Tarboro Town Council Vote 5 – 3 To Remove The Confederate Monument From The Town Commons Monday August 10, 2020

Tarboro Town Council Meeting Monday August 10, 2020 7:00 PM

So why is the Town Council blocking out the video so we can’t see who are online.

A realtor she talked about the statue can not be removed because the Town don’t have the right to.

So County Commissioner Billy Wooten how many folk did you actually talk to since you say you represent about 7000 citizens.

You say you were present to represent yourself so if that was the case why in the hell did you go there talking about who you talked to and what they said. You say no one came to you. Why should they come to you when you are not on the Town Council that is who they should have gone to.

It is obvious you are speaking for yourself and other Caucasians that you are representing.

As my Edgecombe County Commissioner when are you going to address the Racial Issues on the 4th Floor of the County Building?

I’ll wait!

Patsy Miller Really? Oh Racism exist in Tarboro. Nope can’t change what is in someones heart but can change the environment.

Brandy Paige Chappell – Educator For removable and gave an education lesson on history of Confederacy.

She talked about the person who dedicated the statue he talked about beating a Negro.

Move Statue to the Museum.

Eddie Taylor – Chose not to come forward.

Dan Leggett – Plumber Wow! No he didn’t got there about Freedom Hill sign? The hell those folk went through to build up Princeville can not be compared to the Confederate Monument.

Man – Compromise – Council need to decide.

Elijah Sellers – 11th Grader Statue must come down. We have compromised for so long that is compromise. Black have dealt with it for years. Differentiate a statue from a house. Look at how Black women were raped and black folk have been whipped. Statue must come down. Compromise is to remove the statue. Statue is a symbol of a broken system. Hand Claps!

Demetrius Hill – Sympathy Walk Care less about the statue but he has a problem with folk saying they didn’t know the town have a problem with racism. Just do what is right.

Phillip Lampron Principal Prep School Tarboro – From Duplin County. Should be moved. Town is divided by Racism. Told stories about stories of what has happened in Tarboro over the years.

Damn he said he never seen Caucasians stand around the Common before now but talking about why folk want to talk about it now. Damn that was good!

Cornel Boyd – 1st Class of Integration in Tarboro Gave the history of how the School name of Tarboro High voted on it ot never be Tarboro High again but now it is Tarboro High again.

Bryce Knight – Decisions are made with division in mind. Save Our Town and Our Statue on Veterans Marque. That is with division not all folk in the town.

Statue is an imaginary divide of the streets. Simply unite instead and not divide.

Old Tarboro, family history where money gonna come from? Need to look at when it was erected. It was not about honoring the dead. Band played Dixie. Daughters of Confederacy found money to put it up. Jim Crow was intimidation tactic.

A tangible reminder of Slavery. Outright Treason. Represent lynching and against the right to vote. Redlining and gerrymandering.

Time to put right over wrong. Just do the right thing.

Loretta Hilliard All for removing statue. Heard so many things that folk said tonight. You don’t have the right to tell Black Folk how to feel and think. This generation is bolder now so we are ready to speak out now. We have educated ourselves and now is the time.

Want to know how I feel ask me? And don’t say I should not feel that way.

The movement is not going to stop as Dan Leggett said.

Not intimidated by the monument but I stand with removing it.

Alyssa Ruffing – Statue should come down. Why compromise? Black Folk been compromising all of their life.

How can you move forward by not taking it down?

Greg Higgs – Attended 3 meetings. Blacks, outsiders coming to destroy the town but no Black folk spoke about White this and that.

Do you really want to tell the children in the school system the truth? Not!

Family members were afraid to walk across the Commons.

If you tell the folk the truth about the statue they will feel a certain kind of way.

Steve Revage – Don’t know what it is like to be Black. Not in favor of removing statue. Sir we don’t need no damn statue to teach our children. Said the children are educated and the parents need to teach them life lessons.

Now time for the vote.

Council do have a legal right to remove the statue per the attorney.

Othar Woodard made motion to remove.

2nd by Sabrina Pettaway Bynum

Councilman Othar Woodard gave speech will be false information about the statue will continue as long as it is still standing.

Councilman Brown have made progress. Talked to more Blacks than Whites. Some were long and some were short. Did talk to people.

Councilman Taylor concerned about bids for removable. Later meeting who would be new owners would be. Procedures would have to be followed.

Councilman John Jenkins substitute motion need to decide to take it down to consist of 4 people. Talked about COVID-19 where would the money come from?

No the hell he didn’t say it was 50 – 50 or 60 – 40 depends on which side you are on. Really?

I believe that this is an illegal substitute motion.

Talking about postponing the vote to form a committee and come back and hear the committee. Really!

Who in the hell is the lawyer because this is getting out of control?

Tell them Othar you don’t put this in the control of the lawyer. This is SYSTEMIC RACISM!

Councilman Tate Mayo – Support Jenkins motion.

Divisive issue – Don’t see why we need a Confederate Monument.

Should not have the monument on The Commons.

Councilwoman Deborah Dew-Jordan said it need to come down. It is not about us but it is about what is right.

Voted on Substitute Motion it was voted against then asked for a hand vote. Failed a 2nd time.

Damn who keeping the minutes they should have the damn motion written down.

Vote to Remove.

Another comment Councilman X said respect the vote.

For – 5 Against – 3

Damn carry the damn vote through and announce Statue coming down.

Well I will say Statue voted to be Removed!

Damn gone to another agenda item. Really!

Councilman Leo Taylor said Oh hell yeah the Daughter of Confederacy didn’t give a damn about Black Folk during that time so yes it was Intentional Racism.

I agree the intent does not matter but the impact! Thank you!

Now he say he is fired up. Told them to go vote and run for a seat if you want to.

Said he learned from the COVID-19 experience.

Elijah Sellers was the best speaker of the evening. He covered all that needed to be said.

I love to hear from young folk.

One thought on “Tarboro Town Council Vote 5 – 3 To Remove The Confederate Monument From The Town Commons Monday August 10, 2020

  1. Thank you DCN. It’s the right time to address issues that have come up before but left undone. This is the second time Tarboro Town Council has addressed the removal of the Confederate statue since my election to the council. I do not recall how the first round got tabled. As a child of God, a Black Woman and a grandmother, I made the best decision to remove the statue to a more suitable place than for it to continue to be on public display for the INTENT of it’s placement. To hear so many White citizens speak about how the statue isn’t bothering anyone and that it represents their heritage and history, was disturbing. I have been disturbed by those statements because Black people have ALWAYS had feelings about being reminded of slavery, Jim crow, segregation and racism. Tarboro has racist living here! But since I know better I must do better as well as the rest of the citizens here. I’m no saint, but strive everyday to do what is right by all people all the time. Not only when someone is watching but when God is watching which is all the time.
    For the record I don’t need a camera to speak my truths so run tell that! I’d like to thank all my Sisters and Brothers that spoke truth to power during public comments. It’s healing time so let’s move forward together.
    Peace and Blessings
    Councilwoman Deborah Jordan
    Ward 6


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