These Pastors Comments Tickles The Hell Out Of Me!

I posted this on Thursday July 23, 2020 and I know I who will respond indirectly because they can’t handle being challenged. But obviously they feel guilty. But you see I ain’t scared to post them trues and see how they come for me indirectly. I am just responding to what they say but then they get mad. Now I know some of them real good and boy do they have an attitude problem. But what they need to recognize and understand is just because I post it here, don’t think that I don’t talk to folk and they are watching you and watching me and they say things. Some folk don’t say things publicly but I do and I get credit for a lot of things that others say however we be in agreement so therefore I can post it without fear of the comeback. Folk delete me because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of folk misleading folk and thinking they can say anything but folk can’t respond to them. If you don’t want to see what I am saying you better Unfriend and/or Block me now.

These Pastors comments tickles the hell out of me!

Folk you better use Common Sense.

They have Bible Study and a Church Service on Sunday but do nothing for the people on other days but talk about what the folk are talking about.

So damn glad I know the man for myself and don’t have to rely on Pastor to tell me what, when and how much I can talk about anything.

Pastors what about your hurting congregation, the sick, the unemployed, the schools reopen dilemma?

Do you go to meetings?


Talk to me.

Now Run, Run and Tell That!


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