Edgecombe County Democrats That Were On The Call To Appoint A New County Chair Was Because As Follows And Not What Martha K. Johnson Said

First of all the call should not have taken 3 hours and should have been over in 1 hour or less.

The real reason why we were having the meeting unlike why the chair was saying we were is that Rev. Higgs and the entire County Executive Committee including Martha failed to perform their duties after being elected in 2019. A petition was filed shortly after asking for a re-election of the County Officers however the NC State Democratic Party failed to respond to the petition. Somehow it just didn’t get done.

Later another petition was filed and this petition was upheld. The petition was held and Higgs was removed.

I was on a April 6 call with the NC State Democratic Party, Deborah Jordan, Viola Harris, Sarah Peveler, State Chair, State Director, Rev. Higgs and a couple of others. Martha and no other County Officers got on the call. We were trying to get the County Convention together but the State had no information from Higgs about what precincts had met. I told the State Chair and the Director that I would send them the list of the Executive Committee that Higgs gave out when we appointed the Register of Deeds on December 17, 2020. I went to OFFICE DEPOT and made copies of the list of the County Executive Committee and my Precinct Package and had OFFICE DEPOT emailed them to the State Director. I said to call these chairs to see if they are still the chair and if they were not they would be able to tell you if they met and also if they were not they should be able to tell them who the new chairs are.

Higgs acted a damn fool on the April 6 call and said he had no respect for the State Chair.

Martha moved up per the Plan of Organization to carry out the duties of the acting chair until a chair was elected. Well she did ab so damn lute ly nothing to bring the entire Executive Committee together and especially to get precincts organized since she knew they were questions during the County Conventions that she carried out with the help of the State Party doing as less as she possibly could. However I questioned why Martha made it all about her because she should have had a meeting with the other 4 County Officers so that they could make decisions and together. That is the purpose of the (6) County Officers which was down to 5 since Higgs had been removed.

Higgs was removed by the NC State Democratic Party and he appealed. The appeal was upheld.

Some of us had been trying to communicate with the County Officers and they would not respond to us nor the State but Martha was only basically communicating with Don Davis. Wrong answer!

So Edgecombe County Democrats this is the reason why we had to hold an election to replace Rev. Roosevelt Higgs unlike Martha using up all of that time trying to make the petitioners look bad because all they wanted was for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to be a functioning party because up until now the County Officers had not performed their duties.

Now there you have it however I have emails to validate everything I am saying.