Rep. James D. Gailliard State Water Infrastructure

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Advocating for inclusive policies for Constituents in Nash County-Rocky Mount

State Water Infrastructure

While we are busy navigating the challenges of public health, businesses and school re-openings and legislating for equity in criminal justice, we are also continuing to invest in our rural infrastructure.

Water infrastructure is critical in Eastern North Carolina to make sure our water is clean, our natural resources are protected, and our businesses can grow. We need more of this type of investment. That is why I support state bond proposals to allow the voters to take advantage of low interest rates to approve new investments in public school buildings, transportation projects, and clean water infrastructure.

Although I am not elected by all of these regions (below), I do champion regional infrastructure development and want to share these recently announced projects in our region funded by the State Water Infrastructure Authority.

Below, are the Cities, Types of Projects Approved on July 8, 2020 and Total Funding Amount

· Enfield: Water Improvement, $859,685

· Whitakers: Water Line Replacement, $750,000

· Elm City: Sewer System Rehab, $1,996,726

· Bailey: Sewer System Rehab, $533,900

Representative James D. Gailliard

committed to:

The People of Nash County-Rocky Mount

Progressive solutions for Rural Issues

Principles that foster Common Sense Legislation


Rep. James Gailliard, District 25 | 536 Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, NC 27601



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