Edgecombe County Executive Committee Election Results (July 30, 2020) And The Winner Is Coach Leshaun Jenkins


And The Winner Is:

Coach Leshaun Jenkins  Hometown Tarboro NC   68.5 Nominated by Commissioner/Precinct Chair Viola Harris Tarboro
Martha Knight Johnson  Hometown Tarboro NC   47    Nominated by Precinct Chair Ernest Taylor Rocky Mount

County Officers that voted for Martha K. Johnson
Martha K. Johnson 1st Vice
Gladys Shelton 2nd Vice
Bronson Williams 3rd Vice/Precinct Chair 12-2 He chose to Vote as Precinct Chair so he could vote 6 votes versus 1 vote as 3rd Vice County Chair
However he could have given someone his Proxy to Vote in either capacity so could have really had 7 votes
Tamisha Patterson Secretary
Stephanie Hunter Treasurer

None of the County Officers responded when some of us, myself and some others reached out to them. Now I didn’t try to reach Shelton but could have easily done so by phone but I wanted to do it by internet.

It is sad that these County Officers voted to keep the party right where it was in a mess. This is important because when the Executive Committee is not in session the County Officers can meet and do business. This was the mentality that existed under the leadership of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs no meetings that we the Executive Committee was made aware of. When the County Officers meet they should make the entire Executive Committee although it would be up to the County Officers to allow the Executive Committee to speak during the meeting.

Until these County Officers show me publicly that they want to move the party forward with the rest of us who voted for change and to move forward, then I will look at them sideways.

Precinct Chairs
J.O. Williams, Jr.
Roy Gray
Mary Blackwell Hinton
Doris Howington 1 for Johnson 1.5 for Jenkins
Samuel Branch
Dorothy Tucker
Ernest Taylor
Bronson Williams
Lillie Worsley
Lovie A. Thomas for Evelyn Johnson – Wow Evelyn goes to the same church as Coach Jenkins.

Rev. J.O. Williams, Sr. and Rev. Roy Gray it is sad that you are the only Pastors that voted to hold the party right where it was. I hope you don’t make them kind of choices in your church.

I feel Mary Blackwell Hinton voted for her because they also serve on the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission. But Martha was trying to keep her from being able to vote. Mary said that Higgs said he had the Precinct Meeting and she could not attend and Higgs said Martha could validate it because he gave her the information. She said she had no information. So that lead me to think that Precinct 4-1 where Mary Blackwell Hinton was the Chair and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs was the Vice Chair did not meet. And also the information should have been given to the Chair Mary Blackwell Hinton by Higgs.

I understand why Samuel Branch supported her because he, Martha and I used to have the same Pastor.

I understand why Dorothy Tucker may have supported her because I had to tell Jackie King that Martha was not the one several months ago.

Bronson I understand why he didn’t vote for Jenkins because he supported your opposition when you ran for mayor in Rocky Mount, Jenkins could not vote for you because he lives in Tarboro and even if he did, this was not about you but what was best for the entire county.

I have not seen Lillie Worsley in years so I don’t know her motive.

Can’t believe that Dr. Evelyn Johnson didn’t tell her proxy to vote for Jenkins. They go to the same church. But I understand that, that does not mean anything because Martha Knight Johnson is a Mother in my church.

Only a few Democrats know the role I played in all of this. I was working emails to the County Officers and they never responded. However the emails went to the petitioners for the removal of Higgs, 1st Congressional District Chair, State Chair, State Director and several others.

If anyone know me know that I put my all and all into organizations especially when I hold a title. I represent the county and not just myself so it ain’t about me. Actually I am going to be alright so I am here for the least of these.

I am challenging all Edgecombe County Democrats to let’s make some Good Trouble. It is about us first uniting and then go out and get good Good Democrats elected so we can defeat our opposition in November.

Now whatever you see me post I am speaking for Curmilus Butch Dancy II so don’t get it twisted it that I am speaking for you, you and you. However know that I am going to hold this Chair and everyone accountable for their actions. I have been doing just that since I joined the party so I am not stopping now. The Chair position changed but Curmilus Butch Dancy II passion for Edgecombe County Democrats and all folk in Edgecombe has not changed. My purpose is to help make Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play.

Visit Coach Leshaun Jenkins on Facebook.

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