Abrams BBQ Pinetops NC – None Of The Workers Had On A Mask Saturday June 27, 2020

I thought I had posted an article on my Blog from my phone yesterday but I don’t see it. I am in Facebook Jail until July 3 after a 30 day stay and can’t post straight to Facebook or Comment.

I stopped by Abrams yesterday around 4 PM and the workers had no mask. I asked 1 worker was they required to wear mask and they said yes but it was hard to hear in the drive thru. I left.

I had not been in Arbys in Tarboro until yesterday. I went there and all the workers had on a mask.

I have been receiving text messages about some folk going in this morning Sunday and they have posted their findings that the workers were not wearing a mask.

Kendall Jenkins

57 mins ·

Kin folk, so y’all down here just raw doggin this air in Pinetops, huh?! I wanted me a cheese biscuit so bad when I got here. And ain’t NOBODY wearin a mask in Abrams! Not even the people handling the food. This is crazy. Shabara Janelle Leshaun Jenkins Kendrick Dickens Kechia Shawon Foreman Derron Dozier Reco Dozier Kevin Jenkins Tayana Renee Shayla Yolanda R. Bynum

19La Tanya MissPinky Williams, Shabara Janelle and 17 others





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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Video/Photos: Cancer Awareness Abrams BBQ Pinetops NC Saturday May 10, 2014 5:00 PM Featuring Amanda Rudd, George Dickens & The Gospel Disciples And More

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