Tarboro NC – Listen To Audio Of This Police Stop, Should Law Enforcement Officers Call Black Folk And Other Folk By Their Names And Not Refer To Them As MFs?

Mzz Mello Hinton shared the following Videos on her Facebook page about a traffic stop in Tarboro NC last night Friday September 12, 2020.

I do not support criminal activity at any level so don’t get it twisted because I promote Black Lives Matter. I do not promote bad Law Enforcement Officers but I support Law Enforcement. I ain’t even entertaining that Blue Lives Matter B.S. because I support Good Law Enforcement so if you say Law Enforcement Officers Lives matter then I can say that. But Blue Lives Matter ain’t for me because wearing a Blue Uniform versus my being a Black Man is not comparable. Plus Blue Lives Matter is not a damn body. All LEO’s do not wear Blue. What LEO’s wear Blue Uniforms? I’ll wait!

I don’t know what happened on this traffic stop and only speaking to what I heard in the audio. This type of mentality should not be allowed and any LEO who act out of their profession need to be reprimanded. Hell he called him a MF but I bet he wanted to call him a Nigger.

I am already having an issue with the Tarboro Police Chief crossing the line with his Facebook post, “Tarboro NC – Police Chief Jesse Webb Crossed The Line Comparing His Police Work With Entertainment of NBA Players Who Boycotted On Wednesday.” Read it for yourself.

I don’t have a relationship with Tarboro Police Chief however I do have one with Pinetops and the Edgecombe County Sheriff. They know I will hold them accountable for their actions so this ain’t just about Tarboro. Also I hold all folk accountable for their actions being that I am a Community and Political Activist.

This how TPD talk/treat black young boys WHO ARE NOT under arrest.
Click On Photo To Listen to Audio
Click On Photo To Listen To Audio

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