Morris Wilder Says Withhold Your Utility Payments

The Political Agitator’s response: My question is how in the hell do you only want a city council person to respond to the write offs how about the other folk who got millions of dollars written off and Caucasian folk been doing write offs and other for years along with other special stuff. But when Black folk start reaping the benefits it is a problem. Write offs are not illegal so go somewhere and sit down and shut the hell up. Folk don’t listen to this dude because your ass gonna be in the damn DARK!

Withhold your utility payments

I just received my utility bill in the mail as usual.

However, I decided that instead of paying the bill as I normally do, I would send a letter to the city and the mayor stating that I would be withholding my payment, and all future payments, until the City Council takes the appropriate actions to fully answer all the allegations presented in the report by the state auditor, Ms. Beth Wood.

I am urging that all the citizens of the city to take this same approach. If our words are not getting actions, maybe withholding our money will.

Morris Wilder

Rocky Mount

#Blacklivesmatter #Iwatchedvideo

#Iamnotok #Ibeenengagedbeforenow
#Coronavirusstayfocused #Stayhome

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

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