“Healing Wholeness & Repatriation Reconciliation Sought By The Surviving Damaged Families of Victims of the COVI-19 Pandemic” {Speculative}

“The Crucial & Essential Challenge for Valid-Repatriation” as certified, United States American Citizens!  Now is the time to seriously, invoke-adamantly in the spiritual subconsciousness of our moral-existence; of everybody here in North America who was directly or indirectly damaged by the pre-meditated negligence (as it relates to the current Pandemic-COVID-19 Virus). The time is here to gather all abled minded (as many as earthly possible) to form a ‘Team  of Legal Professionals’ representing the projected ‘400,000+ Deaths’  increasing certain-surety (with) specificity upon the ‘Children/Youth’, our primary future.  The poor impoverished, middle class and a few wealthy families (regardless of their racial ethnicity or economic status) who have lost ‘uselessly’ their loved ones.  These surviving victims of their dearly beloved (400,000+ Coronavirus Genocidal Deaths); due to deliberate-inferior, impaired, inapt planning by the ‘United States Government and The Donald J. Trump Administration.’  Resulting in ‘Incongruous  Behavior’ that would/has presented us to the entire World as; less creditable than we’d like to have been perceived.  Obviously, the non remorseful, non-empathetic,  self-proclaimed-irresponsible and apparently unaccountable, inappropriate, demagoguery conduct as a Leader of one of the ‘Free-World Countries,’ has inadvertently effected our original aristocratic-position, ‘comparatively-less favorably’ on a global scale.

The alleged-data has been prepared via published books, documents, tapes, newsletters, magazines, legal notes and even ‘verbal admission/testimonies’ by some of the ‘eccentric-actors/perpetrators’ of this grave and horrendous injustice to humanity, here on the land of the so-called ‘Equal-Free and Liberated’.  FYI.  It is time to initiate a Nation-wide petition for a special, coalesive  Team of Legal Professionals to be launched especially to guarantee that [those deceased and those projected to encounter the same fate].  That their survivors shall have more than adequate/normal legal-representation to be repaired, reconciled and healed by the systemic-heinous act of barbarism perpetuated by this governing body of failed leadership!  [America is comprised of 4 geographical regions]; and it is being highly-recommended that 4 separate Legal Teams of The United Coalition Professional Lawyers from each region, should come together united as one “COVID-19 Legal Defense Coalition/Umbrella.” “Go Fund Me Fundraiser Social Media Network Services“ -for this project; could be the primary and ultimate, financial source to fund (Legal Attorney fees and court cost expenses etc.) to secure successfully such a Health Humanitarian Project.

As a cost incentive; the ‘Circumstantial Evidence’ has already been compiled in the legal forms of ‘Books’ by ‘non fictional’ authenticated authors already published with perhaps more vital facts to come forth.  I highly recommend that Author, “Bob Woodward’s Book” (among other Literary-Contributors) be included in the compiling and profiling the data to build the case.  The time is now to initiate bringing closure to this nightmarish episode of America’s Scariest Journey in our ‘Modern-Life’s Time’.  Hopefully, through collective-Prayers, God shall use this episode to wake up (once more) the entire world as in ‘Ancient Ages’THAT, when He’s had enough, He has very many-peculiar ways (many at His volition to ‘Humble His Subjects) in order that He may be able to use ‘them’ (the Chosen pure in Heart, Spirit and Soul) in the completion and in accordance to His Master Plan.  “What more evidence do we/you need to be able to recognize; What Time It Is?”  Please; in your leisure

Visit the “BOOK OF REVELATION”—this isn’t new stuff, it’s been demonstrated quite  few times when God Looses His Patience- I’m in awe of what took Him so long;…then again (it ain’t my call) He has His Own Time Frame.  I would’ve cleaned up thisDemonic Shit House’ long, long time ago!

Milton Bullock / Author

Contributor, Columnist/Journalist

Activist for Civil & Human Righteousness

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