance" as you put it….and she did, for over 8 hours.
(Oh but you had no problem with kicking me off. She and the others were saying what you wanted to say and you have continued to agree with some ignant comments even commented on the post about why the "Black Family Day" group didn’t combine with Princeville. Oh how ignant!? C. Dancy II</em>
You can take pride in knowing that you, Curmilus Dancy, have been the ONLY person removed from that group and I did indeed do the deed…

<em>(Oh hell no I can pride myself for removing myself when another person had added me back to the group.) C. Dancy II</em>

BEFORE asking to join the group, you stated here on your website as well as on your facebook page that you wanted to see how long you’d be "allowed" to stay in the group, and then did your best to be obnoxious.

<em>(I hate ignance: By the way when I post on my blog it automatically post to my Facebook Page and Twitter thank you. I posted this after you kicked me off the page. Here it is so others can read it. I didn’t do this in the past refer to this link because I knew one day I would use it. I knew we would cross paths because I am a Professional Agitator and you have been agitated. Again I repeat I posted this after you kicked me off. Too damn funny but typical of folks who try to discredit folks but end up making an a.. out of themselves. So here is what I said: Yep I know I am damn good because I didn’t last 24 hours on the https://www.facebook.com/groups/tarboro27886/ page because I was wearing their behinds out. I proved my point, they could not comment on the facts. I asked them repeatedly did the Tarboro Town Council follow their own policies and procedures, are all black folks racist, is Remi Muhammad a racist and is all Muslims racist? So they must feel they have silenced me. Well it didn’t start on their page and it definitely will not end there. LMBAO!! C. Dancy II </em>

I assume this was done to prove to your loyal readers that the 800+ members of that discussion forum were all "ignant racist white folks" who wouldn’t tolerate the opinions of an outspoken black man.

<em>(Don’t continue to show your ignance, I stated "IGNANT RACIST WHITE FOLKS" so that mean I was not talking about all white folks. Also I specified many times that I was referring to the "IGNANT RACIST WHITE WOMEN" because that is who I was responding to because you and they were the ones posting.) C. Dancy II</em>

That’s not true at all. I just wouldn’t tolerate YOU and your deliberate "agitation". 

(Deliberate "agitation"? I asked that ya’ll not focus on Remi and Melvin Muhammad and the fight was with the Town Council. I said they didn’t appear to be racist to me. I said the issue is did the Town follow their policies and procedures. Obviously they did because if you have forgotten the Black Family Day was granted.

<em>Also ya’ll ignant a… wanted the event moved from The Tarboro Town Commons, the name of the event to be changed for ya’ll but most of all ya’ll wanted these folks to just go away. One of ya’ll said you were going to contact the black churches and try to get them to go against the group. Oh hell no I will not sit by allow ya’ll to show your Ignant Racist Attitudes trying to speak for black people. Damn about to forget some of ya’ll tried to make it appear that black folks do not pay taxes.) C. Dancy II</em>

If any of your readers followed your "adventure" they know what I’m talking about…you were having a grand time.

<em>(You damn right I am having grand time responding to ya’ll ignance. Again I repeat I will not allow you and your Ignant Racist Friends speak for me and the black folks whom allow me to speak for them.) C. Dancy II</em>

As for your question to "black folks who are members of Tarboro 27886"… I hope they are members to 1) stay informed about issues in Tarboro, 2) voice their opinion, 3) monitor the posts of others to be aware of who the "ignant racist white folks" are, 4) help to eventually create a forum where we can all discuss community issues in a productive manner.

<em>(Productive manner when you created the damn page but then want to hide behind your Ignant Racist Attitude by saying you left it up to 3 people to remove others off when you have now agreed with me on the Marshall woman being allowed to show her Ignant Racist Attitude but I guess it was a white woman thing for you.

And by the way John Wooten do not speak for me. I pick and choose who speak for me be they black, brown, white and other.

Oh hell no I am not interested in giving you a name of a black person to be an administrator on your facebook page. I don’t need anyone to speak for me because I do a damn good job of doing it for myself and for those who allow me to speak for them.) C. Dancy II</em>

I would like to see more "black folks" join in the discussions. The group, Tarboro 27886, wasn’t formed to be a "white" discussion page, it was formed for all Tarboro citizens. The internet has made it possible for people who have never had a voice to be heard. Some are spewing out all they’ve ever wanted to say, while others are still holding back, still not comfortable with their opinions be known. I personally WANT to know what is on the minds of all of my neighbors, what they want, how they feel about issues and how we can all work together to make our town a better place for everyone who lives here.
Namaste’.  Betty

<em>(Well damn you had a problem with me responding to your Ignant Racist White Women members. You have given two reasons why you kicked me off but you have yet to show me what they were. But I can read the post and see for myself that I didn’t do anymore than the Ignant Racist White Women did and atleast one white women agreed that if I was to be put in timeout there were many others.

And by the way it was one of your Ignant Racist White Women who had mentioned early on that you should kick me off. You responded to her and said to me to be kind. So I continued to be kind in my opinion but I was still kicked off.

But Mrs. Betty it started here: August 4, 2011 Curmilus Butch Dancy II
Glad someone mentioned this site to me today. Interesting comments. One would think that whomever started the group would invite folks to the group but maybe they do but I was not invited. But now that I am here, I do plan to voice my opinion. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Ignant Racist White Women started with this post and I had not even responded to the Black Family Ignance nor the post about Edgecombe County Public Schools Superintendent leaving.

It was Cissy Abrams Edwards who said, There is no need to call someone stupid ! Regina is not stupid and a friend for many years. If you joined this page to give insults then I hope Betty blocks you. This has nothing to with race but you want to it bring this page. The black family day is Nation of Islam event you should check out the page and the list of 28 hate groups in NC. There was no slave reenactment but civil war battle reenactment I do not see how you can take be offended by something that is a part of history. So please leave race out of the issue because if one of the other hate groups listed were having an event then I be just as upset that our town council approved an event without do their research.

So Mrs. Betty tell me how did I begin the ignance? I had not mentioned anything about The Black Family Day.

But you came to her defense, Betty Perrin NeSmith Curmilus, I started the group and invited all of the people in my "friends" list who live or have lived in the area (probably less than 100 people). They, in turn, invited their friends and so on. I can see that you and I share a handful of mutual friends and it would’ve been up to one of them to add or invite you. Please, let’s try to keep our discussions courteous. I know that you enjoy being known as an agitator, but I’d appreciate it if opinions were shared here in a constructive manner. My big concern for this forum is that a few very opinionated people with good communication/debate skills will over-power the conversation and intimidate from posting those who are less comfortable or skilled at expressing themselves. Be kind.

Remember me talking about I tried to be kind. Oh you are probably suffering from memory loss by now but like I said it is still posted on your facebook page.

I responded to Cissy Abrams Edwards You called folks ignorant in a post this morning and someone called folks idiots that I responded to. I didn’t mention slave reenactment in my post so don’t know where that came from.

Mrs. Betty I responded to you Betty Perrin NeSmith It is great how you invited folks. I just asked a question, the other Regina Forbes Shearin responded and I responded to her. Those mutual friends you speak of my message went to them just like you got it so no one was exempt. You said you know I enjoy being known as the agitator, nope enjoy being known by my name first because I have never hid behind a code name when posting anywhere. You say please be courteous well I see others here who are calling Muslims racist and all of that. Well I know Remi Muhammad and she has never appeared to be racist to me so to put all black folks in the same category is just ignant. You say be kind, well you need to tell those before me to be kind because I could have said much more in response to them and some others here. However I was trying to be kind but I see some are taking my kindness for my weakness. Not!! "I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest and that goes for all folks including those mutual friends you speak of.

Maybe you need to go back and read all the post beginning on August 4 from the time I began posting on your page because you obviously you are ignant to the facts in my responses or you were so into what the Ignant Racist White Women were posting that you just got totally off base.

You told Taro that you kicked me off for profanity. I use damn and hell and it is used in the pulpit. Hell I hear much worse on the damn local tv damn station. Hell I heard the B-word on one of the all white shows on regular tv about 2 hours ago not long after "our" President went off.

In my closing I enjoyed your post that I also read about Tarboro and the Bucket. This is what you said on August 14, 2011, but I was kicked off on August 5.)</em>

August 14, 2011 Betty Perrin NeSmith I’ve been informed "privately" of the meaning and, since it originates from a less than positive view of T-Town, I’ll be keeping it to myself for now. 🙂 Thank you to my "secret source".

Thank you for responding and I do apologize for not posting your name correctly and it does not matter that it was not you that responded.) C. Dancy II – The Professional Agitator

You were agitated along with the others and you brought it out. That is what I do make others bring out that which is in them. LMBAO!!

You can take this response personal or whatever I call it healthy discussion because I had the opportunity to post facts. But do always remember I am not into people’s emotions but the real issue and that is policies and procedures. I will not debate people’s emotions, if I have a problem with policies and procedures I challenge those who are in position to get them changed. "I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest."

Yes I know how to spell ignorance but see the definition of Ignant.

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Re-post: Tarboro NC – I Just Love How The Black Folks On Tarboro 27886 Stay A Member While Betty Perrin NeSmith Allows The Ignant Racist White Folks To Have Their Way

I just love it how all the black folks on the on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page stay a member while Betty Perrin NeSmith allows the Ignant Racist White Folks on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page to have their way. So why would any black folks in their right mind continue to be a member when Ignant Racist White Folks on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page have not been kicked off.

Cathy Mitchell Marshall posted she was just invited to the “Black Family Day” yesterday and when asked not to beat a deadhorse she continued on. And then later she admitted she had been following the conversation but chose not to say anything then but now she was.

Okay black folks who are members of Tarboro 27886 Facebook page why are you still a member?

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Note: Updated corrected spelling of Betty Perrin NeSmith’s name. Curmilus Dancy II – The Professional Agitator.

BLACK FAMILY DAY – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — The first Black Family Day in Tarboro on Saturday was in contrast to the controversy of the planning that swirled around the event for several months.

"I was very pleased with the outcome," said Organizer Remi Muhammad. "The attendance was low because we had to relocate and I was very disappointed about that. (Read more)

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Tarboro NC – “Black Family Day” My Response To The White People Who Asked Me What The NAACP, Black People And I As An Individual Would Do If White People Wanted To Have A White Family Day On The Tarboro Town Commons

I am who I am so you can like me, love me and/or hate me it does not matter. This is a message to black, brown, white and other folks.

I am going to be me so I am going to do me on a daily basis. You have options when it comes to reading my blog so go figure. But remember I love all of you and it ain’t nothing you can do about it.

When I got involved in politics in the early 90’s it was a learning process. However I always kept a clear mind and didn’t go along just to get along be it in all black meetings and/or mixed meetings. I always tried to look at the whole picture be it issues in the black community or racial issues.

So today when people talk about racial issues I love it because I am not afraid to speak up publicly unlike most folks. I just love questions as it relates to race when it comes to the NAACP (National Association For The Advancement of Colored People), “Black Family Day” and other black related issues. I refuse to take a back seat to being black and I will not be apologetic for being born a black man. I am a proud black man and will be until the good master call me home. So anyone who has a problem with me expressing my blackness so be it.

I just love the questions what would black folks and I as an individual do if white people had a group similar to the NAACP, if white people had a “White Family Day” and other white etc.? I don’t care what white people do as long as it does not affect me in a negative way. I decided a long time ago that I will not spend time challenging emotions and will only spend my time challenging facts, policies and procedures and that which is measurable.

I don’t have to go into the many areas where black people are not welcomed such as certain golf courses, clubs and etc. however white people are always welcomed to the black clubs and hardly ever do you hear about any racial disputes.

So for all the white folks who asked me what I would have done if white people wanted to have a “White Family Day” on the Tarboro Town Commons, I am going to answer your question now. I would have done what I did when ya’ll had the Confederate Soldiers Re-enactment there among other things that I was not interested in. I did nothing because I had the option to attend or stay away. Well ya’ll said ya’ll had a problem with your tax dollars being used for the “Black Family Day” as if black folks don’t pay taxes. I tried to explain to ya’ll that the issue with the “Black Family Day” being held on The Commons should have been taken up with the Tarboro Town Council only and not attacking black folks with the negative comments.

I refuse to allow white people to pick and choose for me what kind of event black folks can host, what to call the event, and to act as if black people do not pay taxes just because we want to be afforded the same rights that they have. The Tarboro Town Commons is a public area so therefore I hope that people will be mindful that in the future if you disagree with what is requested to take place there that you go to the Tarboro Town Council and challenge them and not mislead and further divide the county.

As I view the pictures from the “Black Family Day” and read comments there were white people who attended and they spoke positive of the event.

So in my closing, I challenge white people and anyone who have a problem with the “Black Family Day” that was held on Saturday to tell me how the event, the event, I repeat the event divided the community? Tell me!! Oh had a Madea moment. I was not there because I was out of town, but I have not heard or read anything negative coming from anyone black or white that attended the event.

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Ignant Column: Tarboro NC – So Sad “Black Family Day”

I have been out of town since Thursday so I was unable to attend any events in Edgecombe County over the past several days. So therefore I have had much time to spend on the internet while in New Bern NC trying to keep up with what is going on. I have been trying to see what others are saying back at home and I just love the ignant comments by some.

I was reading the post on the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page by Richard H Parker Jr. pertaining to how wonderful of an experience he had attending the “Black Family Day.” I found the following ignant post to be quite interesting. Carl Benson I thought we wanted to drop this topic of conversation. If it’s fair game again I’ll be happy to contribute. So sad. What Carl Benson is talking about is when Cathy Mitchell Marshall posted about her being invited to the “Black Family Day” before the event took place and she was asked why keep beating a deadhorse because the “Black Family Day” was going to take place and if she and the others didn’t want to attend they didn’t have to go.

Mind you “Black Family Day” has come and gone however and it is an entirely different conversation but obviously Carl Benson don’t get it. Actually I would love to read about what he has to say and if I was a member I would encourage him to say it. LMBAO!! I just love Ignant Racist White Folks.

Anyone who has a problem with what takes place on the Tarboro Town Commons need to take it to the Tarboro Town Council and not make it about the people who request to use the area. The Town have policies and procedures to go by so unless they do not follow them then there is no problem.

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Note: Updated 18:30.


When it comes to RACISM we must meet it with ZERO TOLERANCE. Curmilus Dancy II 8/10/11 This is where I stand on all racial issues.

Forget the apology and just step down is where I stand on the Congressman Doug Lamborn reference to President Barack Obama and a Tar Baby.

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