President Donald Trump Vs Bob Woodward Book About COVID-19 Being Downplayed

I don’t like to get into the assumption thing something that can’t be proven.

With Trump record out of all of the things he been called out on and folk still supported what he said, I would think that they would have supported him downplaying it then and now.

Since he is still downplaying it even after we have heard the recording, so I wonder what difference would it have made?

He has told and continue to tell folk to do Absentee Voting and go to the Polls here in NC too.

So unless it was a crime what he did, what difference does it make?

My thing is he lied and that he continues to prove he is a liar.

Now for Woodward is what he did a crime?

I see what he did as what normal folk would do that have a complaint be it on their job, a rape case and other, some folk don’t come out then but come out later.

Again the only thing that bothers me is the President is a liar and it has been proven.

This have not made me look at him any different than I have since he became President.

And in my closing, the President is the one that is running the country so to compare Woodward holding information to the President’s standards ain’t for me.

Now as bad as the COVID is and folk have lost their lives, I find it hard to believe that the President have not said this stuff in front of others that too could have informed us.

I have a problem with Dr. Fauci’s response when he said he don’t think the President intentionally downplayed the COVID. But then again he report to who?

I don’t like talking about some things that is based on opinion, I like to base my opinions on facts. So therefore I don’t know if Woodward telling it earlier would have saved lives or not.

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