Breaking News – Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Appeal Of The NC Democratic Party Council Of Review That Removed Him From The Party Upheld By The State Party

On Thursday the NC Democratic Party granted Rev. Roosevelt Higgs an appeal and the appeal process ended with the Party upholding the Council of Review decision to remove him as the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair.

This has bee a long time coming and I have been challenging him since the 90’s but because he had the Gladys Sheltons in the party who said some were jealous of Higgs is why the process took so long to remove him.

It is sad that the Precinct Chairs in the Precinct where Higgs claimed he lived allowed him to serve knowing he didn’t live and do not live in Speed ought to be ashamed of themselves.

It is also sad that the Pastors, ministers, school board members and others who allowed Higgs to disrespect others especially the women in the party ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Hell some of the Democratic Women even accused me of being the problem within the party because I challenged Higgs during the meetings and damn he gave them hell. But then when I didn’t attend the 2019 Convention when Roosevelt was elected they asked me where was I. I was in the Edgecombe County Sheriff Academy and we had a meet on that Saturday and I was suppose to attend. However I volunteered to work a couple of hours and I didn’t get off in time to attend either.

I had to take Higgs to court several years ago because he was bullying me about the Democratic Party and these same Black Folk who have voted him in over and over again as the chair and vice chair created this bully. Just sad!

Higgs has attempted to manipulate several appointments dating back to the Sheriff during the appointment of Sheriff Knight, Sheriff during appointment of Clee Atkinson and Register of Deeds appointments.

I have taken out a no contact order on him again and this time if granted it will be different. My sharing of Higgs bullying and harassing voicemail messages is what took him out. I am a documentative person because I know that you have to prove yourself. This time around Higgs will not be able to come to the party meetings because he is no longer an officer.

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party must meet within 30 days from Thursday June 25, 2020 to replace Higgs. I am looking forward to replace Gladys Shelton’s seat as well because she was never elected but was appointed by Higgs because Attorney Jim Marrow was nominated during the meeting but was not present. He declined so that is how Higgs got to appoint Shelton.

It is my desire that we get someone outside of the current chairs to be the next Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair. I strongly feel that the only way we can move forward productively is that Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair, Gladys Shelton 2nd Vice Chair and Bronson Williams 3rd Vice Chair do not seek to become the chair. I feel we need a person to come in that is eager to move the party forward and not be associated with any of the current baggage that we have had to deal with over the years. We need a new face, a new voice as the chair. I would love to see a young person between 21 and 41 who are a Political Science Major and hungry to begin a political journey.

Now don’t get it twisted because my opinion is not the qualifications to be the chair.

I challenge all Democrats of Edgecombe County to lets unite and move forward because in this season of the Pandemic, Black Lives Matter Movement, Removable of Confederate Statues, Police Brutality/Murder and Trump Mess that we need to elect folk that care about all folk.

#Blacklivesmatter #Iwatchedvideo

#Iamnotok #Ibeenengagedbeforenow
#Coronavirusstayfocused #Stayhome

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

One thought on “Breaking News – Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Appeal Of The NC Democratic Party Council Of Review That Removed Him From The Party Upheld By The State Party

  1. Edgecombe County we are very important to our state’s Democratic Party as stated by the state’s executive committee. Let’s go! I’m hoping an energetic, political experienced young male or female seek the chair. We have much to do and a short time to hit the ground running. Edgecombe it’s time that ALL Democrats reconvene and move our county forward towards turning seats BLUE and electing the right judges to preside over our courts. Yes it will be different but we don’t need to make it difficult. So let’s team up and make the dream work.
    Deborah Jordan. AAC-NCDP

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