Allen Andrews Have You Gone On Your Caucasian Friends Page And Asked Them Why They So Mad With Black Folk?

Allen Andrews Everyone is not going to agree with what is said when it comes to certain agendas, but my question is for the past few days I have seen on your post where you run others down for their race calling them “special” and “ignorant” including your own race at that. I myself treat everyone the same no matter the reaction or their opinion on any topic mentioned. We are to love others regardless of their ethical beliefs or demeanor in the community. Jesus not only came to this world to open a door for us to be saved, but he also lived among us to show us how to treat others. Why all of the hostility towards others when we have so much more depressing matters in the world today. Focusing on the lives of people and sharing the message of HOPE through Jesus Christ is our main goal so at the time of their death they will spend an eternity in Heaven……

My response:

Allen Andrews copy and paste:

where I run down others for their race calling them “special” and “ignorant” including my own race.

I am not you sir I will not lie that I treat everyone the same because some folk want to be treated special and I do just that.

I have stated time and time again I ain’t mad with nobody.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Sir I have treated you with much respect I thought however I will not allow you to come on my page and create a narrative about me without producing the facts. Please respond to the question above.

Have yo been on your Caucasian brothers and sisters page that I call out by name and talk to them about the hate they spew out. I am just responding to their Ignant Racist Mess.

As it relate to Black Folk let the Black folk I call out respond for themselves.

Don’t make it appear that I am calling out all Caucasians and all Black Folk because that is why I say Ignant Racist Special Cs, Ignant Safe Black Folk simply because that means I am talking about certain folk.

What tickles the hell out of me is when folk like you respond as if I am talking to you. Do you feel guilty or what? I am just asking because I don’t think I have directed anything negative to you.

Fact Check Me!

Respond Back!

I’ll Wait!