Folk You Better Listen Carefully

I am watching folk and listening carefully to what is going on. Don’t think it is all White folk that are playing politics but you better stop, look and listen to some folk who are talking. You better listen to what they are saying, who they are following and how they are moving about.

Listen to what some folk are saying and I dare you to challenge them and you will to see how they change their story.

I am listening and if I didn’t work a real job I would challenge them daily as they speak but unfortunately I have to work.

It has been my desire to be able to get up and deal with the political evil forces that are not into politics for the good of all the people but only, I repeat only into politics for what they can get for themselves and their friends.

I have been calling out folk when it comes to politics so like I told a guy a couple of weeks ago when he approached me, oh so I suppose to give you special treatment?

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

I am unbought and unbossed!

As we are moving toward the next election I am looking at folk who are talking politics sideways. I have invested too much time into Community and Political Activism to allow folk to use other folk for self aggrandizement.

Now Run & Tell That!

I’ll wait!

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