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The Kudzu Vine on Blog Talk Radio – We cover Georgia & Southern Politics like Kudzu! Featuring Tim Shiflett’s GOP Outrage of the Week

The Political Agitator was a guest on Kudzu Vine on November 15, 2009.

The Wake Up Call Show – Social issues, empowerment, and history with a concentration on black america and politics. Never Underesteimate the Power to Change Yourself. Never Overestimate the Power to Change Others “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.” – Henry David Thoreau I AM the Future & I will make a Change!

I have participated in some discussions on The Wake Up Call Show for nearly a year now and it has been very enlightening.


4 thoughts on “Blogtalk Radio

  1. Seems to me the goverment (we the people) operate on a premise that intellecually we are all sub-standard. Education is a continuing responsibility of every human being. Many times a moderator will ask a question that is so idiotic, it deserves no answer from a free thinking indiviual.


    (WRITTEN 2011)

    The phase “Common Sense” is used by some leaders is in tented to get those of “Knowledge Challenged” to feel comfortable in their ignorance. This effectively cut civilization off from the level of progress that must be attained to solve today’s critical problems of population growth, Global warming, Renewable Clean energy, disease, food production, education growth. Etc.
    If you start off with a false information base, you will most times end up with false conclusions. Remember the time, when it was held as a matter of national policy that “a mind is a terrible thing to lose.” Today, the determined to be stupid are saying, “Reasoning is a terrible waste of time and facts are nothing but a bother!”
    Some common misleading presentations of the “Coalition of Ignorance, Fear, and Emotion” are:
    1. The more you cut taxes the more tax revenue flows into federal coffers.
    2. History proves America is a Christian nation.
    3. Climate change is either not happening at all or, if it is happening, it has nothing to do with our use of fossil fuels.
    4. Slashing regulation of business and high finance is good for business, good for the nation and good for the American public.
    5. If the rich are allowed to keep more of their earnings they will share it with everyone else, (trickle down).
    6. School science classes should be “fair and balanced,” like Fox News, when teaching the origins of life on earth by teaching the biblically-inspired “creationist” version alongside Darwin’s scientific theory of evolution.
    7. President Obama “may not have been born in America” as he claims.
    8. President Obama is “a secret Muslim.”
    9. Taxes are inherently bad.
    10. America can solve it’s debt problem by cutting taxes to rich and
    11. Unions are detrimental to economic progress.
    12. Science is no more than witchcraft, magic beliefs, and misleading to progress.
    The greatest tragedy is that this false information is being seen in the books and curriculum of our educational system. Even science is feeling the onslaught of ignorance and false information in the references of their body of information! “Spelling Bees” are now more important than the knowledge of reasoning and science! If you can spell it correctly the reasoning and ignorance does not matter!! A “Spelling Bee” winner is not the mark/indicator of a high intellect and IQ!! A fool can spell fool and not know what a fool really is! Our schools are teaching our children to be “Spelling Fools” and “Reasoning Challenged!”
    Michelle Bachmann believes that the founding fathers “didn’t rest until the put an need to slavery” and the first shot “heard around the world” that started our war of independence was fired in New Hampshire etc..
    America, a beacon of freedom, knowledge and science, is letting “Creeping Ignorance” turn the it into a nation that only Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Boahner, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’riely, FOX TV News, and Ann Coulter, et al., could love: one big “Festival of Stupidity!”

    Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, BS, MS, MA, EdD
    Look Forward to Your Comments
    E-MAIL JSCRU5750 (at) AOL.COM
    Frankly Speaking Blogs;


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