Black Folk Do You Have A Problem With This Agenda?


The Following was shared with me. I don’t know who the author is and it has nothing to do with Rocky Mount NC. Fighting Crime, Atty. Steve Stevenson has made it a Rocky Mount Agenda. Click on link after reading this to see comments.

Chris Sifford to Curmilus Butch Dancy II

A good friend sent this to me as a matter of discussion. What are your thoughts and do you believe that ac”Black Agenda” is essential? I will wait…
What is the Black Agenda and why is it necessary? We are living in an era where our civil, political and social liberties are being taken away from us and our lives are being threatened and put in danger every day. We are being shut out of the economic development and wealth building structure locally and nationally . Our access to educational opportunities and professional development is being lessened. Politically, we’re missing in key positions that have the power and authority to transform communities and individual lives such as judges, DA’s, education boards, and local municipality leadership positions.

Yet, in return, we offer little resistance and no fight to change the disparities or this declining direction. Instead, we engage in passive participation in these efforts to marginalize us and our communities by co-signing and and often times taking the lead to curry individual favor and recognition. We don’t understand that by joining and aligning without demanding equity and reciprocity we are active participants in our own demise.

We falsely believe that somehow seeking compromise is progress. We revel in being labeled as the first or only and think it is a badge of honor, but fail to recognize the limitations associated with it. When racial or social animus rears up, we are the first and oftentimes the only ones who call for peace and calm. This is a deliberate strategy to keep those Blacks who engage in this misguided practice neutered and unable to demand fairness and equity. Their reward is to be honored and recognized but there is no real value in the recognition There is nothing gained or accomplished except to keep black peoples docile and unaware.

We have people who will publicly assume roles and promote strategies counter to success and that have no positive bearing on the progression of the Black agenda. They participate, lead and try to introduce strategies to our people that yield nothing politically or financially. It’s merely a time wasting diversion so that the focus will not be on closing the wealth gap or seeing how monies and grants are distributed.

On the other end of the spectrum, we engage in pointless activities to identify where racism exists and who espouses it. We waste time trying to prove our subjugation and whether we are being unfairly treated. We should accept that racism is a centuries old societal norm that has manifested and developed in many forms and iterations, and we should not wait for a persons moral compass to align. That will never happen as power concedes nothing without a demand. There are those who despite feigning a love for us and our community do nothing physically to show it. We waste our time marching, praying and protesting with no significant outcomes or positive change.

Today, we have a lot of people who are designated as community leaders and activists but have done nothing to deserve the title. Writing a post on social media is not activism. Creating a recognition ceremony and honoring someone for longevity without sacrifice is pointless. Going to the MLK event , sponsoring a Juneteenth celebration, giving away a book bag or holding an athletic camp is not progress. What are you doing to fight for real change or progress? What have you sacrificed physically, health wise, financially family or personally to fight for change. If you’re a so called leader, tell me one thing you’ve create, Implemented, sustained and saw to the end that has resulted in positive change for our community?

We see aligning, inclusion and partnership as the answer to our progress. This misguided notion typically leads to the inability to create, develop, maintain ideas and ideologies that are unique and beneficial to us and our community. Instead of taking the lead and using the cognitive strength and creative powers of our own people, we acquiesce and allow the melting pot mentality to convolute and suppress our own ideas. We we do this, we no longer hold the reigns and control the direction of our own progress and direction.

So, what should be the focus of our Black agenda? Instead of begging for a seat at the table, we build our own. Instead of passively asking for permission to be respected, we demand respect through independent thought, and financial and political strength. . Instead of being pandered to, patronized and lied to by politicians every two and four years, create a caucus that can identify and run a group of candidates together that can have a majority vote. Instead of begging for civil rights, demand economic and monetary equity. Engage in shared economics to purchase residential and commercial property. Demand from your local and state legislators to know what development and vision plans are for your community. Stop marching, praying and being patient in the face of obvious racial disparities. Civil disobedience and revolution are viable and a necessary means to force equity and change. Wearing matching colored T-shirts and holding up signs in a meeting is pointless and ineffective. Having community conversations and putting sticky notes on a wall is a strategy used to make you believe concern is there. In reality, it keeps you occupied while your community is being gentrified and your access to wealth is being denied.

We need to expose those who possess traitorous attributes and are working against the progress of our community. Not only do we need to expose them but they need to be ostracized and denied access and participation in our community. When they preach this inclusive but one sided ideology and support the false idea that alignment is the only path to progress, we need to call them out publicly and shun them.

We have the intelligence and the capability within to achieve, so we can’t allow these false prophets to lead us to demise and destruction. Research how the late Winnie Mandela handled these type of traitors If Institutions and organizations are operating counter to Black Excellence, expose them and shut them down. It’s interesting how we will fight for LGBTQ, Hispanic and immigrant rights without question but feel like there is something wrong with fighting for a black agenda. It is not a separatist ideology, it’s just ensuring our survivability and progression. None of these other groups are stepping up, speaking out or fighting for us as they expect us to for them.

So, what should our Black Agenda be: 
1. Economic, financial and wealth building. Implementing strategies to close the wealth gap. Demanding equity in access to grants and other monies. Passing on generational wealth. 
2. Create entrepreneurial opportunities and support our own businesses. Outside of funeral homes, beauty and barbershops, what do we have? 
3. Develop and control our educational institutions. We should have more Essie Foxx schools and Tsunami Literacy programs. 
4. Understand and use political strategy to create majority’s during elections. There is no power in being a first or only
5. Take control of our communities and stop allowing people who have nothing more than a financial interest control the direction of it. Stop allowing people outside of the the community to erase the history and heritage. Other ethnicities have their designated communities so where are ours?

This is only my perspective of what the Black agenda should be. We shouldn’t get lost in the varying thought methodologies as long as we all agree on what the overall objective and end game should be. So ask yourself, what is your Black Agenda?

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