Tarboro NC – An Anonymous Letter To Some Business Owners Because They Support Black Lives Matter


The only problem with Social Media is some folk say ignant mess. Those who say ignant mess like the person who wrote the letter, they are the problem.

If folk would look at the facts and stop going on what someone else say just because it sounds good to them, the better off we would be.

It is sad talking boycotting 2 business because they have Black Live Matter posted on their window shows the mentality of the haters of Black folk.

See when you have folk who talking about Social media is dividing folk because of how they see BLM then the same can be said about those folk on Social Media who can’t distinguish between the good folk and those who make bad choices.

Folk Black, Brown, White and other make some bad choices but the ones that make bad choices are not the majority.

When you prove that the majority of the folk who promote Black Lives Matter are folk who make bad choices then your point becomes valid but anybody in their right mind know that is not the case.

So for folk who have an issue with folk promoting Black Lives Matter you have a serious problem because you have a problem with me because I am Black.

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