Black Folk Better Start Having Some Real Conversations About The Noise

I have been talking to some folk who says that Black folk are not having real conversations about issues and people.

Some folk are concerned that we have a few Black folk who are distractions with their noise. Their noise consist of lies, half-trues and just simply misleading folk. But because folk that know the trues will not speak out, the noise is a distraction because some folk that don’t know believe the noise. Folk that know the trues are afraid to speak out because of the possible retaliation from those keeping the noise.

Those who are keeping the noise everyone need to question their personal agendas. It is okay to have personal agendas as long as when seeking office that personal agendas are for the benefit of all folk directly and/or indirectly.

It is the belief that some folk strongly feel those who are keeping the noise is working with other folk to help keep the Black community right where we are.

It is okay to hold current elected officials and leaders in the Black community accountable but only if it is based on trues. There is a difference in accountability and just keeping noise for one own self aggrandizement.

Other folk have figured it out to just let the Black folk who are keeping the noise attend the meetings and using other platforms to distract the Black community. Have you noticed other folk don’t come to the Rocky Mount City Council meetings? Only a few post comments on the Rocky Mount City Council page when the council meetings are going on. And those comments are just so ignorant that it ain’t funny. They attack the city manager and mainly 2 councilmen but the Black noise they are attacking the City Manager and all of the Black councilmembers.

The other folk have been mad with Councilmen Pastor Andre Knight and Pastor Reuben Blackwell for years. When Pastor Richard Joyner came on the other folk thought he was going to go against Knight and Blackwell. And then when Rev. TJ Walker came onboard the other folk thought by he being young that he was going to go against Knight, Blackwell and Joyner.

I challenged the process when Joyner was appointed to the council but since he has been voting in the best interest of all citizens. Walker has been voting for the best interest as well but some folk are concerned about his stability.

It amazes me how some folk who are keeping noise don’t understand that what they are doing makes no sense. But then again some have no clue. To think that our Black elected officials and leaders have been worse than other folk over the years is just too ignorant. Our Black elected officials and leaders have inherited mess and they are trying to work through it. I don’t agree with everything that our Black elected officials and leaders do but I know from whence we come. With knowing that, I have a problem because many of the folk keeping the noise has not been at the table nor around the table since I have been actively engaged since the late 80’s.

I have put in too much time in Edgecombe County politics for the noise makers to think they are just going to get a free ride. I ain’t saying I know it all, that I am somebody but what I will say is I know what I know and I am who I am. And I also can say I know who you are, what you have done and haven’t done so I will challenge folk when it becomes to politics.

Don’t get it twisted, yes you have the right to get into politics but it is my right to challenge you too.

The upcoming election Rocky Mount City Council has the opportunity to make history and that is since Councilwoman Chris Miller is not seeking re-election there is a chance to elect a Black person. But you have 2 Black candidates that have announced they are running and 1 White candidate at the moment. But we shall see when the filing period begins.

Blackwell seat is up for re-election and at the moment I have not heard of a candidate that has announced as of yet to challenge him.

Joyner seat is up and Bronson Williams has stated several times he is seeking to oust him. Bronson and Gwen Wilkins were seeking the appointment when Joyner was appointed to replace former councilman Lamont Wiggins.

There should be some focus on WB Bullock seat also since he is not seeking re-election. It may be hard for a Black candidate to win but somebody need to go for it.

If I could vote for the candidates that have shown interest in the upcoming elections I would vote for Reuben Blackwell Ward 2, Richard Joyner Ward 3 and Linwood Williams Ward 7. I can’t vote for them but I will support all of them.

Blackwell has done a good job over the years. Joyner has shown that he is doing work in his ward and he is supporting the work outside of his ward. Joyner has a proven track record of getting things done. I have worked with Linwood Williams in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party and on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission.

Now to that end I am going to be watching and listening to the noise and responding to it. Don’t get mad with me when I challenge you on what you say.

Let’s go!

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