Van Holland If You Are Tired Of Hearing About Racism Then Don’t The Hell Listen Hell I Have Been Hearing And Seeing It All Of My Life

Van Holland

30 mins ·

For the sake of everyone, why does everything have to be about RACISM? It is the biggest word used nowadays and I’m so damn tired of hearing it.
Racism comes in all different phases and agendas, such as, you could be hate UNC, NC State, Duke, or you could be racist against a Chevrolet or Ford.
That is some ignant B.S. right there and this dude is the Tar River Times a Fake Newspaper out of Tarboro NC.
Now you have these TV stations and all this mess with taking cartoons off the TV that have been around for two decades just because the characters are white, and now changing the Simpsons and using black cartoon characters.
Just because it been around for two decades don’t change the fact mess is racist it just means it has been racist for two decades. I never been into cartoons anyway so I can’t relate to them.
Get out of here. The darn characters on the show for 20* years have been damn yellow, not white.
Wow! So who are yellow folk?
What the hell is this damn world coming to?
This world is coming to some damn senses unlike you. This is the season and a change have come and will continue to come.
When the time is right,and I have all the data and science as NC’s governor says daily, I am going to post some FBI stats that will blow a whole lot of you all’s minds….
Bring your fake ass news on because I am used to it. I will be ready to challenge your ignant ass mess like I have done over the years.
Believe me….Especially the law enforcement officials who shoot and kill the opposite race….
Bring it on your fake ass newspaper.

And I’ll say this just as simple as I can….if you don’t like this post bye bye It’s not a racist post by NO MEANS….Just my opinion and thoughts….
I love your ignant ass post and can’t wait for you to post whatever the hell you claim to post later. Oh you are ab so damn lute ly correct just your ignant opinions and ignant thoughts.

I’ll Wait!

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  • Kelly Spivey

    Kelly Spivey I’m tired of hearing about it too. Sick of experiencing. Sick of having to explain it to my kids. Sick of people acting like it doesn’t exist. Sick of it all.

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