Cash Michaels Gets It When It Comes Bill Cosby And The Verdict Today

Cash Michaels

GOD Bless!

All I have to say is that, like many of you, I am saddened by the conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault of Bill Cosby. It is a shame, and before any of you start calling him a victim, Cos had one of the best lawyers money can buy (same one who represented Michael Jackson several years ago on some very creepy charges).

No, we never want to believe it when people we’ve come to love are accused of serious offenses, and it is automatic for us to defend them vigorously.

But notice, I didn’t say “KNOW and love,” and that’s because watching someone on television, seeing them in movies, or listening to their comedy albums for many, many years DOES NOT mean that you know that person at all. It just means that you enjoy their work because it made you smile.

Cosby is 80 years old, so now the question is, “What happens next?”

Well, his attorneys will appeal and hope to overturn the verdict. But if they lose, Bill Cosby goes to prison.

Some of you say, “This isn’t fair. Cosby wasn’t the only star doing stuff with women not his wife.”

Very true, but Cosby got caught. He counted on a societal and cultural situation where powerful men were able to get away with this kind of criminal behavior towards women.

But thanks to the #metoo movement, those days are gone!

So I join many of you in praying for Bill Cosby and his family. He’s lost two children, he’s in bad health, and now he’s been convicted of serious felonies.

May Almighty GOD have mercy on his soul!

Why Isn’t The Media Dragging Bill O’Reilly As They Did Bill Cosby For Sexual Allegations – Ear Hustle 411

The Watch Dog response: Been paying attention for years so this continues to validate the double standards.

In the wake of the allegations of sexual assault by Bill Cosby, a plethora of organizations cut ties with him, previously awarded honors and titles were rescinded, Reruns of The Cosby Show and other shows featuring Cosby were pulled from the air, and 25 colleges and universities revoked his honorary degrees. Keep in mind, that most active lawsuits against Cosby are on hold pending the results of his criminal trial slated for on or around June 5, 2017. I bring this all up to compare to Bill O’Reilly, who is now in a very similar situation to Cosby, yet still retains his job at Trump State TV (Fox News).

A New York Times investigation published Saturday has revealed payments of about $13 million to five women accusing Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, or verbal abuse. How is it that O’Reilly has not suffered the same standard of treatment as Bill Cosby? It is perhaps because “The O’Reilly Factor” draws nearly 4 million viewers nightly?
Lisa Bloom is a lawyer for one of the women O’Reilly settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with that was in the millions of dollars. She is calling out this obvious difference in treatment and consequences between O’Reilly and Cosby. (Read more)

Bill Cosby Saga

When he admitted, I repeat he admitted to giving them pills and there have been cases settled out of court, what is it to talk about?

I am just sitting back waiting on the outcome since I don’t know him nor the women on a personal note.

Choices that we make sometimes come back to haunt us years later so therefore when our time come, then it is what it is.

I don’t know of anything that I can say and do to add to or take away to help Bro. Bill.

University of Massachusetts cuts ties to Cosby – Yahoo News

The Political Agitator response: Cash Michaels I totally agree with your following comments, “I’ve not said much about the Cosby debacle at all, but clearly, with at least 19 women of all colors making claims, at least one criminal investigation in Pa. (no charges due to lack of evidence) and at least one lawsuit settled, where there’s smoke there’s fire. It deeply pains me to say this, but Cosby’s arrogance about all of this has only fed it more. Folks don’t like dancing when there are serious charges on the table. I’m deeply disappointed in a man I grew up admiring!”

BOSTON (AP) — The University of Massachusetts-Amherst has cut ties with alumnus Bill Cosby amid allegations by women accusing him of sexual assault.

A university spokesman told the Boston Globe on Wednesday university officials had asked Cosby to step down as an honorary co-chairman of their $300 million fundraising campaign and Cosby agreed.

Cosby received a master’s degree and a doctorate in education from the university. He and his wife donated several hundred thousand dollars to the university. (Source: Read more)

Wilhelmina Model Paid to Destroy Bill Cosby Comes Forward. (FYM Exposes the Truth!)

On November 15, 2014, FYM, received an email from a Free Housing Project member. She explained in her email that she trusts FYM’s to post the truth about Bill Cosby. She would like to remain anonymous. (FYM fact checks all information prior to release.) FYM has verified the identity of the model who worked with Choice Fowler and Wilhelmina Models in 1982. She also provided us with the booking agents information, names of each casting agent and location. She was given Bill Cosby’s location during that time and we confirmed location. (Source: Read more)

Renita Chaney Hill: Cosby Drugged, Sexually Assaulted Me For Years While He Paid My Tuition

The Political Agitator response: Okay now does this make sense or not. Read what she has to say why she didn’t report it. Who do you think anyone would believe, her or him? So what does she has to gain now? Just asking? I ain’t taking sides but all I know is what she is saying makes sense to me whether it happened or not, I ain’t going to speculate because I have nothing to lose nor gain.

Hill, now a married mother of three living in Pittsburgh, was an aspiring actress and model when Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her over the course of 4 years and even paid her college tuition.

Now 47 years old, Hill was selected when she was a young girl by Cosby to join him on “Picture Pages” after he reached out to her agent and would frequently fly her around the country with her parents’ permission.

At the time, “The Cosby Show” was in full swing and Cosby was reaching the height of his cultural power, and Hill said she didn’t think anyone would believe her. According to her, Cosby would insist that she have an alcoholic beverage even though she was underage and each time she would wake up not remembering what happened past a certain point. (Source: Read more)