Edgecombe County -Black Lives Matter! Crime Didn’t Just Start! Be Distracted If You Want To! Don’t Blame Me!

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For you woke now folk that talk about what I and some others have not done when it comes to Edgecombe County politics ie: Black on Black Crime, School System Issues, Economic Development and other.

We been sacrificing our time and resources for Ungrateful Negro Black Folk who side with Ignant Racist White Folk.

Rocky Mount stay in the news because Ignant Racist White Folk have been mad every since the City became a Black Majority Council.

Tarboro has not been in the news like Rocky Mount however there are some issues there and Black Folk are allowing them to get a free pass at the moment but the issues exist. It didn’t start with the Confederate Monument either, been there.

It is a damn shame Black Folk can’t fight for what they deserve unless they have to be criminals. Hell yeah there are some Black Criminals but damnit I ain’t one so talk to those who are. These Ignant Racist White Folk try to discredit Black Folk and then the same ones that Big Mad because we say BLACK LIVES MATTER! Damn you would think it is a law against being Black.

Now until you can show me where Black Elected Officials have been charged with a crime then go somewhere and sit down and shut the hell up.

If a Black Elected Official is charged with a crime I am going to be the 1st to report it because I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interests. I don’t promote crime so I don’t want to hear your opinions not based on facts.

Hell we have had too many Black Folk to go to jail and to killed over the years because folk like Trump supporters just lie, lie, lie like their Un the hell sta ble President.

But the real problem is when you have Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk who say mess about Black Leadership that Ignant Racist White Folk want to hear, the IRWF take that as validating their mess.

Black Lives Matter!