My Response To An Ignant Poster On African American Reports

The following is my response to an ignant poster on African American Reports in a post titled: Black Tea Party Group to Rally Against NAACP

Jesse after reading your post again you ask, "What has the Dems done for me?" I have been actively engaged in Politics since the early 90’s and it is none of your damn business what you think the Dems have done for me. I will tell you what I have done for me. I began school at 5 years old, I began to work on the family farm at 5 years old whereby my dad and mom worked a public job plus we farmed. I helped my granddad, my great uncles and a white man in the neighborhood up until I was in my early 20’s. I graduated from high school in June 1981 and went to work in July. I still worked on the farm although I worked 7 days a week on my public job. I went to work later where my dad worked and worked there for a couple of years and ran the farm while he worked 2nd shift and I worked 1st. I worked the tobacco and took it to the warehouse to be sold. I then went to work on the job I am at now for the past 24 years and nearly 6 months but while there I worked for a cleaning service and then later worked with Zip Mart until they sold the store to someone and I worked with them until his white son ran them in the whole. I was damn pissed with him because his dad had gave him the store. All of my years of advocacy has been fighting for the least of them. I joined the NAACP not because I had an issue but because I wanted to help make a difference. I joined many organizations. So I ain’t the one when it comes to challenging me about who has done what for me because I have been a Democrat all of my life but I have also had a damn mind of my own and I agree with that that is dear to me and that I do not I challenge whomever. The Jesse’s, the Bonds’ of the world don’t think for me because I can do that for myself.  Now there you have it. Oh I haven’t seen you correct others on misspelled words. I am the agitator and I agitated your …..  Go figure. I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Interview with BOND, black tea party group going after NAACP – Source: African American Reports

Hi this is George Cook owner/writer of I recently posted a story about a black tea party group ( BOND ) that was started by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. On July 24 BOND will hold a  rally against the NAACP. You can see that here: (Read more)

Note: My response:

This is too damn funny to me. I have never seen anything the NAACP have done to make me want to live on welfare and/or to not better myself.

I joined the NAACP in the early 90’s unlike most folks who join because they have a problem that they want the NAACP to fight for them. I joined because I have seen the injustices that black folks and poor white folks have endured. I say poor white folks because they benefit when black folks receive better treatment and etc.

The main problem is folks like this ignant person who have began this 501 c 3 is going after the NAACP but what he is don’t understand is the NAACP is working within their mission. Talking about what the NAACP is doing vs their mission statement the complaint is totally ignorance.

What tickles the hell out of me is there are organizations that suppose to be fighting for the things that he says the NAACP is not doing so why not go after them? Because he would get no publicity. LMBAO

I am proud Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP and I will stand for justice per the mission statement however I am not limited to the NAACP because I do things on my own and or through other avenues according to what the issue may be.

"I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest." Be they black, white and/or other.

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