Glenn Polland The Real Problem Is You Don’t Get To Pick & Choose What Black Folk Choose To Do

The Political Agitator’s response: Glenn Polland first of all I am a 57 year old grown ass Black Man so you don’t get to tell me what I choose to make my priority. You go march for Chris Beatty and report back. You march about the the riots in Chicago. I don’t give a damn if George Floyd was a felon so you say, it didn’t give them Special Cs the right to kill him. You say All Lives Matter. Well my Black Life Matter and I will march for my ass and since you say All Lives Matter then march for your ass. Get that! Who in the hell said all Police were bad? Damn you say you have more Black friends than White. Well I question their definition of a friend because I be damn if I am friends with folk who have the mentality you are displaying here. I will speak to your ass but to call you a friend, oh hell to the no! If you say there are more Whites killed by Cops then why in the hell don’t you and others march about it? Black folk will march about the killing of Black folk so y’all can do the same. Oh but what you want us to march on your behalf? I do agree with you that I am not an African American I am a Proud Black Ass Man! But the issue with the African American ain’t it on some applications? Hell but we ain’t even going there about the damn many names Black folk have been called. And lastly you damn sure can’t speak for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so you can end that B.S. right there with your Phd. Hell I am a Dr. too! LMBAO! Now Run & Tell That!
William Manley added 34 new photos — at Ebenezer Baptist Church-Rocky Mount, NC.

17 hrs · Rocky Mount ·

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  • Glenn Poland

    Glenn Poland Seems like a big turn out, are they going to March for Chris Beatty a former football player who was shot to death trying to save the lives of 2 young girls, he was black, and what about the 3 year old baby and 4 teens gunned down last weekend by thugs in the riots in Chicago, are they marching on their behalf. But they are marching for a man killed by white cops who was a felon and shouldn’t have been in society to start off with. Seems to me someone needs to get their priorities straight

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    • William Manley

      William Manley Glenn Poland have contact Mr Walker for his planes , my job as a photographer is to document it

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    • Glenn Poland

      Glenn Poland William Manley I understand but I have my opinion on doing something for innocent Black Americans slain in the streets their lives matter too, but it seems that the BLM movement is marching on the agenda predicated by white liberals and the agenda that they set forth.

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    • William Manley

      William Manley Glenn Poland let me know when you do it i will come

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    • Glenn Poland

      Glenn Poland William Manley 10-4, I’ve tried buddy but nobody listens so it’s like I care more than the ones that should be wanting to stop the violence

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    Curmilus Butch Dancy II

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  • Nene Shaquarra

    Nene Shaquarra Glenn PolandSoooo just because he was a felon was his life less important? What happened to second chances after incarceration or is that only for white folk? AND his felony record had nothing to do with why he was killed. That is being used as a defle…See More

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  • Glenn Poland

    Glenn Poland I am educated, a lot more than u it appears I’m saying all lives matter y r they focused on one when many more are killed every day but I guess to all of u it’s ok as long as it’s not by cops. U do ur research mam, and find more white men are killed by cops every year but u don’t hear anything about it. U r protesting but other than a walk what the hell are u doing to change things. I’m going to say this and let it go, all lives matter and the only race that matters is the Human Race which has no color. U can spin it ever how u want but all police are not bad. That’s like a conversation I had with a young black girl because her and her boyfriend werr told to leave a restaurant if he didn’t pull his pants up, she said that’s racist because it’s a black thing, I said no it’s a thug thing because I have more black friends than white and none of them dress that way. I said u r stereotyping your own race. Point is there is good and bad in every person not to be put on others in that race or profession

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    • Nene Shaquarra

      Nene Shaquarra Glenn Poland I never said it was okay, I SAID THE PRESENT ISSUE AT HAND…. and statistically yes you’re right there are more whites people killed by cops HOWEVER statistically African Americans make up roughly 13 percent of the population and are 2.8 times more likely to be killed by police, 14.8 percent more likely to be killed WHILE UNARMED ( ) That is the problem. I also said that while those other things are important and should be addressed they were your way of DEFLECTING from the issue of that current protest. Also, how did you go from what about xyz to what is protesting going to do. I’m not one that believes in nonviolent protesting so ‍♀️. Dr. King was nonviolent and preaching non-violence and he was killed.
      ALSO, all lives can’t matter until black lives do (also another attempt to minimize), FELON or not that man’s life mattered. There are white people right here in NC that pull guns on cops but make it to trial. Cops are paid to do a job not be judge, jury and executioner on sight and when you kill a unarmed man by kneeling on his neck to the point that he stops breathing that’s exactly what he did.
      I never said all cops were bad, that is your ASSUMPTION. ALSO, I don’t care what your conversation with someone was about their pants it doesn’t negate the issue.
      If you would like a list of books to read or documentaries to watch I’m sure I’ve learned enough on my journey to a PhD in Psychology to share. Have a wonderful day.

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    • Glenn Poland

      Glenn Poland No such thing as African American, u can’t be born in both countries, if u were born here u r an American period. All I’m saying is if they focus on just that, and they are, how can u say black lives matter because u r not fighting for all black men and women. The issue is it all needs to stop, but these protesters are way out of hand and causing more harm than good. Martin Luther King Jr is rolling over in the tomb right now with all of this


The Political Agitator’s response: So this guy calls a Black female a Bitch but he has done so much for Black folk and he has Black friends. If he has Black friends that allow him to call a Black female a Bitch then not only do I have a problem with this Special C but I have a problem with those Black folk who says are his friend. Damn I am curious too to see how many Black friends stand up with you too. It is obvious you have a problem with Black folk who do not think like you and that is dangerous. You could not tutor my children and damn sure can’t be my friend.

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

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